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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 271

271. A moment at the beach

“What a lovely smile…”

Mishima-san saw Shino-san and Minori-san who had radiant smiles and muttered so. Certainly, as Mishima-san said, their smile looked like someone who had just fulfilled their desires. 

“Well… even if you live normally, it’s unlikely that you’ll come into direct contact with a boy around the same age.”

“… Even Miyabi-san who had a boyfriend didn’t have the opportunity.”

“Yuzuka-chan, my heart also has its limit you know. I can’t always take much damage…”

And I, who just got sunscreen applied to my body, was building a sandcastle with Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san on the sandy beach.

After all, playing with the sand could be said as one of the things you must do when you came to the beach. 

The technique of the two people was amazing, so something like a Japanese castle had been completed with their help.

“Huff… it’s done!”

“Yes, as expected, we’re good! I don’t think anyone can make such a beautiful sandcastle.”

“…Yeah, really”

I looked at the completed castle and agreed with what Maizumi-san said.

“Then let’s take a picture! Both of you, don’t forget to make a pose.”

Yachigusa-san took a picture with her smartphone so that the three people and the sandcastle could be seen.

“Alright, then… traveling to the beach with a beautiful boy… and post.”

She posted it on the SNS at a terrifying speed. And smirked.

“Ahaha. I can hear everyone’s jealousy. What is this superiority feeling, Miu feels like she’s finally having her youth now!”

…So, vulgar equal to youth? Really, how low, I hope you will polish your way of thinking a little more soon.

“But soon, it’s time for a meal, right? I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Ah, that’s right… we have been building a castle for quite some time.”

“We’ll have a barbeque at night, but what is for lunch?”

This is a private beach, moreover, it’s Toukain’s property! The food must be tasty, right?

“Please be assured. For lunch, we’ll have a lunch box specially made by the chef at the mansion. We’re preparing for it now, so please wait for a while.”

Musubi-san answered Yachigusa-san’s question. In the direction that Musubi-san pointed out, parasols and tables were being prepared by the maid of Toukain.

They’re fast…

“Would you like seafood ramen? We can make it too, and I’m sure it’ll be tasty”

Musubi-san asked so, but I didn’t want to waste the skill of a first-class cook.

Sure, it would be nice to have seafood ramen, and I’m sure they will make it tasty, but well, I’m fine with anything tasty…

“Everyoneー! It’s time for lunchー!”

” “Yay!” “

When I saw Maizumi-san and the others running happily at Yuzuka-san’s call, I suddenly remembered the words, “Pure and Innocent”.

But, it got crushed in instant…

“Both of you, it’s already noon. It’s time to come back from the fantasy dream and stop your delusions…”

“Mishima-san, they are now savoring it to the fullest, let’s leave them alone for now.”

“But… they’ve been like that for quite a long time…”

“Huh, seeing this, somehow it’s like we’re the teachers and they’re the students. And perhaps if we lose to our desires, we’ll expose our pitiful appearance like them.”

Mishima-san nodded as if she was convinced by Minakatain-san’s words.

“But if I was in their position…”

Minakatain-san said with a refreshing smile and muttered.

“I would be very happy”

“… right?”

……Don’t forget, there is the man you’re talking about here. Well, I don’t really mind, but be prepared, if you said so to other guys, they’ll look at you as if they’re seeing trash.

Then, I talked with Shino-san who finally returned to reality while enjoying the lunch box.

“Well. There’s watermelon for dessert, so let’s start the game, break it up and eat it!”

“Ah, I’m good at this.”

“This is what you call summer!”

“Fufufu, every summer must-do activities are all covered!”



Shino-san proudly said so. And The others looked excited too.


“Oh, speaking of summer, we’ll have the test of courage tomorrow night.”

“Test of courage…”

“By the way, it seems that ghosts really appear, but don’t worry!”

In the words of Shino-san, who said so with a smile, Minori-san and the others had a face saying “What?”

Well, if it really comes out, why not stop it?

“Then, we don’t have to do it.”

“No, we must! It’s summer after all!”

……I mean, we don’t have to do it just because it’s summer, right?

“Don’t worry. For the time being, after we finished it, I will ask the exorcist to get rid of anything bad and purify us!”

“Then… it’s all good?”

“That’s rightー! Well, this is a must in the summer, so…”

After hearing that we would get purified by an exorcist, for some reason, the others became enthusiastic again about doing it. 

…This is strange. Why do you all want to do it so much?


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