Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 69

69. Chapter 69

The abdomen of the Tyrant Worm, which was integrated with the walls, was burned, and heated body fluids and burnt pieces of meat were scattered around. 

From the inside, a protruding sword tip repeatedly scraped off the outer skin and something crawled out.

It was Walm.

Walm took pride in his decision to jump into the mouth of the Tyrant Worm, which had died out of breath, but in addition to fatigue, he was squeezed inside by the rubble of the gate tower and the weight of the Tyrant Worm. He was stuck and fainted.

“To have fainted three times on the battlefield…”

Loss of consciousness on the battlefield shouldn’t be that strange, but those unconscious people died in most cases. Those who could stay alive should be considered lucky.

Still, Walm, who had fainted three times over a long period of time, could be said to have bad luck.

Overlooking the castle from the giant corpse of a lying Tyrant Worm. 

It was horribly quiet.

“No, sound”

Walm, who landed on the ground with a longsword thrust against the outer skin, started running.

Birds were singing on the top of the corpses of humans and monsters, and insects were springing up. Some corpses had turned into undead and were reaching out to Walm in search of fresh meat. As if they envied the living flesh――


A sword that entered from the temporal region stopped its action as the head was sliced. 

Frustration and anxiety dominated Walm.

Accelerating his feet.

There were no large monsters left, and the number wasn’t that many. The problem was, that humans couldn’t be seen at all. There were only their corpses that were eaten and hunted, or that had become monsters.

“Anyone there?! Is anybody out there?!!”

Walm shouted while sprinkling death on the monsters. There was no one in the warehouse, and no one on the ramparts either. He felt lonely as if he were alone in the world.

Death was scattered everywhere. There were various causes of death, regardless of whether they were old or young, women or men, soldiers or civilians, humans or monsters.

A faint black smoke rose from the scorched hut. It was just a place full of corpses.

“Reply if you hear me!! Please!!”

As long as the one who replied was a human, it should be fine. 

Moved the eyes here and there, searching hard. Still, hope never came true.

Walm realized that his steps were getting heavier as he headed to the treatment center where he promised to return. It was as if a wraith was holding his foot.

“Aa, please. Don’t do this to me. Stop. I won’t believe it.”

Walm had to see. But he didn’t want to see. Hesitated, his hands were quivering. Still, he decided to open the door to the treatment center.

The odor had been engraved in the air. A stink that seemed as if it had been condensed spread in the nasal cavity. The viscera and excrement were mixed with the putrid odor, it even painted out the residual scent of incense and holy water.

From the dimly lit room, the sound of chewing and slurping something could be heard. There were only goblins fishing for meat. Those engrossed goblins continued to shake their hips over the corpse. Full of wrath, Walm embodied the flames of hatred.

“… Don’t think, you’ll die easily.”

A group of goblins about 20, attacked to welcome the late visitor, Walm. In less than a minute, the goblins were trying to escape from the room.

Cut off the limbs of the goblin that the legs had been burned by the blue fire, then tore the torso repeatedly, until it died.

If there was no reaction, time for the next prey. All that was left was a pile of goblin corpses and devoured corpses. It was no longer possible to tell who was who. Still, it didn’t change the only reality, that there were no survivors left. 

In the room, which was smeared with viscera and bloody vomit, only corpses were left.

All the beds, which should have been full of people, were empty.

“Everyone, are you all, dead?”

The comrades who fought together, the people seeking asylum, and the girl who came from the same world, same country… All of them couldn’t be seen.

“Ha, HAHA!! You, damn useless! You couldn’t do anything at a crucial time. You couldn’t help even one. Nothing, nothing could be saved! You’re just a useless human… you worth nothing.”

Walm laughed at the decaying castle. He could only laugh. 

He couldn’t control my emotions well.

Randomly killing monsters and roaming the castle in search of survivors, but everywhere, Only the traces of a bloodbath were left thickly.

At some point, Walm stopped letting out any voice. 

The area around the temporary wall was particularly terrible, with millions of human corpses and monster corpses. It was a place where they fought for their survival after all. At one corner, Walm was reunited with the adventurer.

Leave the body to the rubble and didn’t make a slight movement. Life had been lost from the eyes staring at the void. There, was Amy, and her arms, lovingly holding Al, who had only his neck.

There was no doubt that the cause of death was bleeding from the neck caused by the wolf species as seen from the bite marks.

“I couldn’t let go of my grudges for what you did in the forest, but I didn’t want to kill you. It’s true. Believe me. I’m, sorry.”

Having fought side by side, Walm found that they were nice people to get along with. They fought not only for the Myard people, but also for their nemesis, the Highserk soldiers. Although it was all for survival, they looked good in Walm’s muddy eyes.

There were no survivors in the castle. As he continued to wander, he arrived at where the headquarters were set up, and he climbed the castle tower that was half destroyed by the breath.

The inside of the castle tower, where the trace of a dragon’s blow remained strong, was also stained with blood. There was no preferential treatment between men and women of all ages. The mother with a baby in her torso, was pierced in her belly, and now was laying down with no breath. Highserk soldiers who left only a few pieces of meat clinging to the armor were scattered on the floor. The wreckage of citizens, who had completely lost their hometown, was piled up in the corners.

Every time Walm walked in the corridors and stairs, sticky water stuck to the soles of his feet. Even though it could be easily identified, he didn’t want to confirm. As he climbed the stairs, a spider web and corpses greeted Walm.

Corpses covered in white like a mummy, were piled up in one corner as the body fluid had been sucked dry. 

A fat “Death Spider” lifted its legs, threatening Walm.

The mana of the human facing the spider swelled, and although the spider had patiently sowed the nest, the spider abandoned its nest and chose to rout. Immediately, blue flame ran down the aisle, and burned down the spider and its nest, even the corpses too.

After extinguishing the fire, Walm turned to the carbonized corpse. There was a slight expression of anguish on his face.

It was hell. The sense of balance went wrong. It was the limit. Support the staggering body with a wall and proceeded down the corridor. Walm found a room that couldn’t be opened. It seemed that the entire castle tower was deformed by the breath and some rooms couldn’t be opened because there was something wrong happened with the door.

Held the sword and pried open the twisted door with 《Strike》. The doorknob was crushed and pieces of wood were scattered around. Walm invaded the room. Fortunately, no one blamed the act.

Household goods were left in the room, which was supposed to be the private room of the castle servant. It wasn’t contaminated with blood or filth and was kept clean. Now, it could be regarded as a valuable place in the castle.

Walm, who blocked the entrance with furniture, took off his whole armor into the room, held a sword and a magic bag, and jumped into the bed. 

Having already exceeded his limits, Walm exhaled his emotions.

“Ah, aha, AHAHA!! Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!!! WHY!? Why did it turn out this way…?”

Walm, holding a sword, was struck by intolerable loneliness. In order to keep his sanity, he took out the fruit liquor from his magic bag and swallowed the contents of the bottle at once. He didn’t savor the taste.

Took out the high-percentage liquor in succession and pour it all into the stomach. The liquor bottles were emptied one after another and rolled to the floor.

Gastric acid began to regurgitate, as if suddenly rejecting alcohol. He leaned out of the window and scattered the contents inside his stomach one after another into the castle.

The mask that was beside him shook a little. Walm laughed a little, seeing the mask that looked as if it was comforting him.

“Kuh, Uhii, Hihi, are you and me, the only ones left?”

Once again, Walm, who drank fruit wine, put on a cloak, and when he held the mask to his chest, he curled his body while scratching his head. 

After drinking and vomiting several times, Walm fell asleep.

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