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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 54

First, I’ve decided that I’ll rewrite this series in this style. I’m pretty sure my translation skill has got a lot better as my writing too. So, from here, I’m sure, it’ll be more enjoyable to read.

Finally, there is an info about the manga adaptation.
It’ll start from next month, 3th of June, so, next week. I guess, it’ll be a be-monthly (2 chs per month, 1st and 3rd Friday of the month) since it’s Young Gangan. Based on the magazine it’ll be published, I guess, it’s going to be categorized as Seinen (Young Adult).

So, I’ll resume this series again, albeit, it’ll be slow (for a while?)

Here is an illustration to commemorate the announcement by the manga artist. (Also going to be on the cover of the magazine)

Some Illustration

54. New Weapon 1

One night had passed after the battle with Layla.

And now, it was early morning.

As usual, I had Akane-san’s food for breakfast. Pearl seemed to have been away from work since the morning, and the table was surrounded by me, Ash, and Akane-san.

“Seal-kun, where are you going today?”

I refreshed the curry taste in my mouth with water and replied,

“I’m going to meet an alchemist in this city. I want a new weapon.”

“Ara, arara! Then you’re going to see Dia-chan, I see~”

Saying so, Akane-san raised her fluffy ears.

Dia was a child of Pearl and Akane-san. An alchemist, who had a store in <Mother Punk>.

“Yes, it seems that her shop is the only alchemist’s shop here.”


Ash with curry in her mouth raised her face.

“Seal! I’ll follow you!… Catgirl… she must be cute “

“That’s right. I’m interested in half-humans and half-humans.”

“Ufufu. You can look forward to it. She’s very cute, my proud daughter~”

Seadust Island… the loot I got there.

It was a red and green alchemy stone.

I would like the alchemist to use those and create a new magic item. That was all for today’s schedule.

“Ah, can you bring the silvervine cookie and give it to her? It’s her favorite food ♪”

Silvervine… Well, she is a cat, after all. [TN: Silvervine (Actinidia polygama) is said to be the cat’s favorite]

“Gladly, it’s just a simple task.”


Ash walked fast on the road.

This girl, when her favorite things are involved, her tension is rising high.

“Hey, did you like animals so much?”

“I like cats and dogs. My sister loves only dogs. What about you, Seal?”

“I don’t particularly like or hate any animal. So, hmm… if I’m to say one, perhaps, I like birds. I’m jealous of being able to fly freely in the sky.”

“That, feels different from the “like” we’re talking about…”

“Guess so. Rather than like, perhaps you can say, I’m longing for it.”

I opened the map that Akane-san gave me and aimed for the place marked with a red cross.

As a result of walking toward the “X” mark, we arrived at the second level above the bottom layer.

“…It’s quite impressive.”


In front of us was a building that ignored the exterior. A rugged building that stood out in this city, built of natural objects. A chimney extended from the roof of the building and was blowing smoke.

The sign that was properly raised had the words, “Kettle of Garradia”.

“I wonder if it’s open…”

Turned the oil-stained doorknob.

A light jumped into my eyes. The inside was surprisingly bright. Glass-enclosed cases containing magic items were lined up along the wall.

The boxes placed there were uniformly labeled as 500 or 1000 ouro. Inside one of the boxes, it was whetstones and cloths that would likely be used to maintain the armor. There were some ores of unknown use too.


I heard an unmotivated voice.

There was a cashier counter near the door.

And, a girl was on the other side of the checkout counter.

A girl with cat ears on her head.

Unlike Akane-san, she wasn’t a pure beastman, but a human girl with cat ears and a tail. The mouth was hidden by a scarf. The physique was small, a good match with Shura.

No doubt it was a clerk’s habit to put the elbows on the counter and looked at the book in the hand without looking at the customer.

The catgirl scratched her head with her long tail and yawned, “Fuah~”

I walked to the counter with suspicion.

“… Are you Dia?”

The catgirl with a mix of black and white-colored bangs, opened her sleepy eyes and looked at me through the gaps in the bangs.

“That’s right, but who are you?” 

Ash, who stood next to me, started to move.

With a shining eye, she shouted, “Cat…!”. 

Although Dia was just a half beastman, it seemed that she was still within Ash’s “Must protect” range.

“I know your parents. And I’ve been living there for a while as a guest.”

“I see. So?”

What a cold reaction.

A child of that passionate father and gentle mother, I imagined an active girl who would add “ーnya” at the end of the word, but it was the exact opposite of what I had imagined.

“Can I, stroke your ears?”

Ash listened while squirming.

“Fine, but it’s 100 ouro per touch.”

Hearing it, Ash dropped her shoulders.

Ash looked at me with her pitiful eyes as if asking for 100 ouro, but I shook my head.

“Aren’t your guard too thick?”

“It’s a measure for that silver-haired devil.”

“Silver-haired devil?”

“The name is Layla Freiheit. Once, I was struck all day long. I’m sick of it.”

“…Huh, that girl is the cause?”

Well, she said she liked cute things.

I didn’t think there was an interaction between Layla and Dia. It seemed that the old man and Pearl had a close relationship for a long time. So, yeah, it was natural that their family members, Layla and Dia, also had some contact.

“That’s right, I almost forgot―― Here, it’s from Akane-san “

I put a parcel containing the silvervine cookies on the checkout counter.

Dia received it with both hands wrapped in her sleeves, expressionless.

“It’s the silvervine cookies”

“Oh~. Thanks. I myself, will be in high spirit, if there’s this.”

“There is no change in your facial expression though…?”

“I’m often told that I don’t show up expression on my face. It shows with my ears, so if you want to know my feelings, I myself, recommend you to look at my ears.”

Her cat ears were expanding and contracting. 

I see, is this a signal when she’s happy?

“Can cookies be put away for now? My main purpose is this one.”

I opened the drawstring bag, took out two alchemy stones from the bag, and put them on the counter.

When I placed the alchemy stones, Dia looked into them with interest. Her ears were moving just like when she got the cookies.

“I want you to make a magic item with them.”

Dia took out the magnifying glass from the shelf on the back without turning her body and carefully observed the alchemy stones.

“The alchemy stone of formation, harmony level 3. And the alchemy stone of creation, harmony level 4”

“Harmony level?”

“It’s an indicator of how powerful it can be when fused with ore. Simply put, it’s the rank of Alchemy Stone. The maximum is 12. These two aren’t bad at all. “

Dia put away her magnifying glass and took a thick book from the back shelf.

“It’s the catalog.”

Dia presented a book to me.

I received it. 

Surprised by the weight, I was about to drop it.

…Is this really a book? 

The catalog was as simple as connecting paper with a string. 

I opened it and took a quick look.

Swords, shields, spears, bows, amors… There were a wide variety of things.

An image diagram with explanations was written next to each.

“Don’t be so confused…”

I have three now.

If the opponent isn’t a ghost-type monster, I can just use the dagger <Lutta>.

A spear that stretches when you put in mana, <Lion Spear>.

A ring when you put it on your finger will greatly increase your fighting power, but once you put it on, you can’t remove it until the red mana is exhausted, <Osiris Orb>.

For close combat, I have perfect measures.

The problem is medium and long-distance.

I had returned the sword, <Zanpuken>, to Pearl, and the only effective attack method against enemies in the distance is to extend the <Lion Spear> …

Then… should I get a bow?

No, it’s hard to throw away the shield that can solidify my defense…


When I flipped through the catalog and approached the second half,

There was a magic item with a strange, never-before-seen shape.

“Dia, what’s this?”

I expanded the catalog and showed it to her.

“Ah, this is <Two-wheel Madousha>”

“Are you mixing the stone with something like a carriage’s wheel?”

“That’s right. If you put in mana, the wheel will rotate and move forward. It’s the latest magic item that is the topic of discussion now.”

“Then, what about this?”

“<Four-wheel Madousha>”

“I see, you can even make such a thing huh?”

Dia pointed to a part of the catalog.

Looking at where she was pointing, it was written as “1%”.

“The success rate is listed here. These two are almost certainly not successful with our technical capabilities.”

“Then don’t put it on the catalog…”

“I’m hoping that someone will provide the alchemy stone to improve our technical capabilities. The items from that page onward were purchased in one of the 22 cities under the Emperor, the alchemist’s town, <Brionac>. Anyway, it seems that a ridiculous genius duo has recently entered <Brionac>, and they’re all the ideas of that genius duo.”

“I see. It seems there are many amazing guys in the world.”

“Ring now, the alchemist’s town is being swayed by the genius duo.”

“Clearly, the level of their technique is different from others…”

Well, right now, I don’t care about the story of such a genius.

It seems each has its own success rate. But, none of them is 100%. Is there no item with a guarantee of success?

It’s the only alchemy stone I have, I want to avoid failing. At least 90% or more ――

“Hmm. I’m not sure, but I think, I’m going with this.”

Shield and bow. Both are good choices, but this one is the one that seems to suit my style.

“Seal, which one did you choose?”

I opened the catalog so that Ash and Dia could look.

The V-shaped throwing weapon was drawn on that page ――

“A boomerang!”


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