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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 275

275. Who is there


Mishima-san screamed a little and stopped moving.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her and she shook her finger slowly pointing at the bush.

“J-just now, s-something that shines is moving over there… I-it’s like a human spirit…”

Hearing she say so in a frightened voice, I and Shino turned our faces in the direction Mishima pointed, but there was nothing.

“It’s okay. See again, there’s nothing.”

I said with a gentle voice and gave a gentle smile so that Mishima-san who was trembling could be at ease. 

……Well, well, I guess I’m really good at this?

As evidence of my thought, Mishima-san’s body no longer trembled, and she gazed at me while dyeing her cheeks red.


However, such a sweet atmosphere wasn’t easily tolerated. 

When I looked at the source of the sudden throat clearing. There was Shino-san, looking at us with a sharp eye.

“Aren’t you both a little too nervous? Well, just now, it might be just a mistake, but let me remind you, this place, is a famous supernatural spot that has a reputation for having ghosts coming out. I think you two, have to be careful… COUGH!!

“I-I’m sorry…”

Hearing her word, Mishima-san apologized to Shino-san. Perhaps behind her word, there was a different meaning like “Well, how dare you have a nice atmosphere among yourself, leaving me alone.”. And Mishima-san understood it.

I mean, isn’t it common to say that men and women have a nice development in this kind of place? 

When I was thinking about that, I heard the sound of soil trampling in my ears.

Shino-san and Mishima-san were in front of me. It was the last person in the group that I tried so hard to not think about her existence as much as possible. 

When I slowly turned my eyes to the sound. There, Josephine was staring at the bush that Mishima pointed to earlier. 

…what is it? Is there something? 

When such a question came to my mind, Josephine muttered.


That said, the doll named Francoise that Josephine brought… made a smooth movement that I couldn’t think of coming from a doll, and when it opened its mouth, it began to inhale with great momentum, as if it was trying to suck something. 

Then, for a moment from the bush, something that shone light was swallowed by Francoise. The doll then closed its mouth and began to chew slowly.


I didn’t know what the doll ate, but it wasn’t the sound of eating something decent. 

Without noticing, Shino-san and Mishima-san were close to each other.

『”…..I see, I see”』

It seemed that the doll had finished eating.

『”Little girls, don’t worry. It’s not a human soul, it’s just a firefly.”』


『”Yes, it has nothing to do with the human soul.”』

Even if it has nothing to do with the human soul, this is horror enough, you know? I mean, does it make such a sound when you eat insects? What I heard was the sound of chewing a hard object.

“F-Francoise, how was my behavior?”

『”Yes, yes, Josephine. It was very good. Relieve clients’ doubts and reassure them with swift action. This is a first-class action. Very professional.”』

“Fufu… I’m glad. This should have increased his favorability of me.”

『”Yeah, Josephine. This night, you’ll be on his heart.”』

…… Nothing is wrong with what you’re saying, but that’s if I’m just a normal man. Your existence is something I want to keep tightly sealed in my memory box.

“L-let’s go. We should move for now.”

“I agree”

It was a really strange atmosphere, but if we didn’t move on, this test of courage would not end. 

We went ahead, praying that nothing would happen. 

…..But as much as we didn’t want something to happen, the world said differently.

Something sat quietly in a slightly open area designed to allow climbers to rest. There were also vending machines around, and their light illuminates the dim mountains. “It” was sitting on a bench… in a nutshell, a ghost. The reason I could tell at a glance was that the woman was transparent.

“T-t-t-that is…”

“… I’m surprised”

“It really came out…”

Mishima-san made a quivering voice. Shino-san and I were also surprised. Then the ghost turned her face toward us, perhaps noticing us. 

At that moment we stiffened ourselves. In horror movies and the like, the ghost’s face was usually terrifying and that was common knowledge.

… But the ghost we saw, was a fleeting beauty. And when she looked at us, tears were floating in her eyes.

We, who were tense, relieved the tension and instead, worried about what made her so sad.

“Francoise… there’s a delicious meal over there.”

『”Yeah, Josephine, but well, it doesn’t look so juicy.”』

What should I do… These guys are going to eat her.


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  1. ………………………….EEEHHH………….They really came out????????……I though nothing supernatural was going to happen………..WWWOOOWWW…….although, just the fact Kohaku reincarnated in a different world is already supernatural enough…..i guess??
    Yeah, i guess Kohaku will stand up for the poor female ghost and end up exorcising her by wispering sweet words to her, since no man did it for her before she died.

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