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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 64

64. Chapter 64

How long had it been since Walm entered a state too vague to call conscious?

For sure, it had been quite a while since his brain’s ability to understand the language had been completely lost, nevertheless, the emotional cries echoed in his brain.

“Fix his position. Don’t let him slip off the bed!!”

“What’s going on? It’s supposed to be compatible, right?”

“Blood keeps oozing! There’s no end!”

“Ah, the eyelids are closing!”

“No! That’s bad. His consciousness isn’t coming back!”

“Damn it! His heart and breathing have stopped!”

“Move! I’ve some idea―― “

“Oi, what’s with the cover?!”

“Press on his heart with both hands as hard as you can! It’s okay even if his ribs break. Fast!!”

“Come back!! Walm-dono! COME BACK!!!”

“No way, it’s hopeless. Why, why?!”

“Even though I’ve connected the nerves without problems, why, WHY?!!!”



“The temporary wall has fallen!!”

“The castle gate has been destroyed! Soon, the monsters will come!”

“Move the corpses out of the bed!… Where? Just stack them there!”

“Who cares?! It’s not the time to care about the dead!!”

“Re-refugees are being eaten! There aren’t enough soldiers!”

“Hold the affected area!! As long as you can!”

“It’s the remnants of the Ogre Lord’s group!!”

“I’ll stall them. Amy, stand. Nothing can be done to Al anymore. I know it’s painful, but save the villagers!! Fight!! You must Fight!!!”

“Aaaahh, my, my intestines, are, coming out!”

“Urrrggh, ugh, argh…”

“We don’t have enough people to carry the injured!”

“Carry them? To where?! There’s no escape anymore!”

“It’s over. No, I want to stay alive! I don’t want to be eaten!”

“Help, me, help…!”

In short, so noisy.

Even if Walm wanted to move away from such a place, his body felt heavy and his brain felt hot, like it was melting.

With no ability to move, Walm had no choice but to listen to the hustle and bustle of the surroundings, just like listening to a broken radio.

“Walm-san, get up…”

Only one voice reached his brain. But, even processing the voice was a heavy burden on his brain. Guessing the owner of the voice was almost impossible for him now. Walm tried to abandon it.

Ever since he came to a different world, he had worked hard, perhaps more than enough. Crawling around the battlefield, with bloody vomit everywhere, moving his body that was supposed to be put to rest, forcing himself to not give up many times, swinging his weapon down again and again, killing around, another killing, and more killing. Kill, kill, and kill… he was exhausted. He wanted to rest. He wished so much to rest.

Walm’s consciousness was fading away and slowly becoming muddy, but water droplets fell on his hands. And it felt different from blood. He perceived that someone was holding his hand as he consciously sought the identity.


A girl who continued seeking mercy from the world, comrades who kept fighting without stop, and citizens who had lost their escape, were all looking for help, for salvation.

『”What do you wish for with those muddy eyes?”』

Worn down by ruthless reality, the “ethics” inside him had become muddy. Even though he might be not that productive and could only crush, burn, and kill others, for now, Walm only wished for the ability to save the person in front of him.

For some reason, his eyes felt hot as if they were about to melt. Still, Walm tried to move and continued to exert force.

The muddy consciousness quickly cleared.

The first thing that came to Walm’s sight, as he slowly opened his heavy eyelids, was a crying girl.

“Stop, that, terrible face.”

Walm couldn’t think of any good words as he still had a terrible headache. The girl’s face, Ayane’s face, was swollen, probably because she kept crying.

“Walm-san!? Your consciousness is back?”

Said Ayane while sniffling.

“Yeah, thanks to, you.”

Although it was a bloody world, it felt alive. The muddy eye that had fought with him for a while was no longer there, instead, it had been replaced by something else. As he let his gaze wander, he saw something nearby. It was the head of the Ogre Lord without eyeballs.

Walm realized what had happened. The monster that had gouged out his eyes was now having its eyes gouged out after its death.

Walm touched his eyes through the eyelids. Felt like they were burning as if they wanted to repel the new body. He couldn’t get rid of the piercing pain, which was like he was stuck by a rusty nail. And the heat, it was as if they wanted to melt away. Still, they served their purpose, even if the world seemed to lag behind.

The gears in the brain had been set in motion some time ago and were now in better condition. Without much thought, Walm determined that it was a characteristic of the eyes, his new eyes.

“I’m glad, that you’re awake, really. But for the Ogre Lord’s eyes to be compatible with you, that’s just…”

Maia put her hand over her mouth, as she still couldn’t believe the sight.

“My eyes feel like they’re about to melt.”

“It hasn’t been stable yet. I have to keep casting healing magic, but my mana…”

A girl who had exhausted her mana and might faint at any moment, Ayane, her dedication to everyone in need was immeasurable to Walm, who had been only going around killing others.

Walm groaned in pain, but turned back to a familiar voice.


Since the loss of HQ, Walm had been unable to be at the treatment center, leaving the escort team to another man.

That said man, rushed under Walm like children jumping to hug their parents.

“Moritz, you’re safe… So, what’s the situation?”

After sorting out his thoughts, Moritz spat out the current situation in the castle in words.

“Half of the castle has fallen, and under the command of the Brigade Commander, some gate towers and walls are still holding, but it’s only a matter of time before the monsters reach here.”

The situation was as bad as it could get. Although Walm had won the life-or-death battle, that alone couldn’t stop the monsters completely. Perhaps this situation could have been prevented if he hadn’t collapsed. But at least he was a little glad that the situation was a little better than he had expected.

“I understand.”

Not only the crushed eyes but also the leg that got twisted when forcibly using wind magic was healed.

Walm picked up the clothes, put them on, and put on the equipment. Those present were stunned, but Ayane immediately shouted.

“Why are you still trying to fight?!! If you force yourself in such conditions, you’ll die for sure this time.”

“Yeah, I might die for real…. still, I can’t just sit down. You healed my eyes, for this reason, right?”

Walm had turned a blind eye to any reason he had in mind until now because he always obeyed the order, but since the headquarters, which was full of high-ranking soldiers, had been lost, he thought there was no longer any reason to even make an excuse.

Staying alone until the end, he didn’t want such a thing to happen, to share a miserable fate with the castle, so he decided to fight as long as he could move.

“That’s not why I healed you!! Why don’t you understand? Why… Why can you give your own life so easily? Is it for the people? For the country? WHY?!”

Walm, who couldn’t think of an answer, kept his mouth shut.

“Is it because, this is your second life?”

Walm’s eyes widened as his essence was pierced by the girl. Maybe his expression looked so stupid at that moment.

“…I, don’t know. Just that, I don’t plan to give my life away for free.”

“Please, stay alive. Please come back alive. I didn’t heal you, for you to die. I healed you because, I wanted you to stay alive.”

“Yeah, I promise.”

Walm nodded as he said this, carrying the rest of the equipment and looking down at the mask. It was shaking as if to mock what he had just said. Even though the owner, Walm, was mortally wounded, the mask didn’t seem to care in the least.

“What a rude mask.”

While complaining, Walm wore the familiar mask. Perhaps it was actually concerned about its owner, because after it stuck on his face, it swayed modestly.

Fortunately, someone smart picked up Walm’s equipment and brought it to the treatment center as well.

“I shall leave the defense of the treatment center area to you. And I, shall go back to strike the enemy.”

The soldiers returned the shouting. The fierce men had been baptized with bloody vomit and crept many times through a life-or-death situation. Their bodies had been wounded many times. No soldier was a battlefield virgin. Such soldiers were ready to defend the treatment center, to expose themselves to the battlefield again.

Spurred on by the soldiers’ battle cry, Walm, with an uncontrollable impulse from his burning eyes, returned to the front line where the final battle was still ongoing.

TN : Once again, I feel like the one who spoke 『“What do you wish for with those muddy eyes?”』 was Takakura Raizou. He spoke to himself, to be precise, to himself as Walm. The “muddy eyes” in here, I guess, must be in a literal and poetic meaning.
Well, this is just my analysis for now, as I haven’t even finished reading Arc 2…


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