Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 65

65. Chapter 65

“Uh, y-you small fry, when the Battalion, Commander returns, it’s over”

The “High Ogre” bit the flank of a soldier with a big mouth. 

The prey that could only groan momentarily recoiled, and blood overflowed from the throat after a painful voice.

“U, urgh, gaaahhh!!”

The high ogre tasted and swallowed the chewed meat. The crunchy fresh flesh with mana, overflowing fresh blood, and screams stimulated the appetite and atrocity of the high ogre.

The high ogre broke open the ribs while enjoying the elasticity of the internal organs in the mouth. Then the heart was torn off and swallowed.

Feeling thirsty, the high ogre tore off the limbs and drank blood. Haven’t been satisfied yet, it tore off the abdomen and eat the entrails. 

In the castle full of humans, the high ogre behaved according to its desire.

Speaking of miscalculations, the Lord, that was the pinnacle of High Ogre, was in conflict with a human, who spouted blue flames. The death of the revered Lord kept the high ogre feeling sad and embarrassed, but the high ogre was quick to switch.

The tops of the same rank were killed in action in the battle with a human. To decide the next leader, the high ogre must kill the myriad of compatriots that claimed to be the strongest and reigned over their corpses.

But, now the high ogre could reign at the top of the flock as the next generation leader without doing anything. Not only the compatriots, but the other vulgar monsters would also follow. The diverse herds were intoxicated by the feast of humans, even at the cost of great sacrifice.

The high ogre was continuing its meal, but extracted only its favorite human organs. The internal organs of human warriors and wizards with a lot of mana, especially the heart, were a treat. The best. By continuing this… it started to see the road to the be the Lord both in name and reality.

The high ogre was full of ambition. Besides, even if it wasn’t the meat of a warrior, the meat of women and children was soft. It could eat them, use the women, or crush them. Human beings were just born to be overrun.

Feeling enough, the high ogre threw away the human with a squishy torso after eating it roughly. Inferior little monsters were flocking to the leftovers.

In search of more prey, the monsters march to a place where humans were sheltering. Wolf bit the whole body of a soldier who had been late to escape, a stupid troll swallowed a child crushing the bones of the whole body, and a goblin was using a woman who had her limbs crushed.

It was complete pandemonium, a banquet for monsters. The human territory was slowly turning into demon territory. Seeing the full of destruction scene, the high ogre shook itself in joy.

The monsters following the high ogre rush into the humans’ fragile defense. A hole was made in the goblin’s throat, the skeleton was crushed into mere bones, and the orc was cut in the neck. The high ogre ridiculed the useless resistance. 

Kicking the kobold and using it as a shield from a spear attack, the high ogre slashed the spear tip with a claymore and jumped into the nasty human.

The high ogre swung the claymore several times, and all the cliqued humans would sink to the ground. A monster covered the human being who was constantly lying down on the ground. The human was bitten by the ugly jaw, scraped off by the claw, and finally, his limbs were torn off.

The humans who could escape had escaped. And now, there were monsters inside and outside the castle. For the high ogre, the humans in here weren’t different from a horned rabbit shivering inside the burrow. 

The monsters started running after the humans who tried to run away now, slaughtering them one by one. It should have been a good amount of exercise before a meal.

At that moment―― Suddenly a wind blew in the castle where there should be no wind. The air became hot and turned into a stormy wind. The overflowing blue flame turned the skeleton into ashes and purified the ghoul. A little monster was fluttering around the ground, a wolf was running around in the fire.

For the high ogre, it wasn’t the first time to see the abominable blue flame. What emerged from the flame was the human who killed the Lord. He also had the eyes of the Lord, the golden eyes, that made any ogre give up in one sight. One thing for sure, it wasn’t as shiny as before.

Impossible. No way. Why was the human still alive? Why did the human have that eye? Was the human really a human? Such a feeling sprouted inside the high ogre when it saw the human behind the blue flame.

The high ogre denied its feelings. A superior being shouldn’t be as afraid of humans. If the human was alive, the high ogre could just kill until the human died for real.

When the high ogre roared, the kobolds nearby threw arrows, spears, and stones. Goblin mage and wraith cast magics.

Instead of shrinking, the blue flame spread and invited those monsters to the sea of ​​fire. The monsters screamed while dancing weirdly. The traces that it passed through, were equally turned all heads into skulls, and without stop, it turned them into a skeleton on the ground that would never stand up again. The steps of the human were like a King, like the Flame Emperor Dragon.

The one from the same race as the high ogre jumped into the man, but even though the body warped in mana, it was easily killed by a sword wrapped with blue flames. As if weeds were cut, they were slashed, burned to death, and just like that, the human was approaching the high ogre.

A hellbat and death condor were flying overhead, but in a moment, they got burned down from the sky due to the turbulence of the airflow and the scorching blue flame.

The ground, the sky, and the landscape were all dyed in blue. Still, the high ogre snarled and jumped in. There was no such thing as running away. 

The human moved the eyes and narrowed them.

The high ogre tried hard to not look at the eyes. 

The high ogre kicked up the ground and slashed down the claymore with all its strength, but was stopped. For a human with a height just about the chest of the high ogre, the human could be considered as strong.

But, the high ogre didn’t want to admit it. Gripped the big sword and pulled it back, the high ogre slashed it to the left and right, lower and upper, but the human didn’t make big movements. The attack was avoided with just a slight movement.

It was as if the high ogre’s behavior had been seen through. The instinct shouted to escape, yet the pride as a great monster, an ogre, continued to push the high ogre into battle.

Raised the roar that shook the atmosphere, the high ogre tried to suppress the blue flame. With the greatest blow of the high ogre, the human should be dead.

The high ogre noticed a sense of discomfort from the half body. The body slowly shifted. And, the heat burned its whole body.

The torso of the high ogre was then slashed, and blue flames overflowed from the scar. 

The high ogre fluttered one of its arms and opened its mouth to breathe, but only flames came out from the mouth.

Blue spread around the high ogre’s view. Gradually, the movement of the high ogre slowed down, leaving only a burnt corpse on the cobblestones.

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    1. Not necessarily. This High Ogre was definitely weaker than the Lord, and Walm had already beaten a whole squad of them alone. If he did get stronger, it would be the Lord’s eyes giving him much more to work with magic.

  1. Thanks for the update but walm with magic eyes probably improve his abilities that or the adrenaline and avoiding death twice now

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