Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 59

59. New Weapon 6

Right, this dog said that, his partner, wants a Black Alchemy Stone.

Also, he himself is an alchemist―― Wait, the name of this store…

<Kettle of Garradia>.


“Oh, it’s connected…”

“Mm? It seems you’ve been convinced about something! This I, can’t understand the situation at all! ―― What!??”

A small body hugged Garratt.

Strange, Ash shouldn’t be here right now…

“Dog~~! Good! Good!”

“Well, Shura-san?”

Shura held Garratt with both arms and fell on her back.

Where did the usual sour look go? The smile shines like a normal girl.

Shura stroke Garratt, again and again.

“Ugh! Little girl, stop …!”

“Fluffy~! Sooo fluffy…”

“Oi, Shura…?”


Shura noticed my gaze and made her face red.

Let Garratt go from her arm, she stood up with her hand on her hip.


“Who are you? Where’s the real Shura? She’s not a person who will do something like this.”

“Shut up! So, annoying! Dogs are different! An exception!”

“――Well, for the first time, I felt that you and Ash were sisters …”

Garratt jumped to the counter, threatening Shura “Grrrr!”

“Seriously, no matter how pretty I am, your companion loves me too much!”

“Aren’t you too full of yourself―― Well, your partner has come, can you do the alchemy now, Dia?”

“Yeah. Before that, you forgot one important thing.”


I forgot one important thing.

The indispensable items for shopping at the store.



At this time, Seal Zetta’s wallet was empty.

Alchemy would obviously cost a lot.

What’s more, all I provided was Alchemy Stone, and the other ores would be used as the material was left to Dia.

In short, I made a big miscalculation. The financial situation was completely out of my mind.

“That face, it seems you don’t have it!”


“If so, you have to show me the ACD (Alchemy Colored Device)!”


“A weapon created by alchemy with Alchemy Stones”

Is it <Lutta> or <Lion Spear>?

“If you let us observe the ACD that feeds our technology, we’ll Pay the observation fee. Then you can use the observation fee to pay for the alchemy cost this time!”

“It’s a nice suggestion. I don’t know if what I have is enough to make enough money for it.”

“If you still have that dagger, there’s no problem! Show it fast!”

“No rush, dog. I’ll put it all out now. “

I took out three talismans from my pocket and grabbed them.

“<Lion Spear>, <Lutta>, <Osiris Orb>, ― All at once, ‘OPEN’ .”

A blue long spear.

A dagger with an Alchemy Stone embedded in the brim.

A ring decorated with Red Alchemy Stone instead of jewel.

I unpacked everything I had and lined it up on the counter.

“ “What…!!!??” “

Dia and Garratt were nailed to one of the three sacred treasures I had put out.

They stuck their cheeks together and focused on something as if they wanted to bite it. It was― the Ring of the Reaper, the <Osiris Orb>.

“Wh… wh… why!? Why do you have something like this!?”

“No doubt. It’s <Osiris Orb>!”

“Is it such a famous item?”

“A hundred years ago, there was a legendary alchemist duo “Arcana” who made a name for themselves! It’s one of the 22 ACDs left by them! If you sell it, it’s a ring that won’t go lower than 200 million ouro!”

“200, Million …?”

“The harmony level is 11. Well, well, it’s this shape… the system, that you should keep an eye on. Is this an item with a curse and a blessing…?”

“No, it’s similar, but it’s different! I can’t believe it, it’s something 100 years ago…”

An excited and incandescent alchemist.

Dia’s ears were going up and down. Nonstop.

“But, that old man, he gave me a ring that costs 200 million like nothing…”

It was given as a practice tool, so I thought it wasn’t very valuable.

“Sell this to us! If you sell this, I’ll give you all the ACDs in this store! “

“I’ll give you whatever you want!”

“Calm down, guys. Sorry, but I won’t sell this no matter what, I can’t――It’s one of the few things I received from that person.”

I picked up the <Osiris Orb>.

“So, how much is the observation fee for these three items? Will it be enough for alchemy costs?”

“Of course! It’ll even leave you some money! You’ve shown us a good one. “

“The observation fee is 100,000 ouro for Osiris Orb alone. I’ll cut 20,000 ouro as alchemy cost from there and give the remaining 80,000 ouro.”

“Seriously!? Well, thanks.”

“I thought about this, but if you show this ring at various alchemy stores, you can make as much money as you want, right?”

Shura, nice idea!

I can make money without any effort just by showing the ring. Huff, time to say goodbye to poor life.

“I don’t recommend it”


“We don’t do anything because we’re good alchemists, but other alchemy stores? Some may hire bandits the moment they see this ring.”

“Some may think of taking a risk and hold this ring as soon as they see it and run away.”

“I-I see… Ah, Dog! You bastard, don’t get any closer to the ring more than this!!”

“And also, not every alchemy store offers this kind of service.”

Then after over ten minutes of observing, the catgirl and the dog were finally satisfied.

Not only <Osiris Orb> but also <Lutta> seemed to be something interesting, and I received an additional 20,000 ouro as an observation fee.

By the way, the <Lion Spear> was worth 0 ouro. It seemed to be a common ACD.

Even though, of these three weapons, I relied on it the most. But convenience and rarity might not be equal after all.

Osiris Orb Observation Fee 100,000ouro + Lutta Observation Fee 20,000ouro -Alchemy cost 20,000ouro.

A total of 100,000 ouro filled my wallet. 

What an unexpected income.

“I’m going to start doing alchemy in a separate room. It will be completed tomorrow morning.”

“Never open the door!”

“It would be helpful if you could lower the sign of the store when you leave.”

With the yellow, red, and blue alchemist stones, the alchemist opened the door inside the counter and went inside.

“Tomorrow morning …”

“We can leave tomorrow then.”

“Right. Then, should we leave for the Imperial City as soon as we receive new weapons?”

“Hey, don’t you curious about it?”

Shura pointed her right thumb at the door inside the counter.

“They said to not open the door, right?”

“It’s a door with a window, so isn’t it okay to look through the window?”

“That’s, well…”

Put my hands on the counter table, put my knees on it, and stood there. Shura jumped and landed on my side.

We were in front of the door. With my height, it was enough to look into it with a slight bend. However, if you weren’t tall, you wouldn’t be able to reach the window.

“Hmm! Hmm!”

Shura stretched her spine and desperately raised her toes.

It can’t be helped.



I lifted her body from the armpits and gazed at the window.

“O-oi! Don’t treat me as a kid!”

“Be quiet. I can hear the voice inside.”

Shura shut her lips and became quiet with “Hmmph!”.

I lowered my chin and looked inside, just right from above Shura.


Only silence.

With a large jar that was big enough to put people in, Dia was standing in a chair holding her hands over the jar, and Garratt was beside her with his paws also over the jar. Something like a pot was hung from the ceiling and installed on the top of the jar. There were Alchemy Stones and ores in the pot.

Garratt destroyed the ore and Alchemy Stones with Black Mana, slowly decomposing them.

Dia raised both hands and uses the White Mana over the alchemy stones and ores that Garratt had decomposed. Collected in one place, the powder was densely packed one by one to form a shape. I kept watching for 30 seconds, but it wasn’t as lumpy as a pebble yet.

I thought it would be somewhat flashy, but it was just plain. It was plain, but it made me forget to take a breath for a moment.

Their concentration.

I could feel it.

I and Shura decided at the same time that we should leave. One disturbance could be fatal. They were doing such detailed work.

We moved slowly from the counter to the outside, from inside to outside, lowering the sign, and heading home.

“So, that’s an alchemy…”

“It’s a field that I’ll never ever be able to do.”


The outside was getting dark before I knew it.

“Well, it’s already dark. Akane-san said that she can’t make dinner today because she has something to do at the knight’s place, so I wonder if we should eat somewhere before we go back――How about mochi while watching the cherry blossoms at night? It’s cherry blossoms. Let’s go see the cherry blossoms.”

<Mother punk>, the top layer of the city would light up from 7 to 9 at night.

The side of the cherry tree had started to become brighter, and you can see the cityscape from the side of the tree.

“I’m not interested in mochi. But if it’s seeing cherry blossom, I’ll accompany you. “

“Alright! Let’s go!” 

The sunset dyed the city orange.

Children’s “bye-bye!” voice. 

The smell of food from the houses around… Made my stomach growl.

I and Shura went up to see the cherry blossoms at night.

――I would never forget the cityscape of <Mother Punk> that I saw that day.

The light of the pollen illuminated the dark night, the pink petals were fluttering in the air.

The sea that spread in the distance… Pollen melted on the surface of the water with the shadow of the moon.

Expressing the beauty of this scenery in words was a little too hard for me.

TN: So, this ACD, in raw, it’s 錬色器 which not even an existing word. But based on the context of this series, it should roughly mean, Alchemy (stones) Colored Device or Tool, so either ACD or ACT… but I preferred ACD, so… yeah, for now it’ll this.

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