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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 55

Well, I guess, I’ll try to finish arc 2 before the manga comes out.
Also, the flow of this series feels like an JRPG, really it makes me want to play one.

55. New Weapon 2

The success rate was written 90%. It should be no problem.

In terms of range length, the bow would be the winner. But, the bow must be with the arrow. The boomerang should be more convenient as it had nothing to consume.

“A boomerang, is it? Sorry but, I’m afraid I can’t make it with only these alchemy stones.”


“Look here”

Once again, I looked at the catalog.

Below the picture of the boomerang, there were red, blue, and yellow circles.

“This is the type of alchemy stone and how many are required for making the item. The alchemy stones required for this boomerang are red, blue, and yellow. One for each. “

“Are you going to put a total of three alchemy stones into one weapon? I’ve never seen a weapon with three or more alchemy stones…”

Alchemy stone of strengthening (Red), Operation (Blue), and Domination (Yellow)… all of them would be incorporated into the boomerang…

How good of a weapon would it be? I was really interested, but I didn’t have Blue and Yellow Alchemy Stones…

“Seal, you’ve only red and green.”

“Well, I guess, I’ll choose other…”


Dia opened the door nearby the counter and went inside.

In less than a minute, she returned with a blue alchemy stone.

“I’ll exchange the alchemy stone of creation for the alchemy stone of operation.”

“Oh? Is that okay?”

“This alchemy stone has harmony level 2. It’s one rank inferior to the alchemy stone of creation. It’s not a bad exchange, right?”

“But still, I don’t have the yellow one.”

“I have a plan for that too.”

For the time being, I exchanged the Alchemy Stone of Creation (Green) for the Alchemy Stone of Operation (Blue).

“There’s a volcano all the way northeast of this city.”

“You mean the “Mt. Grueri”?”

“That’s right. The guardian of that mountain is using Black Mana.”

“Is that so? Then, what?”

“Right now, I really want a black alchemy stone. If you defeat the guardian, you may get a black alchemy stone. If you bring me that, I’ll exchange it for the yellow alchemy stone I have. “

If I defeated the guardian of Mt. Grueri and got the Black Alchemy Stone. I could exchange it for a yellow alchemy stone.

Then, I could make the boomerang, well…

“… It’s not a bad deal.”

But, a monster with Black Mana…  that means, it can manipulate the Mana of Destruction?

I’m a little worried, but it can’t beat my curiosity.

“Alright. I’ll kill it and bring you a black alchemy stone. Ash, can you follow me? “

“Sure, OK. But, before that……”

Ash leaned over at the cashier counter and,

She hugged Dia tightly and had Dia’s face buried in her chest.


“You said you would take money if I stroked your head, but you didn’t say you would take money if I hugged you.”

“… I-I forgot to mention it.”

“Well, it’s your own fault.”

When Ash was satisfied, we left the store.


――Near “Mt. Grueri”,

The smell of burnt rock filled the air. Red cracks ran through the ground, and there were magma swamps here and there.

Normally, when people came to these kinds of places where sparks fly all over the place, they would wear armor and clothes that covered their whole body so as not to burn their skin… But, I and Ash had come in our usual clothes.

“It’s hot! ――Damn it! I should’ve prepared properly.”

The sparks came to my cheeks.

I wiped the burnt skin with the sleeves of my cloak.

The high temperature was already annoying, but the sparks were even more annoying.

I wondered if Ash, who was exposing her bare feet, would have had a harder time, so I turned my face to her, and I saw the wind was blowing around Ash’s body.

The wind armor was deflecting sparks …

“――Ash. You…”

“Hmm? What is it, Seal? Did you say something? I can’t hear it well because of the sound of the wind…”

“Can you, give me, wind armor too…?!”

I walked around the volcano after having Ash put wind armor on me.

The monsters that came out were all the ones who could manipulate fire. They weren’t very strong and could be defeated without using the Sealing Technique.

But… no matter how much I walked and looked for the guardian, I couldn’t find it, not even a monster that might be it.

“What should we do? Should we go deeper…?”

No, it’s too dangerous. 

The area of ​​magma is larger inside.

Even if the guardian is there, I won’t be able to fight properly.


As I was thinking, I heard a bitter voice with a low tone.

A tall rock in front of me and Ash, and we could hear the sound of feet from the top of the rock.

“Huh. It smells like a hassle…”

From the voice, I didn’t think an ordinary person would come out.

So, I picked up the talisman with “獅” written on it. [TN: the lion spear]

A shadow jumped from the top of the rock.


When I saw… the “cute” existence, I almost dropped the talisman from my hand.

“What are you guys doing here? What is your purpose!”

It had fluffy hair and was walking with four legs.

It definitely looked like a dog. However, a beautiful low voice echoed from its mouth.

“The, the dog talks…!”

“Looks so fluffy!!”


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