Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 267

267. Please take a bath


After finishing the sit-ups, Mishima-san took a deep breath and exhaled. 

…… She did push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. Maybe next, I should order back extensions? 

Looking at Mishima-san, I thought about the next command. I didn’t aim for Mishima-san in particular, but I thought that since I went to the “healthy” route, I should go all in.

“Everyone, why don’t you all take a bath now?”

After confirming that Mishima-san had finished the sit-ups, it was time for the next game!… or not.

When everyone was enthusiastic, someone called us.

When I turned to the source of the voice, it was Shino-san’s personal maid.

Hearing what she said, I looked at the clock and found that it was already around 9 PM.

Well, it’s about the right time to take a bath and get ready to go to bed, I guess…

However, Shino-san argued against the suggestion.

“Musubi, I’m sorry, but don’t disturb us, we’re playing a serious game right now, leave us alone…”

“Musubi-san, Shino-san is right.”

“Yes, that’s right… If we back off now, it’ll hurt our pride as a lady.”

Subsequently, Yuzuka-san and Minakatain-san also refuted the maid’s words.

However, the maid looked amazed at the words.

“Huft… I understand if you young ladies have a crazy desire to do erotic things to Hatano-sama from the bottom of their hearts and couldn’t contain it any longer, but would you really play until tomorrow? What about tomorrow’s plan? Please, take a rest as soon as possible.”

“!!… Musubi, what are you saying? We’re purely fighting with our pride on the line, there’re no nasty thoughts!”

Shino-san said that with a little smirk on her face as if to act cool, but her eyes were looking all over the place.

“Then, couldn’t you say that it’s a win for Hatano-sama? Three rounds and three wins. Please give up.”

“Next time, for sure I’ll win…”

“It’s a line that people who lose in gambling are likely to say.”

The maid’s ruthless words not only shocked Shino-san but others as well.

…What is it that shocks you? It’s exactly what she said.

“And, look…”

The maid’s line of sight turned to Mishima-san.

“Mishima-sama is full of sweat. No matter how hot the summer is, it’s just too much. Also, the air conditioner is working properly in the mansion, if she is left alone, she may catch a cold.”

It was true that Mishima-san was sweating from the muscle training earlier. The T-shirt stuck to her skin, clearly shaping the lines of her body. The sexy waist, also that large and well-shaped breasts, how it moved while she was breathing roughly was sensational.

…… I know she’s just tired, but still!

“That’s why, the game is over. Please take a bath now.”



The maid said so, collected the container and sticks, and went away.

“Uuhhh… It can’t be helped. Let’s all take a bath.”

“Yeah, it can’t be helped. I’m sure Yuri also wants to wash her sweats away, right?”

“…Yes, I want to clean my body.”

The hot springs must be nice… well, I’m looking forward to it too. That being said, as the winner, I should fan the fire.

I prepared some lines, and right when Shino-san tried to stand up, I spoke in a slightly loud voice, so everyone could hear me.

“If the King ordered me, I wouldn’t have been able to refuse even if I need to wash your back in the bath or even give a massage.”

!! !! !! !!

Everyone’s movements stopped.

“Well, to be honest, when I thought I might lose, I was really nervous but also thrilled. Even though I pushed myself to be a little bolder than usual.”

I grinned at the girls who looked at me with a stunned look.

“Really, I was really disappointed.”

That said, I left the room. 

And from the room, a loud voice “GODDAMMIT!!!!!” could be heard.

Too bad… but, it’s not very lady-like you know?

I returned to my room and prepared for the bath. I asked the maid I met on the way about the effects of the hot spring.

“The effect of the hot spring? It’ll make your skin more beautiful, recovery from fatigue, stiff shoulders, low back pain, poor circulation, etc. It is also good for wounds and burns. It’s famous as a hot spring for beautiful skin in this area, so if Hatano-sama goes there, I’m sure you’ll be even more beautiful!”

I see, you mean, it’s a perfect hot spring for me? But, I can be more beautiful? Really? That’s scary.

But, after I polish my body and skin there, I’m sure I’ll be able to monopolize the line of sight of the people at the beach tomorrow.

…… Well, it’s a private beach so no one other than us will be there! What a shame!

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  1. Is there a word for a person who has no libido, but says erotic things anyway?

    1. Hes a blatant tease. Which doesn’t really fit with his character. His goal was to become a playboy with multiple women on the go at once. In this world that’s something easily achievable but he seems determined to keep hold of his V-card despite his stated goals.

      1. he is trying to up his value, seems like money is very important to him so i guess he likes money more. and when everyone is ready to throw them self at you, just doing it isent that important anymore. since he can do it anytime.

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