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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 278

278. How to get rid of regrets

For some reason, the test of courage became a consultation session with a real ghost…

No, it should be more correct to say that we asked for it forcibly rather than being consulted in the first place. 

The ghost was grabbed by Josephine, and while her body was being shaken, she was told to talk about her troubles. Really, so pitiful.

“So? In the end, you died because you couldn’t date, and you ended up appearing here as a ghost, right?”

『”That’s right.”』

“That’s all?”

『”Umm… If I have to say more, I wanted to have a date and then built a happy family…”』

“I see…”

『”Yes! Specifically, I wanted to build a large house about three stories, with a garden, and had three children. Ideally, there should be two boys and one girl. The whole family should be in a good relationship. When I came back from work, my husband would cook for me. And when I kissed him as a thank you, he turned his face red and was too embarrassed to look at me… Meanwhile, our children would hurry us up since they were hungry. But honestly, they didn’t want to disturb us!”』

The ghost was talking in low tension, but once she started talking, she even put some jokes, perhaps she was feeling better.

『”Then we all would go out on weekends…”』

At that point, Josephine put all her strength into crushing the transparent head that she was holding.

I mean, you could touch her?!

『”Pain! It hurts! I’m sorry for getting carried away!”』

“You’re dead already. Anyway, stop getting carried away and get straight into the point.”

『”I’m sorry for being dead…”』

Hearing Josephine’s words, the ghost, which had been a little bright, became dark again. 

But, seriously, to be able to touch a ghost, an exorcist is amazing.

“But if you died already, you couldn’t build a family…”

“No, even if she is still alive, I think it would be difficult to have her get her dream family…”

It seemed that Shino-san and Mishima-san were thinking about various things to clear up the ghost’s regrets, but as they said, it would be difficult. 

Couldn’t she find a husband in the same world as her and build a family there?

“As expected, it’s better to be Francoise’s nutrient…”

『”No! I know it’s impossible to fulfill all! Yeah! I know it very well!”』

The ghost insisted in a loud voice, looking away from the doll that lit a suspicious light.

Josephine clicked her tongue and asked the ghost a question.

“Then, how far is your wish?”


The ghost glanced at me and looked as if she didn’t know whether she should say it or not. 

Looking at that gesture, I realized what the ghost was thinking.

『”Well, you see. Let me have a date with a man there…”』

After all, it was a request as I expected. 

…Well, for sending a ghost to Nirvana, it’s a small request.

I smiled brightly and tried to accept the proposal…

“No way”

“No way.”

Shino-san and Mishima-san rejected the request at no time. 

Ruthless and merciless. The female instinct of women here ruthlessly cut off the ghost’s request without mercy.


See, you even make Josephine has a blank expression on her face. She was starting to feel sympathetic to you, you know!?

『”J-just for a while, a little bit is fine! It’s enough to send this poor ghost!”』

“Well, it’s now a different story. Josephine-san, it looks like Francoise-san’s dropped her food here.”

『”Are you a demon???”』

『”… I won’t eat something that has fallen.”』

Francoise had a sad expression even though she was a doll. 

Shino-san, she’s not a dog… she’s a doll…

“I want you to think with common sense. In which world has a woman who will gladly offer the man she likes to another woman!?”

“That’s right. I’ve not dated him yet either!”

『”Haaah! You mean, that boy isn’t your boyfriend? Then, you don’t have the right to decide, don’t you?!”』

“I’m sorーry to say this but, I’ve already introduced him to my familyー”

High school girls and a ghost made so much noise in a mountain at night. It was supposedly a quiet mountain. 

I looked around. There were vending machines, probably because it was a resting place, but the surroundings were basically pitch black. 

Being in this kind of place for many years, how lonely she must feel?

“Excuse me, to be honest, I don’t mind.”

When I said that, the ghost’s face shone. However, on the contrary, the light disappeared from the eyes of Shino-san and Mishima-san. It was like those people who got NTR-ed right in front of them. 

No, no, I’m not in the wrong. I just want to help. Stop looking at me with such eyes!


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    Well, seems that Kohaku will forcefully make the exorcism, also the ghost is right Kohaku actually has the right to go on a date(?) with the ghost but well, accepting it is another business……..

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