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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 279

279. Ascend

There were some arguments between women, but in the end, I would have a date with the ghost to clear up her regrets.

And so, we were walking on a dark mountain road.

In the first place, it was a moderately eerie mountain that had been chosen as the stage for the test of courage. Moreover, Shino-san and others were following from behind. There was not a single drop of romantic mood.

Will this really clear up the regrets? 

When I heard the name of the ghost who was walking beside me, she said her name was “Sakura”.  [TN: It’s not Minakatain’s personal maid]

Her face was tense, probably because of the tension.

I see… Are you nervous on your first date? Perhaps she’s now thinking about various topics in her mind to talk to…

Should I keep silent for a while until she calms down? No, in this kind of situation, I’m sure she wants the other person to talk about something. Alright…

“Umm, did Sakura live in this area before? I mean when you were alive.”


“Well, you chose hiking on your first date… I mean, usually, you would choose to have a nice lunch or dinner in the town, right?”

“I-is that so!?”


Hearing what I said, Sakura-san had a frightened expression. That was why I made a stupid voice involuntarily.

“I-I see…so, hiking on a first date is not a good choice…”

Sakura-san dropped her shoulders and lost her energy. She was caught in her own depression. And now a fireball appeared around her. 

What should I do…!? I feel like she may evolve into something dangerous.

Then, Sakura-san answered my question with a sunken voice.

“Well, I also lived in more urban areas…”

“I, I see…”

In the situation that was slowly turning into a horror scene, my voice was sinking.

Can you speak a little bit more brightly?

“But it was written like that!”


Don’t you suddenly yell out! Did you forget that you are a ghost!??

So, what is it?

“I was able to interact with men in a good way, and I talked about going out to have fun next time, so I did a lot of research.”

“…I see”

“I looked at various things on the internet and in magazines and, it was written there, saying, ‘The current trend is mountains! The fresh mountain air will help you make a step forward with him.’… Well, instead of moving forward, it disappeared completely!”

It was a self-deprecating story that normally you would laugh at. But if I laughed, she would definitely get more fireballs. 

Therefore, I decided that the correct answer here was to be serious. I didn’t think I could talk seriously with people who had already died, but I didn’t have another choice.

….. I feel like I’ve come to understand the feelings of someone in a bomb squad.

“But because Sakura-san chose the mountain, we can walk together like this. I know this is unfair for Sakura-san who had died, but I’m a little happy.”

Of course, I didn’t forget to smile at the end.

To be honest, unlike living humans, if I did it in the wrong way, the ghost might get so obsessed with me, so the worst case was I would be brought into her world.

“Eh… that’s… you make me embarrassed.”

Sakura’s transparent skin was dyed a little red. 

I put my hands on her cheeks as if cooling down someone who had a fever. And she got more embarrassed.

Then, not long after, she looked at me and asked a question.

“Ma-maybe …”

“Yes, what?”

“Maybe, do you want to go to my world and stay together?”


Sakura-san’s face somehow looked full of expectations. 

…Now what? If I make a mistake even once, I’ll be going straight to the bad end, right?

But before I answered that question of her, booing and jeers flew from the outfield.

“Of course, he won’t!”

“Aren’t you have too many regrets in this world!? Please just go to Nirvana already!”

Shino-san and Mishima-san were making noise. 

Well, they’re not wrong. 

Sakura-san was arguing with Shino-san and Mishima-san, and she stick her tongue out before focusing on me again.

From there, we were able to talk about various things, as if the tension had finally been released.

“Eh, that manga, has been finished?”

“Yes, the end was touching.”

“Tell me! Please tell me!”

The manga she liked…

“Eh? Is such a drink popular now? I remember it was also popular in the past…”

“The trend is repeating.”

“Huff, I wanted to drink it once…”

“I will bring it to your grave.”


Popular things in the past….

We had fun talking.

And suddenly, she stopped and said.

“It’s okay now.”


“I had a lot of fun already. We talked about something silly, but it was really fun. I think, I’m satisfied.”

As she said, her appearance was getting thinner and thinner.


With that said, she approached me, holding my cheeks with her hands and bringing my face closer.

The distance gradually disappeared, and at that moment, I heard Shino-san’s loud voice.

“That’s enoughー! Stoooppppー!”

And a doll passed between me and her at a tremendous speed. 

When I looked at Shino-san, she looked as if she had used all of her energy for throwing the doll. 

And the doll… Francoise was sunk into the tree.

Sakura looked at Francoise with a stunned expression, but laughed out loud as if someone had tickled her.

“PFFT! Ahahaha!”


“No, it’s nothing! Then, it’s time for me to go. Thank you so much. Thank you to the girls over there too… Good bye”

She disappeared after saying so.

Good bye…

This was the true supernatural phenomenon that happened in the test of courage this summer.


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    1. I would say they are low; there is even another character with the same first name as her, so it’s most likely just an interlude character.

      Of course, Popeye the Sailor is a witness to the possibility of one-shot characters becoming regulars and even main characters in a serialised work…

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