Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 277

277. The circumstance of the ghost

Cornered by Josephine, the ghost’s face looked so terrified, so I moved Josephine away from the ghost.

Perhaps because she was relieved, the ghost cried again. It was clear that her tears at this time, weren’t the sad tears when I first saw her… because she murmured, 『“I’m saved”.』

But, to be honest, when I noticed that I didn’t feel that scared even after seeing such a strange paranormal activity in front of me, I thought that perhaps, the scariest thing was living in this real world.

……Why did I have to think about philosophical things in a test of courage?

Anyway, I must do something to the crying ghost. Because, if left alone, the ghost would become Francoise’s nutrition.

“Um… first of all, please stop crying. That scary person went over there.”

I tried to talk to the crying ghost to calm her. Then the ghost slowly raised her crying face and looked at me. As I felt when I looked at her from a distance, she was indeed a beautiful woman. Her transparent body further accentuated her ephemeral beauty, creating an unrealistic atmosphere.

『”… T-thank you very much. I was about to be killed.”』

…… Is this time to joke, “But, you’re dead already?”, or should I ask why she was crying without joking at all? 

I was wondering which was the correct answer, but the ghost started talking before I said anything.

『”Well, I’m dead already. Hahaha…”』

Is this what they call, “Reality Joke”?. Anyway, please don’t say something like this again because I’m having trouble with the reaction. For real.

“Umm… so, why were you crying?”

Mishima-san, who was nearby, asked her. 

……You were scared the most until a while ago. Are you okay now?

I thought so, but I could understand her, after all, you would feel pity rather than fear. The ghost just looked so pitiful.

『”….. Well, I have a regret, and when I think about it, tears come out naturally.”』

“Regret? Are you still here because of that?”

Shino-san, who had kept Josephine away, joined the conversation. I wondered if Josephine would stay quiet, and when I turned my gaze at her, there was her quietly looking at us in a position where she bent her neck almost 90 degrees.

……It’s not the time to show such special skills here. More than that, you’re scarier than the ghost you know?

I mean, why do you need to look in that position in the first place? 

Sh*t! The ghost is starting to talk about her regrets, but I’m more concerned about Josephine and can’t concentrate on her story.

“I see. That’s…”

“Well, no wonder…”

……Apparently, the story is over. I don’t know what to do now, but it’s not an atmosphere where I can ask her to repeat. It can’t be helped, so let’s have a straight face!

『”Yes, I was thinking of doing this and that on my first date, I was looking forward to it so much…”』

“But, the man can’t come to the date because of a sudden work… what a tragedy.”

“And since then, there was no communication. Then, you got sick because of too much shock, and…”

……Hmm? It seems, the story isn’t that heavy?

『”Yes. But I didn’t mind that. I was only worried if he got sick by working too hard…”』

I don’t want to say it, but the job the guy said to you… probably a lie. It’s not impossible for a man in this world to cancel his work. Perhaps it became a hassle for him to go. Or he had some crap and bullshit reason.

…But if I say this… I’m sure she won’t go to Nirvana… Yeah, let’s keep it from her.

“But what should we do? It seems difficult to find the man.”

『”Ah, it’s okay. You don’t have to. I think I’ll disappear eventually…”』

“It’s not okay! If that happens, means you won’t go to Nirvana! At least I want you to ascend there and be happy in that world!”

『”Everyone is so kind…”』

The ghost was impressed by Mishima-san’s powerful words.

“That’s right, but how can we get rid of her regrets?”

“That is… hmm~”

Mishima-san racked her brain over Shino’s question.

“It’s very easy…”

A cold voice could be heard from just behind me. 

…… Can you stop doing something like suddenly standing behind me? If this is a horror movie, I’m for sure dead in the next scene.


“Josephine-san. Do you have any good ideas?”

“… It’s not an idea. So, here me, it’s not the man’s physical condition that she’s  really worried about.”


“If she worried about such a thing, she won’t be in a place like this.”

『”But! I don’t know his house…”』

“No, there is no but. In the first place, there’s no common sense for spirits. If she was really worried about the man, she should be obsessed with him, and went around searching for him.”

Josephine looked down at the ghost. And the ghost, who heard the words, hardened with fear.

“Can you stop wasting my time? Tell me what is it. Fast.”

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