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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 63

The manga ch 4 came out in Japan 2 days ago. It covered half of ch 13 to ch 14.

Also, the art and action for ch 4 are really good.

63. Chapter 63 – Lost light

Even at the start of the defensive battle, people had been continuing to come and go from the treatment center without stopping. It didn’t change much even after the Flame Emperor Dragon destroyed the walls and castle tower with a breath attack. Tiredness started to be reflected in the healing magicians’ eyes.

Treatment triage was put in effect. Ironically, in order to avoid useless death more than necessary, the priority was soldiers who can return to the front. Injured citizens, children, and women could only cry out loud for intolerable pain.

The feeling that the life that could have been saved in peaceful times overflowed Ayane’s mind and body. Her mana had already been squeezed, but she couldn’t stop. For a while, dizziness and nausea had been rushing in her intermittently.

“Please. Please help this child! Please help!!!”

“I understand your feelings, but go back to the line.”

A father and mother with wounds in their arms, trying to bring their child under Ayane, were returned to the waiting line by Highserk soldiers.

It was a serious injury. The child’s back had been scratched by a wolf and the arms had been bitten. For the first aid, stopping the bleeding would be enough. But, there were other lives to prioritize. She couldn’t help the life that could be saved by prioritizing the life. There, Ayane noticed that she was fluttering.

She started to wonder what was the difference between her and the prejudiced Highserk soldiers.

At that time, an adventurer with a large body rushed to the treatment center. A man was carried on his back.


“What’s the matter?”

Slightly delayed, Highserk soldiers rushed through the crowd to make a way. Moritz, who was taking care of Ayane while monitoring her, asked the soldiers what happened.

“Knight-dono has…! Battalion Commander has been…!!”

The name wasn’t shouted, but there was only one person who was called “Knight” in the besieged castle. Moritz, who changed his expression, moved around the back of an adventurer with a great shield and let out a whimper.

“… Lay, lay him down on the bed. Slowly.”

Moritz’s suffocating and heavy words made Ayane’s heart beat faster.

“Ah, that’s… no way…”

The man who was slowly given to her was someone familiar, but he looked very different from the last time she saw him.


Looking directly at Walm’s face, Ayane was desperate to suppress the nauseous feelings that sprouted inside her.

At the first meeting, they looked at each other with murderous intent. At times, they laughed together. The man who made Ayane feel emotional, Walm, his eyeballs weren’t there.

Ayane with Walm

The hole was so deep that she hesitated to look at it, and the liquid no one sure whether it was only the cerebrospinal fluid or the blood, was overflowing. It was so strange that he didn’t die instantly.

As being slowly put on the bed, Maia made a remark,

“This is, too horrible…”

Even Maia, who had been on the field as a healing magician for quite a long time, couldn’t hide her dismay.

“Maia-dono, could you heal him?”


Moritz asked with a murderous tone, but Maia didn’t say anything. To be precise, the silence, was the answer.

The soldiers, who couldn’t wait any longer, shouted.

“We, we all need Commander Walm! Without him, the castle will fall.”

“Commander cared for the soldiers and the people involved in the war, he fought and killed the Ogre Lord alone.”

“The enemy’s command has collapsed, but they’re all still hungry and aiming for humans. The castle gate is about to be broken through. Without Knight-dono, we’ll lose for sure.”

One of the soldiers threw out the head of the Ogre Lord, which had crossed blades with Walm many times, as if it were something hideous. The head rolled to the ground. Although it was decapitated and dead, the Ogre Lord’s face wasn’t full of anguish.

The face had an eerie smile and the mouth looked ugly. 

There might be exceptions, but even then, monsters and humans weren’t compatible. No way they could coexist.

In the treatment center, which was full of confusion, there was a murmur that seemed to be drowned out by the bustle of the surroundings.

“Walm-san, are you still conscious?”

Ayane regretted having her ears so close to Walm’s mouth. Had she not been listening, she might not have experienced the ruthless reality and given up prematurely. But she heard it.

“Ah, it’s, train, time. I’m, gon… be, late, to… comp, ny, uh, the, light… still, red, always, red. The, crossin… strange? Aah, sha, sha, dow, shadow, is, coming… stop, no…”

To people of this world, words that made no sense sounded like the strange mutterings of someone about to die. But it was different to Ayane, a transferee. She remembered him using the word “high schooler” in the past, which people in this world weren’t supposed to know, and mentioning “clock hands”, which weren’t supposed to exist in this world. The true nature of the feeling of incongruity in the previous conversations began to coalesce in her mind.

Hearing words from her hometown that she had probably used in her daily life until a few months ago, Ayane felt something stabbed her heart. She couldn’t help but think, how could a human being, who was a citizen of a peaceful era and unrelated to war, fight to the death every time?

“Help, urgh, uh…”

“Blood doesn’t stop. Aaa, please stop it. Someone, help!”

“It hurts. It huuurrttss….”

“M-my arm, where? Where is it?!!”

Even now, behind Ayane, everyone was calling for salvation. In the priority list of those to be saved, Walm was in last place. Should have been this low.

“Uh, hm? Ah? I, I, have to, fight, or the castle, the people, the country, will, ah, aaaa, nothing, I can’t, see, anything. It’s, dark. So, cold.”

The trembling hand wandered in the air as if searching for something. 

The fingers were wandering around without grasping anything. 

Seeing it, Ayane grabbed them with both hands.

“Walm-san, it’s gonna be okay. It’s okay.”


When Ayane grabbed his hand, the remarks stopped as if he was relieved, and he weakly grasped back.

Feeling it, Ayane ridiculed herself as a terrible and selfish person. She had been throwing the word “priority” to excuse her actions, but now she was trying to help someone who was unlikely to be saved or healed. She just wanted to help. She just, couldn’t help herself wanting to help.

The way they first met might have been the worst. That being said, the current relationship was comfortable for Ayane.

Ayane didn’t know herself if it was the suspension bridge effect or the nostalgia of her hometown, but she opened her mouth and said,

“The wounds, “I” will close the “wounds”. For sure.”

Ayane expressed her preparedness.

“Ayane-sama, even if you close the wounds, what about his eyes.”

Said Maia sadly.

The eyeballs that should have been in the eye sockets had been lost. Even Ayane, who could heal torn limbs, defects, and such, couldn’t completely regenerate the complicated eyeball.

“Could you heal him if you have eyes!?”

“… Use one of my eyes!!”

“Me too. As long as I have one eye, I won’t get lost in the Netherworld!!”

The soldiers who fought under Walm, albeit for a short time, offered what they could give, one by one.

Maia rebuked those who were trapped in the madness of such rationality.

“If there’s too much difference in mana density, even if you transplant it, it’ll only rot in no time. If you don’t have eyes that can withstand Walm-san’s mana, you shouldn’t try to transplant. Also, there’s a thing called compatibility.”

There were probably no more than ten soldiers in the army of the Highserk Empire whose mana was comparable to Walm’s. Unfortunately, there were no such soldiers in the barely-holding castle.

The people surrounding the treatment bed looked down in the face of the harsh and severe conditions. Meanwhile, Moritz let his gaze wander over the rolling head.

“What about the eyes of a monster, the ogre lord?”

“Moritz, are you still sane!?”

“It’s the one who scooped out Commander’s eyeballs. You’re crazy.”

Soldiers rushed to Moritz and threw curses at him. Of them, only Maia and Ayane were seriously considering about it.

“Maia-san, do you have any precedent?”

“People say that transplanting the monster eye is something heretical, but there’s no legitimate document saying about such a thing in the Craist Kingdom, so…”

“Are you really gonna transplant those demon eyes to Knight-dono? Really?!”

Ayane confronted the Highserk soldiers, who uttered words of refusal.

“Either way, these are the only eyes that may be compatible. Or you say, there is another way to save him?”

Sure, it might sound selfish. But still, Ayane wanted to save Walm.

The soldier faltered at the figure of a girl lifting the Ogre Lord’s head with a threatening and angry look.

“I’ll heal him, I will heal Walm-san.”

Ayane, who was only about the height of an average trained Highserk soldier’s shoulder, gave off a sense of intimidation that someone her size shouldn’t have. There was no more opposition, and so she proceeded with the treatment.

TN : The suspension bridge effect, is a scientific and psychological term used to describe a biological reaction in our psychology when we are under pressure. When we experience an external stimulus that ignites our adrenal response, it plays a strange role in our minds and interpretation of our environment.

Also, just some fact, it’s said that the eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain. Perhaps that’s also the reason even if Ayane wanted to regenerate it, it would be too complicated for her now, and if she forced it, it would be in an incomplete state.


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