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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 86

Well, it’s been a while since I do this, For those who read my announcement on the homepage, may know already. So, I put this on hiatus for a while.

And now, I plan to resume this. For now it’ll be about 1-2 ch per week? maybe more? (Don’t hope too much).

86. Chairman, who are you, for real

“―――So, Hiiragi. Is it true that you’ve finished investigating the case?”

“Yeah, you could say that I’ve finished the investigation.”

A few days after the incident in the coffee shop.

Atsushi heard a report from Hiiragi during the lunch break, right one day before the summer vacation.

“Let me summarize it. Kana Inoue, the former wife of Toru Ninomiya. The company run by her parents was destroyed, by someone.”

Without any hesitation, Hiiragi affirmed.

“… What is the basis?”

“Toru Ninomiya and Kana Inoue. Immediately after their engagement was decided, it seems that contract cancellations and transaction terminations continued from all sides. And so, Inoue’s company, crashed. They had to fold up the company.”

It could be said that the time when Toru and Kana were engaged and the time when Kana’s company was in financial difficulty were exactly the same.

“Hey, Hiiragi. I can’t say anything because I’m not familiar with company management, but is it possible that a contract cancellation or transaction termination come all at once?”

“It’s not normal, but it’s quite possible if the company suddenly lost much credibility, and that’s what Inoue’s company was all about.”

Losing credibility…

Hearing Hiiragi’s words, Atsushi’s mind came to the cancellation of Toru’s engagement with Kaede.

“Maybe because of the engagement…?”

“Well, that’s one of the factors. Usually, if you get married to the Ninomiya group, it’ll improve your status. But this time, I’ve to say that it’s counterproductive. The reason is that it has more momentum than the company itself, that’s what people said… but in reality, it’s probably because the children liked each other.”

Just by the words, it should be fine. Those who liked each other were tied together. And that should be something normal.

But this time, the situation was different.

“Originally, marriage is that kind of thing. But if it’s a political marriage between companies, it becomes a different story. ‘Because I fell in love with another woman’… just because of that reason, an engagement was canceled. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if the cause was something like, the collapse of Hirose’s company, or Hirose’s company had some financial difficulties. But, that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, it was decided that the long-standing marriage was almost unilateral. To be honest, Ninomiya and Inoue, both should have gathered bad impressions.”

Just because the conditions were better over the other side (Loving each other)… There was nothing wrong with it. At first glance, it looked like a rational choice, but you must remember, that there was also a “relationship of trust” behind it. Trust between humans. That was why, if you had been engaged for many years and suddenly eliminated it in an instant, other people might think that you weren’t such a credible person. And such a person, shouldn’t be trusted as a business partner.

“But the number one cause isn’t that. The number one cause is… bribes.”


“Yeah. Inoue’s company has grown rapidly recently. It’s only been a year. Hirose’s company is said to be rising higher, but it has been established for many years. The company has standing. However, Inoue’s company doesn’t have it at all. That company started a business immediately and succeeded, and in a blink of an eye, it was in its current state. But, of course, there was a reason… You know what I mean…”

“In other words, the president of the company was giving out bribes to make the company bigger… and other companies knew about it and so, they withdrew one after another.”

Hiiragi nodded to Atsushi’s words.

“But the important thing is that each company knew it at the same time, and it’s too much to say it’s just a coincidence. It can clearly be said to be someone’s money.”

Certainly, that should be correct.

If all these conditions were met, it could no longer be said as a coincidence.

“In addition, something strange is happening at the school Hirose was attending. Do you know how she was treated after her engagement was canceled?”

“Well, I’ve heard that she was ignored or got a nasty prank.”

“A nasty prank, is it…”

Atsushi turned his eyes away for a moment.

Did I say something wrong…?

Thinking about that, Hiiragi spoke with a slightly difficult look.

“As far as I can tell, it’s not just a simple nasty prank. It’s a bully. It’s a daily occurrence, of course, something like hiding or destroying things. There are always graffiti on the desk, and sometimes even when in the bathroom. It seems that she was splashed with water. It seems that she was pushed down the stairs and even taken to the hospital… At that time, there was no one to help her and everyone was laughing. “


The facts told were too shocking.

After all, Kaede used to say that she was ignored. She also said that it was just some prank.

Atsushi never thought that it was such a harsh and vile act.

“She… experienced that kind of thing… and didn’t tell anyone else…”

“That’s right. That’s the story, but she doesn’t want to let others know… So, the main subject is from here. Those who were bullying Hirose… or rather, most of the classmates Hirose belonged to. All of them are in a state of withdrawal or transfer.”

“… What?”

Atsushi had no choice but to be shocked.

“After Hirose disappeared, the culprits were expelled from school. It seems that the school side dismissed them as they got caught shoplifting and doing mischief, which was pretty bad. It seems that they tried to do something with their parents’ power. However, the parent’s company suddenly became difficult to manage and collapsed. And those who lost their parents’ backing naturally dropped out. Some of them even entered the juvenile training school. But, this wasn’t the end of it.”

“You mean, the same thing happens for those who aren’t the culprits?”

“Well, they’re the only ones who dropped out, but they’re pretty much the same. All of them were dismissed by the school because they got caught trying to do something bad, and many of them were suspended, lost their place, and transferred. Most of them who stayed at the school were getting harsher treatment as the school let the information go, and so they were withdrawing from there.”

That would be the case

Atsushi murmured so in his heart.

The past that anyone didn’t want to be known was spread. It would be impossible for any person with a normal mentality to go to school in a situation where the people around them know it.

Well, after hearing about Kaede’s treatment, Atsushi didn’t feel any pity for them at all

Rather, he would like to say ‘Serve you right’ to those who cornered her. And ‘Good job’ to the school staff.

“Of course, this is also the result of someone pulling the thread behind the scenes. Otherwise, such a coincidence couldn’t happen. So, this time, the person who would have pulled the thread behind the scene is ―――”

“No, wait a minute. I mean, you’ve reached that point?”

“Of course.”

“I see, now I’m more curious about one thing, Chairman… with the previous investigation too, who are you? Seriously, are you some agent? Detective? Putting information piece by piece and then guessing the culprit?”

“As I said, I’m summarizing all the information and now guessing the culprit.”

“I know, but. I mean…”

Somehow, from Atsushi’s point of view, it was a situation that he hoped for more than anything… but, on the other hand, he felt like an opportunist, who used every convenience.

“Don’t say stupid things forever. So, this time, the one behind the scene is…”

Hiiragi then told the person’s name.

However, when Atsushi heard the name, he wasn’t surprised, he just muttered a little, “Right.”

“You aren’t that surprised”

“Well, it’s because I felt a little uncomfortable, like something was wrong.”

“I see. So you had already expected this… So? What are you going to do now?”

What am I going to do now? Well…

The criminal must be “that person”. The reason was still uncertain, but it was roughly predictable for Atsushi.


That was why he couldn’t leave it alone.

Therefore, in response to Hiiragi’s question,

“Of course, I’m going to bring an end to all of this. It’s my way.”

Atsushi asserted so.


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