Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 272

This is from Musubi POV

272. Barbeque

Barbecue… When someone asked what you would do at a barbeque party, many would say that they would cook the meat or veggies, and eat it all themselves. Certainly, it would be fun to cook and eat them on our own. Of course, you would have a hard time eating while cooking, and the meat that was cooked in good condition would be quickly taken away and disappeared.

However, here, you didn’t have to worry about that. Because it was the maids of Toukain who would cook. Naturally, in order to satisfy the guests, you would want to cook the meat in good condition with all your soul and give it to the guests to give a nice impression.

However, even though the maids of Toukain had been trained, they were human after all. And one of them, who was called Musubi, even though she was a high-class maid who could grill high-quality beef in good condition, she had her own thought about what she saw. When she saw the high school students in front of her making a lot of noise, she couldn’t help but think.

Can’t these normies die?

Not long ago, she changed from swimwear to a maid outfit, and now, she was silently preparing for a barbecue while the guests were playing.

During the preparation, the “wolves” who were having fun playing with a boy came into her eyes.

The daughter of Minakatain household… when she tried to split the watermelon, she tripped herself and somehow fell on top of the beautiful boy. 

……Just because you got spun and blindfolded, you won’t suddenly lose the sense of direction, right?

The daughter of Seikagu Household… When she fell, she didn’t suddenly get herself back up but instead hugged the young boy.

……You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

A muscular girl who had won the volleyball match and got the right to apply sunscreen on the boy. 

Did you enjoy touching the boy’s body?…… Didn’t you hear the boy mutter “six-packs”? So why did you choose that bikini?

An ordinary girl who enjoyed the sea normally.

……Mishima-san, I’m relieved to see you here for some reason.

While holding such various thoughts, Musubi was watching her master’s friends having fun, but… she couldn’t help but compare it with her high school days, and the overwhelming feeling she felt almost made her cry.

It wasn’t just her, but the other maids as well. They were looking at the normies with eyes like a dead fish eye.

However, they were professionals. When the guest looked at them, the light shined once again in their eyes.

That said, the normies were desperate since there were many competitors here alone.

…… Ah! Curly hair lady! If you force the hot meat, the boy’s mouth will get burned! Ah, look! The beautiful boy is fluttering around.

……And you the petite lady who saw it. It may be good to squeeze your body into close contact while feeding him, but I’m sorry, your “weapon” seems too small to be effective. Haha, too bad! 

……It’s strange. I can’t see Shino-sama.

Musubi looked around and she could see her master, Shino Toukain, walking around with her finger on her chin.

What happened?

Musubi left her place to another maid and headed to her master’s side.

“Young lady, are you okay?”

“Ah, Musubi…”

“Is there something you are worried about?”

“…Well, it’s not that serious… I’m thinking about what to do or not…”

I see… It doesn’t seem to be a big problem, but it’s the duty of the servants to push the back of their master. Don’t worry, I will use all of my wisdom to help you, Shino-sama.

“I see, could you tell me what were you thinking about?”

“Well, I wonder if I should or shouldn’t do the things written in the magazine “How to be popular with boys”, but…”


I see… I wonder what kind of method is it.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t get the point. What kind of method is it?”

“… it said that you should put money in the boy’s pants.”

“Stop it”

“Eh … but it says that men will definitely fall――”

“Stop it”


“Stop it” 

Musubi stopped Shino, but if she did it, Kohaku would definitely turn off by it.

He’s not a money-grubber, so it’s not effective.

But what kind of book did my young lady read? When I get home, I have to thoroughly check the room …

Don’t worry, I’m not a normal servant who won’t give any advice to the stubborn master. So, let me give you some useful words.

“Young lady”


“You don’t have to think about anything difficult. It’s a barbecue, so you should bring him some nice roasted meat. That alone is enough to make men happy.”

Musubi smiled to reassure her master.

“…Musubi, did you ever have a boyfriend?”


No, but so what? Do you have a problem?


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  1. poor Musubi and maids, they didn’t deserve that roasting.

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