Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 67

67. Chapter 67

Walm kicked the kobold while exhaling an unsteady breath and noticed the shaking earth. He wondered if his semicircular canals were paralyzed by the pile of fatigue, but his body was “still” normal.

Perhaps it was caused by a few remaining comrades or a monster that escaped death. In any case, Walm was convinced that something was causing the crawling vibration, and so he tried to search for the cause.

To his wonder, something was finally in sight. Sprinkled with rubble and soaring dust, the castle gate was crushed without any trace, and something was heading straight to Walm.

It looked like an earthworm, but its surface was covered with hardened skin and there was no eyeball. Above all, it was huge. Walm had heard about it.

“No way, is it a “Tyrant Worm”?! Such a big one still left!?”

Walm got the information about some monsters from the Deborah family, a former adventurer, who thought that some other dangerous monster might have invaded the Highserk Empire’s territory along with the Flame Emperor Dragon.

The monster, which could be said to have a high degree of danger even in A-class monsters, shook its giant body, lifted it, and slammed it in Walm’s direction.

Despite the casual slamming, the monsters surrounding Walm were wiped out. When the tip of the head was opened in 5 directions, the Tyrant Worm entangled the monster that was stuck, lifted the head, and swallowed it.

Blood droplets and pieces of meat from the pathetic monster poured onto the surface of the earth like heavy rain.

“No discrimination huh?”

It had a destructive power and indiscriminate predation, but this was a desirable development for Walm. The commander of the great outbreak that attacked Dandurg Castle had been lost, and some demons must have been freed from the constraints.

If there was a problem, it was the fact that Walm was also regarded as a very attractive and favorable prey because of his mana.

“Do I look like a tasty food?”

Walm used wind magic to avoid the approaching head which was also scraping the ground. As for the aftermath, the buildings were collapsing to the ground, and the rubble, which should be heavy, was scattered like a cannonball.

The movement was slow, but due to its size, it caused widespread damage. Walm couldn’t get closer to the treatment area anymore. If such a monster rushed in, the injured who couldn’t move would be a nice snack to fill its stomach.

Walm deployed 《Demon Fire》 as what his mana allowed him to, and kept roasting the Tyrant worm.

Perhaps it had no vocal cords, the Tyrant Worm bit its teeth, twisted itself, and randomly spread destruction around. As a matter of course, the outer skin was enveloped in a magical barrier, and the whole body couldn’t be burned by the blue flames. It might have been burned to death if it continued to be roasted in maximum power, but now Walm couldn’t have such a luxurious way of fighting.

A longsword was slashed to the outer skin, but the outer skin was thick. There was no choice but to make a hole somewhere like when fighting a Crawler in the past and burn it from the inside. Since there were no joints or eyeballs, it wasn’t possible to aim at a relatively soft place and burn it to death. It was extremely difficult to identify the place of excretion.

At this moment, the broken battle axes at one of the defense layers in the Sarajevo fortress came to mind. Unlike the three idiots, there wasn’t even any trace of “his” body left. The former squad leader would have tried to destroy it from the inside with his battle axes and his skill《Strike》. Such a begging was nothing but escapism. Walm immediately switched his consciousness.

Fortunately, the Tyrant Worm was following its tasty-looking Walm. He was about to succeed in moving it to near the walls, away from the treatment center and other human-standing areas.

The oral cavity of the Tyrant worm, which had begun to pick and eat nearby food with its chin wide open, was exposed. The whole body of the orc was rubbed down by the myriad of fangs. The spilled limbs were covered with yellowed saliva.

The unscrupulous Tyrant Worm was obsessed with fresh monsters and abandoned corpses. In terms of toughness and strength, it surpassed a Crawler, but its brain was less than an insect.

Walm, who went into the gaps in the rubble and escaped to the outside of its senses, ran up to the rampart with wind magic and got a whole view. At this rate, his mana would only be wasted. It was obvious for Walm that his mana would be dried out by the end of the fight.

The Tyrant Worm, which would have been fishing for prey by relying on the smell, couldn’t find Walm who had escaped to the rampart, and was trying hard to pick up the surrounding monsters.

The Tyrant Worm was excellent at eradicating its fellow monsters, but such a big oral cavity shouldn’t be pointed at humans.

Even now, the ugly mouth was opened in five directions, and the ogre that had become burnt was going inside. Walm, who was thinking about how to land damage, had his eyes nailed to its huge mouth. A dangerous bet just came into his mind.

There might be other safety measures, but if the Tyrant Worm ate up all the food, it would start moving. If that were to happen, Walm would miss the opportunity.

“Is there any other way?”

After moving from the wall to the gate tower, Walm searched for the object. Fortunately, there was still abundant of it.

Walm randomly tore the monster’s belly and bathed it from his head.

An ugly odor spread into the nasal passages, and when the body rejected it, the acidity rose from the back of the throat. The intestines and other organs that had no function anymore stuck lightly to Walm’s body.

The color was perfect, and the rich scent would strongly stimulate the appetite of the customer. Walm, who praised himself for his good sense, screamed while spreading the odor with wind magic.

“OI! Earthworms Bastard!! Until when you’re going to eat that bad stuff!? The real treat is HEREEEE!!!!”

Walm shouted like high-pitched mourning of a girl who was taken down by her rival and driven by the flames of jealousy.

The flirtatious Tyrant Worm shifted interest from the monsters which were craving its attention and rushed straight to Walm.

“Yes, come! Follow me!!”

The big mouth opened and the inside of the oral cavity was clearly visible. There were a lot of fangs that were too small to count, and a lot of food scraps were caught in between.

Walm ran while keeping a certain distance. If he stumbled, he would join the pieces of meat in its mouth. He had no desire for atrocities such as letting himself be minced.

“Hah, huh, hah, it’s fast even though it doesn’t have legs.”

Fortunately, Walm arrived at the destination without getting lost or falling. Walm jumped into the entrance of the gate tower. Countless fangs were approaching his eyes.


The mouth tried to swallow Walm, but the dragon-like giant was too big to fit the entrance for the purpose of human passage. The Tyrant Worm collided with the gate tower, making an unbelievable roar as it felt like being blocked.

The Tyrant Worm tried to bite the fangs into the gate tower and prey on the stones, which was the sight that Walm had been waiting for.

The odor that could bend someone’s nose was all over the body. It was unclear how much corpse meat was caught and eaten. Walm’s nasal passages were rejecting, but he pushed forward in the face of the long-awaited opportunity.

“Are you sure leaving your mouth open that big!? It’ll get burned!!”

The 《Demon Fire》 that was deployed with all might, spread explosively in the oral cavity and burned down the viscera. The Tyrant Worm was closing its mouth and tried to escape from the blue flame, but the fangs dug into the gate tower, and the flame burned its muscles, causing adhesions and not closing normally.

“I won’t let you run away!!”

The Tyrant Worm was twisting violently and continued to be burned from inside the body by the blue flames that could melt even iron. And after a few seconds, the giant trembled a little.

The movement slowed down, and finally, the Tyrant worm was exhausted without escaping from the gate tower and the blur fire.

“I, won”

Repeated battles, exhausted mana, nauseous fatigue, distorted vision. and even loss of balance. Unbearable, Walm collapsed from his knees.

Walm felt the victory, but he frowned at the falling objects. It was only a fragment, but it gradually increased in size and number.

The rush and bad footsteps of the Tyrant Worm caused fatal damage to the gate tower, which was built where its structural strength could be maintained without relying on pillars.

The gate tower began to collapse. His plan wasn’t very thorough. It was no joke for Walm to win the battle but lost the war.

“Hah, is this the end?”

The only entrance had been blocked by a large burnt Tyrant Worm. A large amount of rubble that could easily crush a human fell from overhead.

He crawled miserably and could only try to escape even if it would end up futile. 

Then, words flowed from his mouth naturally.

“I’m sor, ry”

Was it for his country? Comrades? Or―― Only Walm knew.

The last thing Walm saw with his burning eyes was the approaching rubble. 

As the vivid world turned dark, his consciousness was lost.

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