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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 280

280. End of the test of courage

After the sad ghost named Sakura successfully ascend, we went through the decided route and finished the test of courage. Fortunately, there was no supernatural phenomenon since then, and it could be said that we finished it smoothly.

However, the events supposedly to happen between a man and woman weren’t there. There were no such elements such as, “Kyaaー, kyaaー!”, or “Hug me, I’m scared, akyaaー!” at all. Well, instead I had an unbelievable experience with a real ghost. In a sense, it was still a memorable summer…

After returning from such a test of courage, I was now in the living room of the Toukain villa. The maid brought tea and light sweets to us. And the delicious black tea refreshed my tired body.

With this, I understood that Shino-san and Mishima-san weren’t that afraid of supernatural stuff. We met the ghost and helped the ghost ascend. Although the ghost wasn’t looked like a demon at all, it would have still left a mental burden.

…… Well, I think most of it was influenced by Josephine and Francoise who accompanied us. But, I still had a question, in this world, a doll could speak and move? Should I consider this as something normal here?

“Hey… why are you all looking so tired?”

Shino-san asked everyone such a question.

“Shino-chan, don’t you…?”

“I mean, Shino, aren’t you yourself tired?”

“Let me tell you, my group saw a real ghost… Moreover, we help the ghost ascend.”

Shino-san answered so while lying down on the desk.

“…Shino too?”

“Eh? Shino-chan too?”

It was a voice raised from each of the three separate groups.

“Perhaps, everyone met a ghost?”

Shino-san said with a suspicious look. She certainly didn’t think that the other groups would see a ghost too.

However, all the other people nodded.

Upon seeing it, Shino-san put her finger on her head as if thinking about something.

“Hmm… Let’s all calm down for the time being. First, let’s drink the brewed tea.”

Everyone, including me, obediently drank the tea accordingly. 

Yup, very delicious.

I wondered if everyone thought the same thing.

“Good. Then, first of all, let’s sort out the situation. I’ll tell you what happened with my group…….”

Shino-san then told the story of Sakura-san.

“I see, of course, she had a regret.”

“But I’m glad you were able to send her to Nirvana.”

“… I think Sakura-san’s story, isn’t just for her. It sounded a somewhat familiar event for us…”

“I agree……”

Mishima-san said so while looking at me. And other people stare at me to follow.

……What is it? ‘I won’t let you die, unless it’s from a natural phenomenon’? Is that what you wanted to say? Really? 

However, I never pursue it because I was afraid of the answer.

…… Everyone had a mellow atmosphere, but in summary, the ghost they met also became a ghost because of a man’s rejection. Luckily, they talked about it here, if they made a mistake in the place to talk, they’ll be treated like a fool. Specifically, on the internet.

“Then what kind of ghost appeared in Yuzuka’s group?”

“… The ghost we met…”

Yuzuka-san closed her eyes as she tried to remember.

“I don’t know how to call it, but it was like a big insect.”

Minori-san and Yachigusa-san, who were in the same group as Yuzuka-san, nodded to agree.

“… Isn’t it just an insect?”

For the time being, I tried to speak for what everyone was thinking. I thought Yuzuka-san would deny it, but she agreed. But then, she continued her words.

“I don’t think we can find insects that are at least four meters in size in modern times.”

“What’s that? Super scary …”

This world isn’t in the Paleozoic era. Yeah. So, please don’t ever come in front of me! This is a modern world! I believe in you, World!

“A big insect…”

“Miu almost fainted on the spot, you know? It was so traumatic!”

Both Minori-san and Yachigusa-san who went with Yuzuka-san were shaking their bodies. 

It must have been scary.

“So, what happened to that insect?”

Mishima-san asked intimidatingly.

“The exorcist who went with us put out a talisman and…”


“Somehow it turned into a creature with only a mouth, and it ate the ghost while making a great noise.”

…… Isn’t it too fierce? Sh*t, I shouldn’t imagine it, what if it came out in my dream.

“I see一! Then how was Maizumi-san’s group?”

Shino-san changed the story to change the mood.

“… I wonder, what is that? Really.”

Maizumi-san didn’t know what she saw, but I felt that her tone was strange. 

Minakatain-san tried to explain.

“Well, the one we met was just as strange as what Yuzuka-chan’s group saw.”

“Ehmm, simply speaking… hmm… It was, a creature with human limbs attached to a round, hairy object?”

Minakatain-san nodded to agree with Maizumi’s words. 

……you can’t call it a ghost anymore, it’s a demon!

“How did you deal with that?”

“It was similar to how Yuzuka-chan’s group dealt with the ghost. The exorcist used the Jiangshi to beat it up. In the end, she said, ‘I got a good material.’ “

Seriously, I’m really glad I met Sakura-san.

I mean, what’s going on with that mountain!? It’s not a place with ghosts! Isn’t it more like a cursed mountain full of evil spirits!?


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