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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 88

88. Make sure to not leave any traces when doing something

To the words of Atsushi, Haruna answered with a surprised expression on her face.

“W-what suddenly …”

“The first time I felt uncomfortable was when you first came here. When you introduced yourself, you claimed to be the younger sister of someone who was in an engagement relationship with Hirose, and you said so in front of everyone. But, do you usually say that? I mean, normal people will usually notice that it will trouble the other.”

In fact, at that moment, Atsushi and Yuri were all upset and surprised.

“At first, I wondered if you didn’t even know that… but the longer you talked, I understood that you weren’t the type who could take such a thing into consideration. Then, why did you say that? It’s been stuck in me all the time. “

At this point, it was more strange than suspicious.

Atsushi didn’t know the reason. However, he somehow knew that it was intentional.

And doubts continued ever since.

“The next thing that made me feel uncomfortable was after the guys who asked for trouble came. You heard that story and immediately decided that it must be your brother doing. That’s not that strange. But if your family members hired someone to threaten others, then even the word “unbelievable” will come out at least once, right?”

Hearing someone else’s story, you soon decided it was your brother who did it. Did you think that others would just accept it without any suspicion, even if it was true? Moreover, in this case, Atsushi and Haruna met for the second time at that time. Why there wasn’t any doubt in her when she said it was her brother’s doing?

“Well, to be honest, those strange feelings I felt… it’s more like intuition. It’s my acquaintance who gathered the evidence behind the series.”

While saying so, Atsushi took out a photo of a man from his bosom and showed it in front of Haruna.

“Did you give this guy the name “Toru Ninomiya”? When my acquaintance asked him, he seemed to confess. That, you asked him to call himself “Toru Ninomiya” and instruct those people to trouble us.”

It was one of the information brought from Hiiragi. Apparently, he went to the guys who came to cause trouble for Atsushi and Yuri, and from there he got to this guy and succeeded in making the guy confess.

Of course, that wasn’t the only evidence.

“In addition, look at this.”

With that said, the next thing Atsushi took out was a small calendar.

There was a place where a cross had been entered for several days, and while showing that, Atsushi continued to say.

“You’ve been absent from school for a few days after Hirose’s transfer. Immediately after that, Kana Inoue’s company fell into financial difficulties and the company collapsed. Not only that. It was around that time when the classmates who were laughing at her started to drop out or take a leave of absence. It was found out that you had a call with the company that suddenly canceled their business with Kana Inoue’s company and also Hirose’s classmate in her former school… I won’t let you say that this is just a coincidence, you know.”

“Well, that is … that …”

“Furthermore, when my acquaintance tried to call those companies. Some speak after my acquaintance “politely requested” for it. Those companies said that they got a lot of information from you.”

Atsushi was very curious about what kind of “polite request” it was, but he didn’t ask further since, Hiiragi gave him the important information.

“My acquaintance said, “It’s great to have a lot of information, but it’s out of the question to leave traces when spreading the information”. ”

Haruna’s actions destroyed Kana Inoue’s company and also her classmates’ companies. It could be said that her purpose had been fulfilled in a certain way.

However, it was the carelessness of her for leaving traces.

“There is a lot of other evidence, but… want me to continue? Or will you stop playing dumb?”

When asked by Atsushi, Haruna shook her head silently.

And a let out a long sigh.

“Huff… I didn’t think you’ve investigated that much… May I ask one thing? Is your acquaintance a secret agent or something?”

“Well, I’m wondering about that too recently.”

Atsushi told his honest opinions.

To be honest, Atsushi thought that even if Haruna didn’t leave traces, if Hiiragi put his all into looking for the information, he would eventually get it one way or another.

Or rather. In the first place, from those who have given a little trouble to Atsushi and Yuri, to reach Haruna, and even the company she called, moreover getting more information from those companies. It must be hard to do. but Hiiragi still did it.

In that respect, Haruna was, in a sense, unlucky.


“Since you’ve been investigating that much, I don’t need to hide it anymore. Yes, that’s right. Kana Inoue… that shitty woman and the trash that was bullying Kaede-san. The one who crushed them, it’s none other than me.”

Haruna clearly admitted that she had done it, as if she didn’t do anything wrong.


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