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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 57

57. New Weapon 4

The launched magma turned into arrows and fell on us.

“Can you not go and run alone? You little Dog!”

“Who are you talking to!”

Wearing the mana of strengthening on my legs, I jumped to avoid the arrows of magma.

Landing on a giant rock. Garratt, like me, was covered in mana and jumped again.

Garratt bounced to the ground and used it as a foothold to jump again. I could barely follow the movement. Garratt’s speed was comparable to that of Shura.

“Not bad”

The curse that turns a person into a dog… Since it’s a curse, there should be blessings, right?  I wonder what it is…

{Magma Rock} hadn’t been able to react.

Garratt now was on the back of {Magma Rock}. Green and Red Mana started to manifest from Garratt’s body.

” ” I Myself, Shall become a dragon’s fang and destroy the enemy “! Transformation Technique, Stage ‘Bud’,《Mighty Water Dragon》!!! “

Swirling water wrapped around Garratt, who disappeared into the stream.

The water turned into jaws, fangs, and wings. Its appearance was exactly that of a dragon.

――the Water Dragon bit the back of the {Magma Rock}.

“Too shallow…!”

The fangs of the water dragon only scrape the surface of the rock and didn’t reach the core.

A sign of mana came from the whole body of {Magma Rock}.

This is bad, a counterattack is coming――

“[Get away from me…!]”


{Magma Rock} sprayed magma from the whole body to the dragon that bit the back of the head.

The water armor easily evaporated, exposing Garratt.

“To think I’ll be killed like this…!”

The right fist of the rock of {Magma Rock} approached Garratt who was frightened in the air.

“That stupid dog! ――Ash!!!”

” 《Aqua Shooter》”

Two spears of water were released from both hands of Ash.

The water spear crashed into the back of both knees of the {Magma Rock}. It stopped moving for a moment.

In that gap, I accumulated Red Mana, jumped in front of it, hugged Garratt, and landed on the rocky mountain on the other side.

“I’m saved! As thanks, I’ll give you the right to pet me later!”

“Well, give it to that blonde girl!”

The {Magma Rock}’s fist crashed into the rocky mountain where we were standing.

I and Garratt jumped in the same direction and had a conversation in the air.

“What’s your 《Sub-source》color?”

“I’m yellow. Ash is black!”

“This I, is black. There is enough firepower. Hit with maximum firepower at once and roll that rock on the ground!”

I and Garratt slid on the ground and landed behind the {Magma Rock}.

“This I will make a chance! You do something to finish it!”

“Okay! ――Ash!! Let’s do the collaborative technique we practiced before!”


Garratt released the mana of creation, causing visible green mana to rise above the ground.

” “O cold air, Create a phantom of myself”!”

The mana that sprung up felt cold. It slowly turned into the shape of a dog.

” “Be A Flower Garden. Multiple, Moisturize, Dry, and Color Yourself!” Transformation Technique, 《Water Dance》!!!”

Colorful watercolors were created in the cold air in the shape of a dog, and innumerable alter egos with the same color and shape as Garratt was created.

“[So annoying! Die!]”

A flock of Garratts surrounding the {Magma Rock}. The alter ego blocked the view of the {Magma Rock} one after another.

“Nice performance!”

I succeeded in joining Ash while hiding in the shadow of Garratt’s alter ego.

“Ash! Let’s go!”


Picked up two talismans.

“<Lutta>, ‘CLOSE’… <Lion spear>, ‘OPEN’!”

Put the dagger inside the talisman, equipped the spear in my right hand, and pointed the spear at the {Magma Rock}.

At the same time, Ash raised the cane on my spear.

” Coloring, ‘Black’ “

A black light was lit on the tip of the <Lion Spear>.

<Lion Spear> + Black Mana… a jet-black spear was completed.

I put Red and Green Mana into a spear.

“Take this!―― 《Roiro Magayari》!!! ” [TN: Roughly it means, Deadly Black Spear]

Extended the spear and made a flash to the side. A black flash ran at the feet of the {Magma Rock}.

“[It, Huuuurrrrttssss!!!!??]”

The rocks on both feet fell to the ground.

Two murderous intentions were directed at {Magma Rock}.

“Coloring, ‘Black’―― 《Roiro Gousui》” [TN: Roughly mean, Dangerous Black Water]

“Coloring, ‘Black’! ―― Transformation Technique, Stage ‘Blooming’,《Mighty Black Dragon》!!”

Ash put Black Mana on the spear of water and shot it.

Garratt turned into a black dragon and headed for the {Magma Rock}.

“[I won’t let you!!]”

The {Magma Rock} spewed smoke from the whole body and hid itself. Ash and Garratt’s attacks were misled by black smoke. It missed the core, but managed to hit the {Magma Rock}’s shoulders and turned both shoulders into charcoal.

As expected of a humanoid monster, it won’t end that easily huh?

However, it has lost both arms and legs and can no longer move.

――Yeah, we got this.

“Scoundrel, now!”


I went straight and got close to the {Magma Rock}.

Pointed the spear at the {Magma Rock}, and…


…stretched the spear toward the face of the {Magma Rock}.

It couldn’t do anything and had no choice but to welcome the spear. The tip of the spear pierced the {Magma Rock}’s face ―― It was supposed to…

“[Always, you all, so annoying, it’s irritating!!]”

Just before the spear reached its face, the whole body of the {Magma Rock} shone ―― in black

“Oh, right… this guy has Black Mana ――! “

The tip of the spear collided with the Black Mana covering the {Magma Rock} and was flipped.

“We got it wrong! Garratt! Ash! Take a distance!!!”

“[You’ve been, bullying me a lot!!]”

The {Magma Rock} once again, put out Black Mana all over the body.

Magma was sprayed from the rear as it was, and it moved as if about to tackle someone.

The {Magma Rock} focused on ―― the least agile, Ash.

“This, this is bad…”


She has just done a big move, she won’t be able to do dodge!

” ――! Little girl!!”


If I use the <Osiris Orb>… can I make it!??

“What!? This smell is…! Scoundrel, Behind!!!”

Garratt shouted at me.


I felt a chill on my back and stopped picking up the talisman.

“What, is…”

―― This ridiculous magical pressure…!

The pressure was so strong that you almost forget everything in front of you.

Helper? A new enemy?

If it was the latter, I would definitely die. 

I felt the presence from behind, which told me that I couldn’t win.

I wasn’t the only one who felt it.


The {Magma Rock} looked behind me and stopped rushing.


A voice of, a young man.

As I turned around, a shadow ran past me.

I chase after the shadow’s back.

The shadow was a human wearing a sand-colored hooded coat.


…is he an ally?

In his waist, there was a rusty sword that was about to break and a cane with a green jewel embedded.

The intruder pulled out the rusted sword from his waist with his right hand.

What are you going to do with such a rusty sword? I mean, can’t you see the Black Mana covering it?!

“Wait! It’s dangerous to get close to it now!”

The intruder moved forward without worrying about my screaming.

The intruder had a silver-white wind on his left hand and released the wind towards the {Magma Rock}.

“…”Vattle Srebro” ” [TN: Based on the kanji, it means Silver Whirlwind or Silver Strom]

A whirlwind mixed with iron fragments.

“Don’t be stupid! It’s not so easy to get rid of the black―― “

When the silver breeze came into contact with the {Magma Rock}, it extinguished the Black Mana covering the {Magma Rock} as if blowing out a candle flame.

“He blows it with wind (Magic)… “

I, Garratt, and Ash couldn’t keep up with the sudden action of the man.

” “Ganmetsu” ” [TN: Roughly mean, Rock Breaker]]

When the intruder chanted something, the rusty sword in his hand turned into a big sword.

A sand-colored sword that was the same color as the coat.

Perhaps feeling something dangerous from the big sword, the {Magma Rock} seemed to be apparently impatient, this time it covered the head with Black Mana and rushed to the intruder as if it wanted to head-butt him.


Ignoring my advice, the intruder aligned the index and middle fingers of his left hand, which had no sword, and pushed forward.


I squinted in a hurry. 

I thought that such a grotesque scene where fingers being melted by Black Mana would soon happen, so I squinted my eyes reflexively.

However, the sight that spread beyond my eyelids was completely different from my imagination.

“Are you kidding…!?”

――The intruder’s finger didn’t melt and caught {Magma Rock}’s headbutt without him being pushed back.

The {Magma Rock}was vibrating with all its strength.

On the contrary, the intruder seemed to be not putting any effort into it, and his body wasn’t shaking at all. He calmly caught the giant with two fingers.

“[W-What are you――what are you!?]”

The {Magma Rock}’s words matched my feelings.

“You… Wrong. Not my target. Oi, have you heard the name, {Mud Emperor}?”

The intruder asked a question.

The {Magma Rock} didn’t respond to the intruder’s question, raised his head, and tried to head-butt again.

I instinctively thought.

That the {Magma Rock} would die soon.

“No? Then, disappear.”

The man easily slashed the opponent we couldn’t finish with three people (two real humans, and one human who turned into a dog). 

I could hardly see the sword flash, and when I noticed it, the {Magma Rock} had fallen apart.

The big sword returned into a rusty sword and was placed on the waist of the intruder.

Then, the intruder finally turned to me.

Dark red hair, yellow eyes. Drop-shaped earrings were attached to the left and right ears.

A man who still looked good with the word “young”.

I realized that I had seen his face in a certain place.

“He is …!”

――『”Well, what should I do? Do you want me to break you free? All the guards here, I’ll deal with them.”』

…a man who started a conversation with the old man.

One of the four visitors who visited my prison cell.

If I’m not mistaken, his name is…


TN : This ch… so many magic incantations. And most of it would sound nonsense if tl-ed literally to English. For now it’ll be like this. I may change some of it in the future.


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