Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 58

58. New Weapon 5


I’m sure he said he was indebted to the old man. The old man also felt that he trusted him.

He may be aware of the person who despised the old man and made him a criminal. Should I ask…?

“tch, another miss huh?”

Adolphos saw my face, but there was no particular reaction.

Apparently, he didn’t remember me. 

When he came to that prison, he probably didn’t even recognize my presence――my bad, to have such a low presence.

“Oi, you ther――”

“Bastard! Who are you!”

Garratt roared.

With his teeth exposed, Garratt threatened Adolphos.

“Oi, Dog, what happened to you? Why do you… “

“Don’t let your guard down! The man smells like a monster…! “

“Are you stupid? What are you saying? Isn’t he a human by any means? “

“Well, it seems that dog… have a good nose.”


With a rustling sound and the sound of cutting the wind, bright red wings came out from Adolphos’s back.

It spread big and fiercely, it was exactly what you would call ――

“Dragon wings …!”

“As I’ve guessed!”

Adolphos flapped his wings, moved onto the rocks, and turned his back on us.

“It’s not just {Dragon}. Besides that, {Sylph}, {Slime}… and another one.”

” ――That dog’s nose… Wait, is it a blessing? A normal dog doesn’t have such an unusual sense of smell. It’s too sharp. Well, the other one is a monster called {Metal Conductor}, a monster that manipulates metal.”

“Bastard, are you a <MAJIN>?!”

“No. But not far away.”

Once again Adolphos swung the dragon’s wings up and down, floating in the sky.

I forcibly tried to understand the principle of the dragon’s wings with the knowledge I had.

…Perhaps it’s something made with the Mana of Creation? I mean, you can make iron. It wouldn’t be strange if you could make monster wings ―― right?

“I’m sorry, but I have no more time for you.”

“Wait! I have something to ask!”

Adolphos stopped his wings and landed on a rock.


“Do you know Bar――”

When I tried to ask about the old man.


――A sad sound interrupted my story.


It was a belly ringing sound.

From the direction of the sound, the owner of the sound was definitely Adolphos.


Adolphos cleared his throat.

“I’ve something urgent to do. I’m going back now.”

“Huh? Wait a minute!!”

Adolphos flew away in no time.

“What’s with the urgent? You’re just hungry…”

“It was a man who gave off a strange smell. I don’t want to get involved with him too much. “

Garratt turned his paws back and approached the {Magma Rock}’s corpse.

Black miasma was rising to the sky from the corpse.

The head of {Magma Rock} melted and a black bead appeared from inside. Garratt walked up to the bead and held it in his mouth.

“Ah! You Dog Bastard!”

I rushed to Garratt, thinking that the dog would take away the Black Alchemy Stone.

However, Garratt threw the stone in his mouth toward me, which wasn’t what I expected. 

Caught the stone with both hands while taking a step back, “Whoops!”

“You guys played a bigger role than I in this battle. Let’s say I’m quietly withdrawing.”

“No, I think the MVP was definitely you, except for the intruder.”

“From the beginning, it was one-to-two. If you add up the work of the two of you, it will exceed the work of me. Besides, I was saved by you. At that point, I lost the right to get it.”

“Really? Then, thank you. “

“Hmmph, you better cherish it. See you. This I will collect some ore here. I need to have some souvenirs to bring back.”

Garratt left in the opposite direction of <Mother Punk>.

I flipped my foot toward <Mother Punk> while spinning the Black Alchemy Stone with my fingertips.

“Fluffy dog…..”

“Alright, time to withdraw. Now I can make a new weapon.”

I put the stone in a bag on my back and walked toward <Mother Punk>.

Boomerang with 3 Alchemy Stones… I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance it has.


When I returned to the alchemy shop <Kettle of Galadia>, I saw a girl with cat ears raising and lowering her head, while wetting the scarf with saliva.

“Fluffy and cute…”

Well, it’s definitely a lovely figure.

But, is it normal to ask someone, and you yourself go to sleep? Sure, I don’t know her skill as an alchemist, but as a clerk? She’s disqualified…

“Dia, wake up! I brought you the Alchemy Stone.”


For the first time, a way of talking that I expected came out.

I threw the Black Alchemy Stone lightly. Dia caught it and looked at it “Hoo, hoo…”.

“You really brought it…”

“You’ll exchange a Yellow Alchemy Stone for it, right?”

I took out the Red and Blue Alchemy Stones from the bag and arranged them on the counter.

“With this, you can make it, right?”

“Yeah. But I want you to wait for a while. My partner isn’t here.”

“Can’t you make it by yourself?”

“Don’t you know? In principle, alchemists work in pairs. “

As I tilted my head, Dia taught me more about alchemy.

“The basics of alchemy are reconstructing. Destroy the material and regenerate it while mixing. The boomerang we will make this time, will also destroy the Alchemy Stones and ore and regenerate them while combining them. To do this, you need both a person who can handle Black Mana and a person who can handle White Mana.”

Destroy the material with Black Mana, the Mana of Destruction.

The material that has been destroyed and shattered is regenerated while being mixed with the White Mana, the Mana of Regeneration…

…I see. If you can use both mana well, two objects will become one… correct?

“You can’t destroy the material too much, after all, you can’t fix the material perfectly. The Mana of Destruction and the Mana of Regeneration must be poured in a well-balanced condition. I heard that alchemy is one of the most difficult Techniques.”

When I looked down to the lower right, Shura stood where Ash was. Wearing loose clothes as usual.

“Since when…”

“Oi You, I helped you get the Black Alchemy Stone this time, so there is a chance to get a White Alchemy Stone next time, please help me get it!”

“It was Ash who helped me, not you. But, alright, I can’t use a White Mana anyway.”

“Well, as I’ve said, I can’t get into work until my partner returns.”

…Alright, should I do something else for a while?

When I thought about killing time somewhere.


The door of the store was opened.

“Dia, I’m back.”

The voice of a man with a deep low tone.

Looking back, no one was there. But I could hear light footsteps.

When I looked down to the floor, there was a dog there.

Black fur, white mane extending from nape to back ――

“That Dog Bastard…!?? “

“Mmm!? Scoundrel!”


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