Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 62

62. Seven Threats

“Eh, hey, P-president!?”

“First of all, take one hit…!”

Held my fist and hit Sonata’s cheek.

Sonata fell to the ground with his chair, “Ugh!?”

“Seal!? What happened to you suddenly!?”

“Because I’ve decided to hit him once…! I mean, this B*stard, leave us on a deserted island! “

“Well, I’d something urgent to do! Really! We just met again after a while and you’re being so mean already… “

Sonata fixed the chair while rubbing his cheeks.

This guy, he’s a Knight Captain but he’s relatively light… even though he used such a great magic on <Seadust Island>. Is it the same as Ash, who can use Green Mana but not so much Red Mana?

“――Was you in the middle of an important talk? Sorry for disturbing you. Then.”

“Ah, wait, wait. Seal, you should listen too.”


Sonata sat back in his chair and looked up at me with his black eyes.

“President, You remember that {Corpse Emperor}, right? “

Tch, it’ll be a long story huh.

Anyway, I didn’t sit in a chair, and just left my back on the wall outside the aisle.

“Of course. Such a dangerous monster is hard to forget.”

Seriously, I don’t want to remember if I can.

“That {Corpse Emperos} is the problem now.”

“Twenty-two cities of the Emperor, in one of them, The ancient city <Tiachren> was attacked by him, half of it is now in ruin.”


I couldn’t help but bit my lips.

At that time, if only I didn’t let the {Corpse Emperor} escape from that island…!

“It’s not something you should care too much about. All of it is our, the Knight’s responsibility.”

“I’m fully aware of it. Nothing would have happened if you hadn’t let the {Corpse Emperor} escape in the first place.”

“Ahaha~, you’re so unforgiving huh.”

“So, were you talking about what to do with the corpse?”

“It’s a little different. Like the {Corpse Emperor}, the problem now is those regenerators themselves. “

“Regenerator… Is it an immortal and self-regenerating monster?”

I don’t know much about it…

“Does President know how many regenerators there are in the world?”


100…? No, that’s too many.



Sonata made a surprising look.

“Did I get it right?”

“Well, it’s completely wrong. The correct answer is 7!”

“Then don’t give me a misleading reaction!”

But, 7 huh?

It seems that it’s a lot and but also not at the same time… Well, I guess it’s within the acceptable range? To be honest I’m glad it’s not 100.

“Four of them were sealed by your master… Barha-san and his disciple, Saurus, and entrusted to the Imperial Knights. Among 4 of them, you faced one. That man, the {Corpse Emperor}.”

“The {Corpse Emperor} is out there, so now you only have three of them?”

“That’s right. But, the other Regenerators that were actually kept in different places were stolen. That’s the urgent thing I wrote in the letter.”

“Wait, all the Regenerators are always left alone? Hey… for now, the Knights = incompetence guys. That’s my image of you all. Unbelievable.”

“HaHaHa! Yeah! I can’t argue!”

“It’s not a joke… But well, even if they’re not stolen anyway when the old man died, the seal should have been broken and those Regenerators would have escaped, right?”

“No, your master wasn’t that sweet. Even if he died, he was taking measures to prevent the seal from being broken. Well, that measure was also solved by the one who stole them.”

“Even though the seal is persistent, if the Sealer died, the security of the seal will be weakened. Now, even if you aren’t a sealer, if you are an advanced magician, you can break the seal made by Venerable Bar.”

“Sealer Saurus Rosso and Barha Zetta. The release of the Regenerator is a sign of their death. With the release of the Regenerator, information on the death of the sealer will be transmitted to the world. The rampage of the (Corpse Emperor) will also accelerate the spread of information. When the other Regenerators “mistaken” it as the sealer has completely gone from this world, it’s only a matter of time before they go on a rampage.”

“Therefore, we decided to form a new corps to capture those Regenerators, led by Sonata-dono! It was what we were talking about earlier.”

I don’t know what would happen to this world if those who had the same ridiculous ability as the {Corpse Emperor} do whatever they wanted. So yeah, it’s only natural to take measures.

“I want to have as few members as possible, and so I’m trying to collect only the elite. This・is・the・real・topic! This me! I want to add two people to the squad!”

“They are in this <Mother Punk>… or somewhere near <Mother Punk>, is that what you mean?”

“You’re right! So, who do you think? President.”

“Say quickly…”

“You’re no fun… Alright, let’s announce it now! The first is Adolphos Eater! He has the power of the {Dragon} which is the ruler of the sky, the power of {Slime} to parry physical attacks, the power of {Sylph} which could control whirlwinds, and the power of {Metal Conductor} which could control iron. He has the power of four kinds of monsters, so you can say he won’t lose to a Regenartor in terms of ability and Mana. A brilliant man with great skill!”

“That guy?”

Adolphos… He helped me at <Mt.Grueri>.

Being in a volcano probably means he’s living near here. Still, As I felt when I met him, he’s really an amazing guy.

“Adolphos, he’s been on a journey to seal the Regenerators for three years with that Barha-san, and he has captured two Regenerators. Of course, he had seen and even fought with those Regenerators. In short, you can say he’s a specialist for this.”

“Traveling with the old man…?”

“There are a few people who have traveled with Venerable Bar, But he is the only person who was with him for over a year! Even I couldn’t last more than three months following Venerable Bar!”

“Eh!? So, maybe, Adolphos is stronger than you?”

“Of course!”

T-there’s someone stronger than him huh… I thought Pearl was the strongest.

“Then the second person! The second person is a person who knows President well! So, who do you think? Who do you think!??”

“So annoying… it’s me, right?”

“T-that’s correct… it’s good that you understand.”

“If you want to catch the Regenerator, it’s natural to want a Sealer.”

“Yeah, since you understand it, this will be quick! Seal Zetta, by all means, be my subordinates– “

“Absolutely, no.”

Sonata dropped his shoulders and shouted, “Why!?”

“Aside from the Regenerator, I don’t want to belong to any organization. Moreover, the Knights, there is a certain amount of my personality that won’t fit.”

Above all, I really hate the idea of becoming this guy’s subordinate.

“Even without the Sealing Technique, you do have some measures for those Regenerators, right?”

“Yeah. But compared to the Sealing Technique, all of them are flawed.”

Sonata smiled suspiciously, muttered “I can’t help it then” and raised his face.

“Is that all? Then excuse me.”

“President, what’s your plan from now on?”

“Go to the Imperial City in search of the bastard who despised the old man. I can’t leave the old man as a criminal. Also, my companion has something to do with the old man’s house, so I’ve to accompany her.”

Whatever it is, next will be the Imperial City.

A place where you can find all kinds of information in the center of this continent. 

Anyway, I’m curious about the cityscape of the city.

“I see, the Imperial City, is it? Seal, do you know Niamh? “

“Niamh? I feel like I heard that name somewhere… Oh!”

――『”…I’ll just say it straightforwardly. Please teach me Sealing Technique.”』

A female knight with her navel exposed who visited the old man in the prison at <Distall>

Yeah, her name was Niamh.

“I know. What about that person?”

“Ah, Captain Niamh? She’s a little grumpy, though… that’s her cute point.”

“Captain!? That woman is also a Knight Captain?”

“That’s riーght”

“She must be in the Imperial City. Alright, Seal, never use any Sealing Technique in front of her. I can’t predict how she’ll react. If you’re not a good talker… you’ll be slashed for sure.”

Sweat was on Pearl’s forehead. 

Yep, it’s a serious advice.

Niamh… she was desperate for Sealing Technique.

If she knows that such a rat like me has learned the Sealing Technique… yeah, I can’t predict what kind of action she’ll take.

“OK, I’ll keep it in mind.”


The sound of the door opening.

Shura burst into the living room with a sleepy face while rubbing her eyes.

“So noisy. What are you talkin――”

“Hey! It’s been a long time, Vice President… why are you holding your fist too!?”

“――How dare you left me on the island!”

Shura enveloped her fist with Red Mana and approached Sonata.

I lifted my back from the wall and grabbed Shura’s shoulders to stop her.

“I’ve already hit him once, so please forgive him. It seems like there was really an urgent matter.”

“Because of this guy, we were drowning in the sea! I have to hit once too to get rid of my anger!”

“…It’s your own fault in that regard.”

Remember? I didn’t agree with that raft operation.

“Anyway, get ready quickly. I’m leaving before noon.”

“Mmmm! It can’t be helped then…!”

Shura returned to the room unsatisfied.

“Then, Mr. Bard. Do your best, in your journey to seal the Regenerators.”

“Yeah! Thank you for your support! Then, “See you again” President!”

I left the living room and prepared my luggage.

After waiting for Shura’s preparation, I and Shura left Pearl’s house.

And so, we finally went outside the <Mother Punk>.


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