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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 269

269. On the beach

Under the shining sun, nearby the dancing waves, cute girls were playing innocently on the white sand beach.

“Take this!”


The sound wasn’t something that anyone would think came out from a soft beach ball.


Minori-san’s attack pierced the other’s court.

“Yay! Minori-chan, Yay!”


Shino-san and Minori-san did a high five while saying so. On the other hand, Minakatain-san looked frustrated on the ground.

“Damn! Next time for sure.”

“Yes, we haven’t lost yet.”

Although Minakatain-san and Yuzuka-san wanted to make a comeback, the points were widened even further by Shino-san and Minori-san.

Well, I have a question…

“Why are you so serious …?”

Is that it? The effect under the summer sun? 

Perhaps someone heard my question, the answer came from near me.

“That’s because the winner gets the right to apply sunscreen on Hatano-sama”


“Sunscreen. You need it.”

The answer came from Musubi-san, Shino-san’s personal maid. She was wearing a black bikini and plus with her slim body, she looked like a model. She had been paired with Mishima-san to participate in beach volleyball, but they lost to Shino-san and Minori-san in the first match. And then, Mishima-san was helping as a referee.

I nodded lightly as if telling her I was half-convinced, and Musubi-san replied with a gentle smile.

“It’s okay. We’ll be the ones responsible for preparing the sunscreen cream.”

“No, that’s not where I had doubts.”


Musubi-san leaned her head.

“I mean, please think it from my perspective. I’m still a man with pride! Just because you’re my friend, I can’t let any woman, especially a high school girl who is at a difficult age and has a wild delusion every day, touch my skin!”

“… I don’t think it’s the line of the person who said he would listen to anything last night and throw himself into a dangerous situation.”

Well… That is that, this is this. Opinions change after a day. That’s why in this era, it’s important to get new information as soon as possible. Don’t you think so?

“But… I see, as Hatano-sama said, from your perspective, it must be so.”

That’s right. 

I nodded, and Musubi-san continued to say a word.

“But then Hatano-sama, how will you protect your skin?”


“I’m sorry to say that today is a sunny day and the sun is spreading the UV rays mercilessly. There is no difference between men and women of all ages in hating it… Even Hatano-sama must hate it too.”


“So, Hatano-sama…”


“Who will protect Hatano-sama’s beautiful skin?”

“That, I’ll do it myself…”

“Unfortunately, that’s not possible. If you apply it by yourself, it may lead to uneven coating, after all, you can’t reach your own back. Maybe the young ladies are fighting with some delusion in their heads… but, you can just leave it alone”

Is that okay?

“Because your skin is beautiful, please let us help you protect it from UV rays, the enemy of human skin, it’ll at least help your skin from having age spots and wrinkles, and also aging fast, please?”

I see, I see… Certainly, my skin should be protected. Skincare should always be good. But…

“My skin and also hair is in a good condition even without much care.”

Musubi-san smiled and replied to my words.

“It’s only when you’re young. It’s better to do care when you’re young than when you think it’s dangerous, right?”

Somehow, I felt a lot of pressure from the words, perhaps because of the actual experience.

“I’ve been diligent in maintaining my skin too… But I didn’t have many chances to get to know men, so it didn’t lead to anything, not even a single date… Well, since I’ve been working in Toukain’s house, sure, men often visit there, I’ve had many chances to meet some too, but getting married after being seen once or twice there…? Hahaha, it’s just something that happens in a drama. That doesn’t mean that I hate working there, rather I like the work. The salary and benefits are good. Also, knowing that I’m supporting a person who will become a major figure in the country in the future feels like a reward… But, while doing so, time passed by very fast, and now I’m in my thirties. By common sense, it’s already past marriageable age. Sometimes, I wonder whether everything is too late for me, whether I still have a chance, whether I am still okay or not. Not long ago, when I was walking on my way from buying groceries, a stranger told me “Look there, I wonder who wants to be with that old hag!”, then at the night, I washed that memory with alcohol… I, I’m still fine, right? “

…what should I do? 

Musubi-san started to speak like a machine gun, it was as if I just pressed a dangerous switch.

“Haha… What are you worried about? Musubi-san is still a fine woman. Actually, Seeing Musubi-san in a bikini, makes me throbbing.”

It’s my heart, not the other part, so don’t get me wrong!


It seemed that Musubi-san has regained her composure because of my words. 

At that time, I felt like I heard “Take me…”, but I chose to not care.


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