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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 61

61. Trying A New Weapon

The morning of the departure day.

But before going on a trip, there was a place I must visit.

“Is it done…?”

I immediately went to the alchemist’s shop for my new ACD. I went alone because Shura was still scratching her stomach when I looked into her room.

When I opened the door of the alchemist’s shop, a catgirl and a dog were waiting by the counter.

On the countertop was a V-shaped object wrapped in purple cloth.

“Scoundrel, I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Well, I tried my best to come early. So, Dia, is that the thing?”

“Yeah. It has no problem. Perfect.”

Took a slow step, consciously, so that they both couldn’t realize that I was so excited.

My throat was ringing and my chest was throbbing.

Standing in front of the counter, I grabbed the purple cloth and pulled it off at once.

It was about the size of a door.

Beautiful V-shaped object.

Hard material with a wood-like texture, a Blue Alchemy Stone and a Red Alchemy Stone were embedded in the bulge that serves as a handle, and a Yellow Alchemy Stone was embedded in the middle point.


Somehow, it… it felt different from buying the weapons lined up in the store, there was some other feeling. So, I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

“The name is <Engetsu>. It’s a masterpiece with an emphasis on destructive power and operability.” [TN: Engetsu means, Crescent Moon]

“When I saw it in the catalog, I thought it was a boomerang-like throwing with one hand. I’ve never thought it would be this big…”

“Originally it was half that size. This one is special.”

“I don’t remember placing such an order, though?”

“If you want to take advantage of the potential of three Alchemy Stones, this size is the best. I know that it’s difficult to carry a boomerang of this size, so I always keep it small when making boomerangs. But! Since you can use the technique of storing things, I don’t hesitate this time.”

“I decided to make it bigger in Garratt’s opinion.”

“Nice, anyone would be surprised if an empty-handed guy suddenly puts out such a big thing, right~?”

Lifted the end of the boomerang <Engetsu> with both hands.

―― Heavy.

Without Mana, it might not even be possible to lift it.

Even if you had Mana, it wouldn’t gain momentum unless thrown with both hands.

“I’ll explain how to use <Engetsu>. Let’s go to the plain outside <Mother Punk>.”

At Diar’s suggestion, I took a boomerang to the plains.


In a flat land overgrown with grass.

I, Dia, and Garratt stood side by side.

“First, I’ll explain two points to master <Engetsu>.”

“In Short! It’s “Stack” and “Control”! “

There were three alchemy stones attached to <Engetsu>.

Red, the Alchemy Stone of Strengthening.

Blue, the Alchemy Stone of Operation.

Yellow, the Alchemy Stone of Domination.

Like the <Lion Spear>, each alchemy stone had a proper meaning…

“Try put Red Mana in.”

Held the boomerang with both hands and put Red Mana in. Then, the Red Alchemy Stone shone, and white steam rose from the boomerang.

“That’s “Stack 1”. Put more mana!”

“Like this?”

When more Red Mana was added, things like red sparks began to mix with the white steam.

“That’s “Stack 2”. You can put more mana into it.”

“It’s easy to say…! I’m doing my best already――”

Added more Red Mana.

This is hard…! My Red Mana is about to be squeezed…!


My hands felt hot.

As a result of putting red demons with all my might ―― <Engetsu> covered in red.

A red aura resembling a flame sprung up.

“That’s “Stack 3”… without any “Stack”, it has the power that can stun ordinary people when thrown. With “Stack 1”, it’s powerful enough to stun the small fry monsters. With “Stack 2”, it has the power to destroy even golems. And with “Stack 3”…”

Garrratt pointed the paws at the rock wall that could be seen in the distance.

I nodded and threw the boomerang at the rock wall.


<Engetsu> rotated vertically and approached the rock wall while tearing the space.


A terrible explosive sound on the eardrum.

The rock wall was deeply carved. It was carved with traces of destruction that seemed to have been hit by a cannonball.

“If you use it with less stack, it’ll be a projectile with a small turn. If you use it at full power, it’ll be a deadly weapon!”

What… a great weapon that suits my needs.

It covers medium to long distances, and also makes up for my lack of firepower.

“Next, try to put in Yellow and Blue Mana.”

“Okay, I think I can somewhat understand it.”

Yellow Mana, the Mana of Domination, was elongated from me, extending to the boomerang that bit into the rock wall.

Attached the Yellow Mana to the Yellow Alchemy Stone embedded in <Engetsu>. Then pulled it. And, the boomerang returned to me while spinning.

Immediately before it returned, I tried to divert the Yellow Mana to the right, <Engetsu> also fly to the right, then diverted the Yellow Mana to the left, <Engetsu> also fly to the left, and lastly diverted the Yellow Mana to the sky, <Engetsu> also fly to the sky. 

I caught <Engetsu> falling from the sky with both hands.

” ――!?”


“Dominate the boomerang with the Mana of Domination, and operate it! This is how to use <Engetsu>, right…? What’s with that face? Am I wrong?”

“Somehow, you used it like a yo-yo”

” “Yo-yo”? “

“I-I can’t believe you have such large amounts of Yellow Mana… Such an unreasonable trick is possible…!?”

“Still, it’s inefficient. Before throwing, you should put Red, Yellow, and Blue Mana at once.”

“I see”

“If the boomerang moves away from your hand, the Mana will start to flow outside, but you can control it with the Blue Mana. Instruct the Blue Mana to control the other mana and throw it. The Blue Mana in the thrown boomerang will move the Yellow Mana as instructed by the user, changing the trajectory of the boomerang. “

“In other words, the trajectory is decided before throwing.”

“In your case, if you want to change the trajectory, you can do it as before. But, if you do such a thing every time, aside from Yellow Mana, you will easily run out of Blue Mana.”

“For the time being, try to put my Mana into it, with the intent to make it “going straight” and “returning straight”.”

“Okay, okay. Got it.”

I made a stance for throwing the boomerang.

“Go straight to that rock wall and come back straight…”

Concentrated my mind and put in Yellow and Blue Mana, and a small amount of Red Mana.


Then threw it with all one’s might.

The boomerang flew straight in a horizontal rotation, changed its trajectory at the last minute when it reached the rock wall, and flew straight toward my side.

“Oh! It’s working ――argh!?”

The boomerang that came back straight crashed into my belly without stopping.

I flew into the air and dive to the ground from my back.

“That’s not good. You have to tell instruct it to “stop at your own hands”.”


“Tell me that first, can’t you… But well, I understand how it works.”

Stood up and hit <Engetsu> which was rolling behind.

” “MARK” ―― “CLOSE” “

Sealed the boomerang on the talisman with “月” written on it. [TN: 月 = Moon]

“Even so, it’s a rare technique that you have.”

“Isn’t it the Venerable Bar’s Technique? How nostalgic.”

“Garratt, do you know him?”

“Only a little. I’ve been helped once before.”

“I know him too, but this is my first time seeing his Technique.”

Old man, you’re known to various guys.

Are you perhaps a celebrity?

“This is the end of the explanation.”

“Thanks! It’s a perfect weapon for me. If I have this, it will be much easier to make a strategy for a battle…! Really, it’s a good weapon. I will take good care of it.”

“Well, it’s our job.”

“If you break it, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

It was a good time to go.

So, I returned to <Mother Punk> once and returned to Pearl’s house to pick up Shura.


“Oh! Seal, You’re back!”

When I arrived at Pearl’s house, a man was talking with Pearl in the living room.

“Why are you here?”

I said in a slightly frustrated voice.

The man who noticed me took off his fedora and waved at me with a light smile.

“It’s been a long time! President!”

“Sonata Campbell…”

TN: So the name of the system of the Boomerang, it’s 溜め in raw, it means store, stock, gather, etc… so I came up with the name Stack, at first I wanted to named it Reservoir, but Stack has a better ring in my ear, so yeah… for now, it’ll that name.


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