Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 270

270. Sunscreen

“Well … then, would you like to come here, Kohaku-kun …”

“Please rest assured. I’m not trying to eat… I mean taste… No, I mean, touch something private at all. Rather, this is for Kohaku-san sake, to keep that beautiful skin, so please leave it to us.”

“Yeah, that’s right, I won’t hurt at all. Rather, it’ll be pleasant. So just enjoy it.”

Two girls were trying to keep my mind at peace with such suspicious words. 

Just by the word, in terms of inviting the opposite sex, it was bad. These two people were at the lowest level in inviting men. And the facial expressions of Shino-san and Minori-san were… a happy face with a big smile.

“Look, the sun is up there. It’s indeed nice weather for swimming, but it’s not good for your skin.”

“That’s right, Kohaku-san. You may not care for your skin that much right now because you’re young. But still, the UV rays won’t give you special treatment. What? Do you think it’s okay to care for your skin after you’re actually old? Many men regret that they didn’t do it when they were still young.”

“Yes. That’s why you need sunscreen, and this! This is a sunscreen cream developed by our Toukain group! In addition to protecting the skin from UV rays, it’s an excellent product that’s not only good at moisturizing your skin, but also has anti-aging effects! This is an excellent product for men with sensitive skin. It’ll protect your skin and keep it soft!”

Shino-san showed off the sunscreen cream she took out with full confidence.

“In fact, the cosmetics department of the company that developed it is selling it as super-luxury products, the price is for the wealthy. Don’t worry, the effect is guaranteed… Huff, I want my skin to be moisturized. I really envy the skin of high school students!”

Musubi-san added so, but the last words were very scary, somehow I felt a grudge from it.

“I see… I understand what you’re all saying. I get it.”

“Well, I know you’re embarrasse――”

Before Shino-san could finish her words, I took off my T-shirt and at the same the top bikini for men.

” “Eh……?” “

Alright… So, I don’t mind about it at all, but in this world… is it necessary to be embarrassed for an event like this?…… Well, there it’s better to be embarrassed now before it’s too late.

“T-Then, please…”

I hid my chest with one arm and tried to say while pretending to feel embarrassed. To make it more believable, I changed the direction of my eyes. 

Urgh, I should’ve planned it beforehand, what if they know I’m just pretending?



“So, this is, the erotic appearance of DK…?” [TN: “DK” -> DanshiKousei -> Highschool boy]

Luckily, it seemed they didn’t notice anything wrong, rather they looked as if they were enjoying what was in front of them. Shino-san and Minori-san hold their mouths with their hands, but their faces were full of smiles. Musubi-san looked at me with a serious look. 

Well, something erotic is great no matter where you are…

……Let’s see, in my previous life, when a JK was topless and embarrassed, would she put a little joke or say something about herself?… No, if she took off her clothes daringly, she wouldn’t. Yeah, I just need to be like that. [TN: “JK” -> JoshiKousei -> Highschool girl]

Anyway, it can’t stay like this forever.

“S-so, where should I go …?”

I shyly asked.

Well, well, I’m sure, I just scored high in the “favorable meter”, good!

“Ah! I’m sorry! Then, come over here. Well, first of all, I’d like you to lie down.”

“T-that’s right. First from the back, then the abdomen…”

“Y-you’ll also do the front?”

I tried to look as embarrassed as possible, but deep inside I knew that they would do it.

“Of course. Don’t worry, we won’t do it in a nasty way.”

“Yes. We don’t have any nasty intentions. It’s to protect your skin from UV rays, that’s all! I mean, it’s best to apply it evenly with someone else’s hands.”

Minori-san clenched a fist and her body was trembling, but no matter what was in her mind, I could do the front part myself. 

Seriously, young people are honest with their desires huh…

“Is… is that true?”

“Yeah! We only have a good intention! We’ll do our best to protect Kohaku-kun’s skin! That’s why, I want Kohaku-kun to entrust everything to us!”

“E-e-everything …?”

“Yes, everything!”

…… What should I do about this high school girl, shouldn’t she try to stay calm in this situation? Well, this is also an experience, good for summer memories, I guess? 

I shook my head vertically. Then, I lay down on the mat and let them do everything to apply the cream.

“Gulp… first apply it to my body and then to his…”

“Shino-chan, stop! Please calm down a little. That’s just Shino-chan’s delusional way. Don’t!”


…… Are they gonna be okay?


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    1. Es algo que destruye la salud mental de los hombres de este mundo, y puede empujarlos hasta la muerte de sus almas. Al menos yo sentiría muchas ganas de suicidarme.

  1. Didn’t he go topless and only in shorts in the King of the boys island arc? There was no mention of male bikini then, though.

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