Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 56

56. New Weapon 3

A dog that could speak human language.

Such a dog walked between me and Ash with an elegant way of walking.

“Hmmph, no wonder that you’re surprised. This I, in this appearance because of curs――emmph!??”

The dog’s talk was stopped by Ash’s hug.

“So cute… so fluffy…”

“S-stop! Don’t hug me!”

Ash stroked the dog, hugged it deeply, and stroked it again.

“Good grief……”

I put the talisman inside my pocket again and released the fighting stance.

“Stop! Don’t stroke my head! Even if you do that――I’m happy… No, I’m not happy!”

“――Well, isn’t your tail more honest…”


Black fur.

White mane extending from the nape to the back.

A dog carrying a small bag appeared.

“This I, is Garratt. The great alchemist!”

While being held by Ash, the dog gave its name.

“Yeah, yeah, alchemist, is it… I wonder, why a dog in such a place? What happened to the owner?”

“I’m a dog, but not a pet! Originally, I’m a human, I became a dog because of a curse!”

“That’s a pity”

“I don’t need your sympathy!”

“Ah, dog!”

The dog left Ash’s arm, jumped, made a circle in the air, and finally landed.

“I didn’t turn into a dog because I wanted to!”

“Then, why…?”

“This I, like dogs. I don’t want to leave a dog even for a moment, but I can’t stay with a dog all the time. Dogs will get stressed. But, I couldn’t give up my dream of spending time with a dog​… that’s why, this I, was reborn! As a dog! If I myself become a dog, I’ll never leave a dog’s side for a lifetime! “

“――Your love is too heavy…”

“Dog. Don’t leave.”

Again, Ash held the dog―― Garratt.

“So, Garratt-san. Why are you in a place like this? “

“My buddy wants a black alchemy stone. I heard that I could get it if I defeated the guardian here, so I rushed! “

“Well, then you’re going to fight with us. Our purpose is also the black alchemy stone.”

“As expected! But, stop it. This I, is strong. You won’t win even if you fight with full power!”

“It’s not convincing when you are told while being aimed by such a cute paw…”

Garratt escaped from Ash’s arm.

Garratt then ran away from Ash, but Ash kept chasing. The two draw a circle and follow each other on their backs.

“The guardian here, {Magma Rock} , hides in rocks! If you can’t follow its smell, you won’t even have the chance to fight!”

“Do you know the smell of it with your dog’s nose?”

“That’s right! You won’t find it with your human nose!”

The sense of smell, is it…

For being cursed to lose her sense of taste, Shura is blessed to have a better sense of smell. Worst case, I’ll ask for Shura’s help. But, no matter how good her nose is, I don’t know if she can smell this {Magma Rock}…

“Do you really recognize the smell of the {Magma Rock}? Although you’re a dog now, you were originally a human, right?”

Garratt got caught by Ash. Just like that, Garratt looked at me with a sharp eye while being lifted up again.

“Don’t underestimate me! This I, can smell the {Magma Rock} perfectly!”

“Really~? Then, why are you selling oil in such a place? Instead of bothering us, you should go straight to the {Magma Rock}.”

“Because the {Magma Rock} is near here! First, I’ll get rid of you and then start to hunt… Ah!”

“I see. So, the {Magma Rock} is around here.”

“Bastard! You’ve tricked me!?”

“No? I didn’t. I just simply asked you.”

There were three remarkable big rocks.

A red rock with two bumps.

A dark, burnt-smelling rock.

A rock with white and red lines.

I pointed to them one after another.

“Is it that red rock?”


“That burnt rock?”


“That white rock?”

And, Garratt’s ears moved.


“I see, so it’s that white rock …”

“Mmm!? How did you know!?”

“Dog, is easy to understand …”

So, that white rock is a monster? Alright, let’s launch a first strike and get rid of it as soon as possible.

“<Lutta>, ‘OPEN’ “

I took out the dagger from the talisman.

“Ash. To that white rock, attack with your magic――”

A soft object came on my shoulder.

Hair stuck on my cheeks. 

I knew the identity of the culprit.

“Oi! Dog! What are you doing!?”

“Y-you! What is that wonderful dagger!? It’s not just the shape that’s great. The dagger’s alchemy stone… has a harmony level of 9!!! Where on earth you got such an item…!?”

“Who cares! Get off quickly! Move, you damn fluffy dog!!! “


The ground cracked.

The white giant rock in front grew up while ringing the sound of the earth.


Two hands and two legs.

A humanoid rock emerged by joining rocks together. A red magma was running all over the body. The face had red round eyes and a rectangular mouth.

It was big… about the size of a normal house.

“Do we need to fight that…”

“Damn it! My first strike failed because of you!”

“That’s my line, you dog bastard…!”

Garratt jumped off my shoulder, landed on the ground, and was ready for battle.

“[Who! Who disturbed my sleep!!]”

Garratt pointed the cute paw at me, and I pointed my index finger at Garratt.

“That dog bastard.” “That scoundrel.”

“[It’s you all! Unforgivable! KIIILLLL!!] “”

Magmas were released into the sky from the head of the {Magma Rock}.

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