Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 66

66. Chapter 66

Repeating shallow breathing while kicking up the cobblestones, blood and mana were circulating in Walm’s body in a confusing manner. His lungs were thirsting for oxygen, and he could feel the blood rushing from the bottom of his belly.

It had already been several hours since the fight with the high ogre, a monster that shouldn’t be strange to be called the quasi-commander. The high ogre brought together some monsters and scaled up the attack into a big offensive.

Walm was lucky. The humans in Dandurg Castle were on the verge of annihilation for sure, and although it was unclear whether they were proud or lacking in overall force, the movements of the monsters became careless. Had he not succeeded in reaping the head of the colony first, Walm would have died, being pushed by a number of monsters under it.

Without sticking to one place, Walm kept moving and killing only the monsters in the direction of travel. If he was surrounded, he would deploy 《Demon Fire》 to procrastinate the checkmate, and even if the monsters weren’t burned to death, they would be at least burned to the extent where their fighting ability was greatly reduced.

“Huff, ha, ahhh, huff, hah, huff ――”

Backed by the giant stamina and power, the half-burnt troll that endured the low output of the blue flame slammed the pillars of the collapsed barracks against Walm.

Walm tilted his upper body, slid the sole of his foot, which was in contact with the ground, and jumped into the air. A pillar was approaching in front of him, but it passed by without touching his body.

Swung the sword with the momentum of slipping, slashing the fibula and ligaments of the ankle, and the posture of the giant who lost support collapsed.

The troll punched his hand onto the ground and escaped the fall, but it couldn’t prevent the pursuit stab. Penetrating the adam’s apple, Walm held his sword without letting it go.

The sword kept moving to welcome the war hammer that Lizardman unleashed, shifting the trajectory from Walm’s body. Feeling the pleasant treble of metal momentarily, Walm turned his wrist back.

The throat of the lizardman, which hardened as if time had stopped, burst in no time, and fresh blood overflowed like a fountain.

A goblin jumped out of the shadow of a troll’s corpse while slamming an iron scrap that couldn’t be called a weapon against Walm. But he shifted half of his body, and the attack passed right beside him giving him no danger.

Grabbed the goblin’s head with one hand, pulled it to his feet, and kicked it up with his knees. Walm slammed the unconscious goblin against the ground, smashing its head. At the same time, he felt monsters were rushing in from all sides.

Mana was consumed, hot air spread, and blue flames eroded the surroundings with a slight delay. 

A horned grizzly wrapped in blue flames. Feeling that its eyes got roasted, the bear closed its eyes and swung its powerful arms. Walm knocked down his sword at the top and broke the skull of the bear, which was swaying its claws in all directions.

Relying on its sense of smell, a wolf with burnt fur jumped in even though the skin had been exposed. A longsword was inserted into its mouth and pierced the throat, causing the wolf to stiffen in the air. Smashing the corpse, Walm ran through the side of the corpse, chasing the rest of the dancing monsters.

How many times did Walm repeat slashing, wiping, stabbing, crushing, burning, and running? Even Walm himself didn’t know.

The slime that tried to sprinkle the digestive juice was roasted and its liquid body scattered into the air.

A werewolf who had endured the fire tried to chase after Walm. A sharp claw that could easily tear his skin was stretching, but cut through the sky without scratching any of his muscles.

The werewolf was still close and tried to hug Walm like a lover, but Walm’s answer was a rejection. Before its arms could grab his body, a sharp tip cut off the torso, and the lower back broke while screaming.

It was a great outbreak that seemed to last indefinitely, but as the battles continued, the influx slowed down and Walm noticed that the number of monsters had dropped sharply.

It was as if what was written in the scriptures of Dīrgha Āgama, “Sañjīva”, Walm could imagine the future of his struggle there. [TN: Sañjīva, is the “reviving” Naraka (a.k.a hell), in short, it’s a place in hell, where it’s said that you’ll be killed by something hot like fire, or fiery weapons, then you’ll be revived, killed again, revived again, as many times.]

The limbs were as heavy as lead (Pb), the viscera were screaming, and the eyes were trembling with dull pain. From the time he was aware of the end, Walm’s movement lost its fineness.

A lizardman thrust a short spear from behind. Walm crossed his legs and flipped, but his legs were slightly entangled with the spear.

Walm, who deflected the spear tip with the sword, used《Strike》 in a trajectory from the bottom to top, rubbing the ground to the air. The lizardman’s arms and neck were cut off, and blood blew out of its remaining torso and arms.

At that time, Walm captured the creeping shadow while avoiding blood splashes. The chin was torn to its cheeks, and the head and chest closely resembled those of humans, but the lower body was in the shape of a serpent.

Two daggers shimmered suspiciously. A pair of kris daggers, a weapon with a wavy blade like a Flamberge. 

Walm’s hand was slightly numb when he caught the stab with his sword. Even in this situation, he couldn’t help but have extra thoughts, and it cost him his momentum in handling his sword.

“Hah, hah, haaa, huff―― “

Focus, look only at the monster in front of you.

Circulating his breathing, Walm managed to switch his gears.

The remaining kris dagger approached from the side, and the tail extended to his feet. Reflexively caught the kris dagger with the back of his hand, and scooped up and cut the tail that was about to entangle him with a sword. The “Lamia” tried to push to the end with another stab while making a menacing sound. Walm, on the other hand, took advantage of the longsword’s reach, and when he stepped on one foot, he slashed the lamia from the waist to the shoulder.

The lamia didn’t die immediately, but could no longer be a threat.

A “Poison Spider” jumped from the rubble wreckage and at the same time, a double-headed “Orthrus” also jumped in, giving Walm no break.

Walm skewered the poison spider that fell from overhead and threw the cramping spider at the two-headed wolf.

The orthrus made a small step to the left and turned its two jaws toward Walm, but only one evasive action and now he had a chance to fight back.

Walm jumped back and extended his sword horizontally. The orthrus was slashed from the chin to the top, cutting both heads in one go, and the body, which had lost both heads, slid on the ground with good momentum.

Three orcs, which saw an opportunity, were approaching Walm, who was sluggish. The leading orc covered the vital area with a round shield while approaching, but it was easy for Walm to deal with it.

Knees were cut off as it was the blind spot of the shield user, and the orc fell forward. Walm slid his finger into the orc’s eyeball and the blue fire went inside.

The eyeballs pop instantly like popcorn and the brain was boiled.

A second orc thrust the spear, but the tip of the spear was crushed with 《Strike》 and just like that, the attack went to cut through the defenseless throat.

The orc tried to escape its death by holding down its throat, but couldn’t stop bleeding with a mana barrier, in the end, only prolonged its life by a few seconds.

The last orc was approaching. Walm changed his grip and supported the bottom of his handle with one hand. He fixed his sword in its path and greeted the orc.

Feeling that the tip of his sword stabbed its heart, Walm pulled it out while twisting. The dead orc spewed blood in a lot volume from the stab wound and its mouth, leaning against Walm and lastly, falling to the ground.

Walm ran his gaze around as if twisting his neck. The surrounding monsters were about 30. Hundreds or more remained in the entire castle, but the torrent of monsters that felt like infinity started to feel finite, somewhat manageable.

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