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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 268

268. The second day

“Well, did you guys check today’s schedule?”

At breakfast, Shino-san started talking in a strange tone. By the way, the menu for breakfast was egg benedict, hashed potatoes, salad, and fruit. It was a very simple yet elegant breakfast.

” ” Of Course!! ” “

Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san responded cheerfully to the voice. As expected of someone from the drama club, both were really energetic. Shino-san saw the smiling faces, and nodded once before continuing her talk.

“Well, since both of you are very good children. I’ll give you an A+ for that. Compared to you… huh…”

Shino-san sighed, looking away from the two cheerful people and looking at the other girls.

“Just because you couldn’t do naughty things to Kohaku-kun… Don’t show such a disgraceful look. Can’t you act more like a lady? I’m sure you couldn’t sleep because you kept thinking, “If only Kohaku-kun is here… if only he’s beside me right now!”, for a whole night, right? Don’t you know when to give up and move on?… Huh, seriously…”

With sleepy eyes, the girls stared at Shino-san. At that time, Mishima-san suddenly muttered something as if she was convinced of something.

“Why am I always regretting my actions for a few days like this…? I wish I could be like Shino-chan who always be positive… Yeah, I should switch my mind and think about having fun with Hatano-kun at the beach later…”

Shino-san, who picked up the, nodded with a big smile.

“That’s right, what’s done is done. Don’t let yourself get swallowed by the past, you have to look to the future!”


“Yeah! That’s right!”

Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san cheered. Upon hearing that, Shino-san looked even more satisfied.

…Well, these two are always energetic. As expected of drama club combi.

“I see…”

Yuzuka-san, who wiped her mouth elegantly with a napkin, said quietly. 

I couldn’t guess what did she mean so I leaned my neck and asked her.

“What is it?”

With a gentle smile, Yuzuka-san answered my question.

“Apparently, Shino was looking forward to seeing Kohaku-kun in a swimwear since yesterday. Really, she’s so straightforward. What a naughty girl. Certainly, I stayed up late as Shino said, but it was because I read a book, so what she said doesn’t apply to me.”

“Oh, I was writing a report for one of my classes, so I was a little late to sleep. What Shino-chan says doesn’t apply to me either… But Shino-chan is a naughty girl.”

“I did a little stretching. Well, it’s my daily routine… but yeah, Shino-chan is naughty.”

Minakatain-san and Minori-san followed after Yuzuka-san’s remarks. 

It seemed that not only Mishima-san who was disappointed with the King’s game last night. 

Shino-san puffed her cheeks.

“…Noooo, that’s not true. I’m looking forward to being able to have fun with everyone on the beach. Yuzuka, you looked very disappointed yesterday. I wonder what was the contents of the book you read?”

The atmosphere in the room became cloudy. 

Mishima-san was more shocked than Shino-san, who was accused of being naughty. Since she exposed what was in her mind by herself.

“Anyway, what’re we going to do later?”

I asked a question to get back to the refreshing air.

“Hmm… we’ll play at the beach today, but actually, there’s a lot of things to play with there.”


“Swim rings, jet skis, surfboards, snorkels… Well, if you want to play with that or others, just tell me, and I’ll try to prepare them. I’m thinking of asking everyone what you want to do.”

…… Why you didn’t ask this earlier? I mean, there was no need for bringing the cloud to the refreshing room, it almost ruined the breakfast you know?

“Ah, Miu wants to play beach volleyball together!”

“I want to split a watermelon!”

“Oh, I’m quite confident in handling wooden swords.”

“… Minori is bad at watermelon splitting.”

Everyone then mentioned the equipment they wanted to use at the beach later to Shino-san. There was someone who asked for something like fishing equipment for some reason. Perhaps that person couldn’t hold any longer and wanted to collect the seafood herself.

Well, it would be included in the evening barbecue, so nothing to complain about, rather it made me look forward to the barbeque even more. 

I hope she manages to get some nice addition.

Shino-san had a happy face as she looked at everyone enjoying themselves.


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