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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 274

274. Waiting

Finally, the test of courage began. We were divided into three groups and proceeded to the mountain according to the number of exorcists who came to this place. 

By the way, I was in the last group, with Shino-san and Mishima-san. The two groups had already gone ahead, and the last group, we, would leave a little later.


Mishima-san looked at the entrance of the mountain road with anxiety. Perhaps she didn’t like occult things such as ghosts and spirits. Normally, she wouldn’t let a man see a scared figure of hers, and instead, she would be desperately enduring it. I was sure she tried to endure it, but it still showed in her attitude. However, I had a slightly different perception of women than men in this world, so the current appearance of Mishima-san was indeed intriguing.

On the other hand, even though Shino-san said that she was a little scared, her attitude didn’t tell me so. In fact, she had been looking at her watch from time to time while murmuring, “Is it the time?”. Even though she was the one who said the things about the ghost, she didn’t seem to even slightly look responsible for it.

And an exorcist who felt like a threat rather than a ghost who no one knew whether it would come out for real or not. That was the member of my group. The exorcist in my group was the one with a doll.

She was the creepiest of the three. But even if I was told that I could choose, I probably wouldn’t be able to.

Even, if I chose the one in Chinese dress and made my group have more members, most of them would be corpses. The “Jiangshis” were jumping, from far it might look comical, but the sounds and vibrations of five adult-sized objects would erase the enjoyment of doing the test of courage… For sure, I would only worry about my back.

“Fuhi… Fuhihi… W-what should I do? Francoise, I’m hiking with a boy… it’s like a date.”

『”Yeah, Josephine. When men and women walk together, it’s not just “like” a date. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a date?”』

“I-is that so? I guess, you’re right. Uhufu… that means, this is my first date.”

『”It’s very, very romantic to walk on a quiet mountain road together.”』

Before I knew it, the exorcist was nearby. It seemed that she was talking to the doll, but I was scared and didn’t turn around to check. Judging from the conversations I heard, it seemed that she called herself “Josephine” and the doll “Francoise”. 

…… I’m very sorry, but I really want to erase this from my memory as soon as possible. 

However, the conversation continued, leaving me thinking about that.

“B-But Francoise… I don’t have a good technique to please men. I’m not a smooth talker. I’m in trouble, great trouble.”

…Well, if you talk to someone else in that style, not only men but women will feel a sense of discomfort too.

『”Josephine, rest assured and listen. You don’t have to be a smooth talker.”』

That’s… true, I guess?

“Is that so…? Why? Tell me Francoise. Why?”

『”Huff, Josephine, you have a lot of work to do. But don’t worry, I, Francoise, the belle of society, will teach you.”』

…… Maybe that doll contains a soul?

…… Nah, I shouldn’t care about it.

I don’t want to hear more of this…

『”In the first place, you’re in such a quiet and romantic atmospheric place, you should try to talk. Or else it’ll be a waste. In a situation like this, all you have to do is speak quietly a word or two. That’s more than enough.”』

“T-that’s it…?”

『”Yes, that’s it. Show the rest in action, not in words. Gently hold his hand or gently hug his shoulders. Well, depending on the atmosphere, even a kiss is okay.”』


Hmm? Why suddenly became quiet…? 



What!?? What’s happening??

“N-no way, It’s too embarrassing! Too embarrassing, Francoise!”

『”Huff, Josephine, after all, you’re still too pure… “』

…… Maybe she was embarrassed and just raised her voice? No, why should I care? Sill, no matter what the reasons, my SAN value was scraped off by the current screaming!

See, even Shino-san is coming over here!

Shino-san with a slightly confused face came to me.

“What happened!?”

Trying to get more information, Shino-san asked her.

“Maybe… a ghost? Did it come out?”



“No. They didn’t… I just did some ritual to drive some small spirits away.”

This girl… she lied as naturally as she breathed.

However, Shino-san looked somewhat relieved.

“Then, it’s about time. Let’s go.”

“O, okay~”


Mishima-san gave a cute response to Shino-san’s words, and the exorcist laughed suspiciously. 

Meanwhile, I started to feel hurt in my stomach.


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