Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 281

This ch is from Mariangeles Koujou POV (3rd person)

281. At Hatano Household

It had been a few days since Kohaku went on a trip. When Kohaku had just gone on a trip, Yoko always muttered lonely, but now she just sighed at the photos, perhaps because she had got used to it.

However, Yoko looked fine today. After all, today was a holiday.

She didn’t have to get up early in the morning, and no one complained about her drinking alcohol early in the morning.

On such a holiday day, Yoko suddenly said

“Let’s have a girls-only gathering.”

“…a girls-only gathering?”

“Yeah. Maria, we need to relax once in a while. Kohaku-kun isn’t here. There’s no punishment for showing your sloppy side. For us working people who don’t have summer vacation, we need to use the occasional holiday as much as we can. I need it! “

Yoko grabbed Maria’s fist and said so. 

Certainly, it is necessary to release stress once in a while. 

Maria nodded.

“Okay, let me cook something nice.”

“Thank you! Then I’ll buy more drinks.”


But, we still have a drink at home. 

Before Maria could say anything, Yoko jumped out of the house after saying so.

Well, it may not be enough for Yoko-sama…. I wonder how strong is Yoko-sama’s liver? 

Maria was also good at drinking, but she thought that she couldn’t be compared to Yoko.

“Well then, let’s start cooking…”

Let’s make a lot of things that are suitable as a side dish for drinking.

Let’s go with Chinese food today. I think of dishes that seem to go well as a side dish are fried chicken, mapo tofu, spring rolls, dumplings…

And so, Maria prepared the ingredients.

Not long after, Yoko called Maria with a smartphone.

『”I met our neighbor, Kikusui-san, so I invited her. Please add another serving!”』


Then, let’s make it.

Maria put on an apron and started cooking.


“I’m backー!”

“… T-t-thank you for inviting me today …”

“Welcome back. And, welcome, Kikusui-san.”

“Well, I met her on the way to the liquor store. I heard that the deadline for the manuscript is approaching, but it’s hardly progressing. It seems like she’s about to be taken by the editor, so she’s on run.”

“N-no… I-I didn’t run away… I-I went outside, t-to search for inspiration.”

“Well, anyway, I brought her here.”


Is it okay?… Well, she is a great writer. I guess, she will manage to come up with a story soon or later. 

And the girls-only gathering started with Kikusui, a novelist next door who still fluttering.





The glasses were coming together and the liquor was brought to the mouth.

The umami and rich flavor spread firmly in the mouth. 

It’s a very delicious liquor.

“This is delicious, right!? I bought it on impulse because this rare brand happened to be in stock!”

“Yes, it’s very delicious.”

Yoko nodded with satisfaction.

As expected, Yoko-sama is good at choosing alcohol. 

Yoko, who put the glass on the desk and said,

“There’s a lot for three of us, drink as much as you like!”

“T-today, I-I, can’t see… K-k-kohaku-kun…”

Kikusui said so while looking at the room, perhaps she was worried that Kohaku was left alone.

“That’s riーght. He’s on a trip with his friends! Leaving his mom alone!”


“Really, I was so surprised! When my company got a call from Housei Toukain, and he was asking for me to be on the phone, I thought I would be killed!”

Yoko lamented.

“Then, when I was on the phone, he suddenly said, that he would absolutely guarantee Kohaku-kun’s safety, so please allow him to travel with her granddaughter… When I thought it was like throwing a boy into a group of hungry wolves. I refused… Then I was strongly told that the memories of the high school days were important and that he would never make Kohaku-kun feel unpleasant. In the end, he said that Kohaku-kun had already agreed. Since that was the case, I had no choice…”

Housei Toukain must have known that he was saying something unreasonable. After all, he was asking to let a boy around the same age as his granddaughter spend days under the same roof for a few days… But he was good at talking it out.

“I-if that’s the case, s-since Kohaku-kun doesn’t dislike it… w-what will happen?”

Kikusui thought about the same thing as Maria and said so.

“Ahahaー. No way my Kohaku will…”

“B-b-b-but, a-at there, only children in adolescent, u-under the heat of h-hot summer…”

“… Nah, nothing will happen… Nothing… no way…”

Yoko muttered in a small voice, but suddenly raised her voice.

“Let’s drink! It’s gonna be alright, my Kohaku is a very good child who’s thinking about the future more than anyone else! And all we can do now is, drink!”

After saying that, Yoko and Kikusui put the glasses together again.


The amount of liquor consumed on this day far exceeded the amount that a lady would drink.

And after the gathering, Kikusui seemed to have written a story of a naive boy who had a summer experience in her new novel.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 61

61. Trying A New Weapon

The morning of the departure day.

But before going on a trip, there was a place I must visit.

“Is it done…?”

I immediately went to the alchemist’s shop for my new ACD. I went alone because Shura was still scratching her stomach when I looked into her room.

When I opened the door of the alchemist’s shop, a catgirl and a dog were waiting by the counter.

On the countertop was a V-shaped object wrapped in purple cloth.

“Scoundrel, I’ve been waiting for you!”

“Well, I tried my best to come early. So, Dia, is that the thing?”

“Yeah. It has no problem. Perfect.”

Took a slow step, consciously, so that they both couldn’t realize that I was so excited.

My throat was ringing and my chest was throbbing.

Standing in front of the counter, I grabbed the purple cloth and pulled it off at once.

It was about the size of a door.

Beautiful V-shaped object.

Hard material with a wood-like texture, a Blue Alchemy Stone and a Red Alchemy Stone were embedded in the bulge that serves as a handle, and a Yellow Alchemy Stone was embedded in the middle point.


Somehow, it… it felt different from buying the weapons lined up in the store, there was some other feeling. So, I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

“The name is <Engetsu>. It’s a masterpiece with an emphasis on destructive power and operability.” [TN: Engetsu means, Crescent Moon]

“When I saw it in the catalog, I thought it was a boomerang-like throwing with one hand. I’ve never thought it would be this big…”

“Originally it was half that size. This one is special.”

“I don’t remember placing such an order, though?”

“If you want to take advantage of the potential of three Alchemy Stones, this size is the best. I know that it’s difficult to carry a boomerang of this size, so I always keep it small when making boomerangs. But! Since you can use the technique of storing things, I don’t hesitate this time.”

“I decided to make it bigger in Garratt’s opinion.”

“Nice, anyone would be surprised if an empty-handed guy suddenly puts out such a big thing, right~?”

Lifted the end of the boomerang <Engetsu> with both hands.

―― Heavy.

Without Mana, it might not even be possible to lift it.

Even if you had Mana, it wouldn’t gain momentum unless thrown with both hands.

“I’ll explain how to use <Engetsu>. Let’s go to the plain outside <Mother Punk>.”

At Diar’s suggestion, I took a boomerang to the plains.


In a flat land overgrown with grass.

I, Dia, and Garratt stood side by side.

“First, I’ll explain two points to master <Engetsu>.”

“In Short! It’s “Stack” and “Control”! “

There were three alchemy stones attached to <Engetsu>.

Red, the Alchemy Stone of Strengthening.

Blue, the Alchemy Stone of Operation.

Yellow, the Alchemy Stone of Domination.

Like the <Lion Spear>, each alchemy stone had a proper meaning…

“Try put Red Mana in.”

Held the boomerang with both hands and put Red Mana in. Then, the Red Alchemy Stone shone, and white steam rose from the boomerang.

“That’s “Stack 1”. Put more mana!”

“Like this?”

When more Red Mana was added, things like red sparks began to mix with the white steam.

“That’s “Stack 2”. You can put more mana into it.”

“It’s easy to say…! I’m doing my best already――”

Added more Red Mana.

This is hard…! My Red Mana is about to be squeezed…!


My hands felt hot.

As a result of putting red demons with all my might ―― <Engetsu> covered in red.

A red aura resembling a flame sprung up.

“That’s “Stack 3”… without any “Stack”, it has the power that can stun ordinary people when thrown. With “Stack 1”, it’s powerful enough to stun the small fry monsters. With “Stack 2”, it has the power to destroy even golems. And with “Stack 3”…”

Garrratt pointed the paws at the rock wall that could be seen in the distance.

I nodded and threw the boomerang at the rock wall.


<Engetsu> rotated vertically and approached the rock wall while tearing the space.


A terrible explosive sound on the eardrum.

The rock wall was deeply carved. It was carved with traces of destruction that seemed to have been hit by a cannonball.

“If you use it with less stack, it’ll be a projectile with a small turn. If you use it at full power, it’ll be a deadly weapon!”

What… a great weapon that suits my needs.

It covers medium to long distances, and also makes up for my lack of firepower.

“Next, try to put in Yellow and Blue Mana.”

“Okay, I think I can somewhat understand it.”

Yellow Mana, the Mana of Domination, was elongated from me, extending to the boomerang that bit into the rock wall.

Attached the Yellow Mana to the Yellow Alchemy Stone embedded in <Engetsu>. Then pulled it. And, the boomerang returned to me while spinning.

Immediately before it returned, I tried to divert the Yellow Mana to the right, <Engetsu> also fly to the right, then diverted the Yellow Mana to the left, <Engetsu> also fly to the left, and lastly diverted the Yellow Mana to the sky, <Engetsu> also fly to the sky. 

I caught <Engetsu> falling from the sky with both hands.

” ――!?”


“Dominate the boomerang with the Mana of Domination, and operate it! This is how to use <Engetsu>, right…? What’s with that face? Am I wrong?”

“Somehow, you used it like a yo-yo”

” “Yo-yo”? “

“I-I can’t believe you have such large amounts of Yellow Mana… Such an unreasonable trick is possible…!?”

“Still, it’s inefficient. Before throwing, you should put Red, Yellow, and Blue Mana at once.”

“I see”

“If the boomerang moves away from your hand, the Mana will start to flow outside, but you can control it with the Blue Mana. Instruct the Blue Mana to control the other mana and throw it. The Blue Mana in the thrown boomerang will move the Yellow Mana as instructed by the user, changing the trajectory of the boomerang. “

“In other words, the trajectory is decided before throwing.”

“In your case, if you want to change the trajectory, you can do it as before. But, if you do such a thing every time, aside from Yellow Mana, you will easily run out of Blue Mana.”

“For the time being, try to put my Mana into it, with the intent to make it “going straight” and “returning straight”.”

“Okay, okay. Got it.”

I made a stance for throwing the boomerang.

“Go straight to that rock wall and come back straight…”

Concentrated my mind and put in Yellow and Blue Mana, and a small amount of Red Mana.


Then threw it with all one’s might.

The boomerang flew straight in a horizontal rotation, changed its trajectory at the last minute when it reached the rock wall, and flew straight toward my side.

“Oh! It’s working ――argh!?”

The boomerang that came back straight crashed into my belly without stopping.

I flew into the air and dive to the ground from my back.

“That’s not good. You have to tell instruct it to “stop at your own hands”.”


“Tell me that first, can’t you… But well, I understand how it works.”

Stood up and hit <Engetsu> which was rolling behind.

” “MARK” ―― “CLOSE” “

Sealed the boomerang on the talisman with “月” written on it. [TN: 月 = Moon]

“Even so, it’s a rare technique that you have.”

“Isn’t it the Venerable Bar’s Technique? How nostalgic.”

“Garratt, do you know him?”

“Only a little. I’ve been helped once before.”

“I know him too, but this is my first time seeing his Technique.”

Old man, you’re known to various guys.

Are you perhaps a celebrity?

“This is the end of the explanation.”

“Thanks! It’s a perfect weapon for me. If I have this, it will be much easier to make a strategy for a battle…! Really, it’s a good weapon. I will take good care of it.”

“Well, it’s our job.”

“If you break it, I’ll never forgive you!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

It was a good time to go.

So, I returned to <Mother Punk> once and returned to Pearl’s house to pick up Shura.


“Oh! Seal, You’re back!”

When I arrived at Pearl’s house, a man was talking with Pearl in the living room.

“Why are you here?”

I said in a slightly frustrated voice.

The man who noticed me took off his fedora and waved at me with a light smile.

“It’s been a long time! President!”

“Sonata Campbell…”

TN: So the name of the system of the Boomerang, it’s 溜め in raw, it means store, stock, gather, etc… so I came up with the name Stack, at first I wanted to named it Reservoir, but Stack has a better ring in my ear, so yeah… for now, it’ll that name.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 69.5

This is another Map (Roughly)

69.5 Chapter 69.5

Map around the Highserk Empire at the time of the fall of Dandurg Castle

Map 4

After the Flame Emperor Dragon broke through Dandurg Castle, the line of defense, which was on the Myard’s border, collapsed. 

In addition to the front, some monsters attacked the First Army and Second Army from the rear and sides.

The Invasion Route of the Flame Emperor Dragon

Map 5

The Flame Emperor Dragon with other monsters hit the densely populated area of the Highserk Empire.

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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 60

60. The Curse of Goddess

“This also… doesn’t seem to have any relation.”

After finishing the cherry blossom viewing, we returned to Pearl’s house.

There, I repeatedly took out the books from the bookshelf in Dia’s room, looked at the cover, and returned them.

I was looking for a curse-related book.

『”I haven’t searched in the room where you’re sleeping yet, so If you’re free at night, search for me if there’s a book about curses.”』

Well, I was asked by Shura on the way home from cherry blossom viewing.

“<Alchemy Stones Anatomy Book>, <Legend of Arcana>, <World Mysterious ACD 88>……”

As expected, there were only books related to alchemy.

To be honest, I was curious about everything. If possible, I would like to read all the books in this room, but if I did that, it would cost me three days and three nights.

So I lined up all the books I was interested to read in the center of the room. 

No, I must not. Be patient, Seal.

“Curse… Curse… Curse…”


When I was about to give up


There was a red, thin book.

The title was <Seven God Curses and a Traveler>.

At first glance, it didn’t look like something with a hint to break a curse, but it was the only book that seemed to have a ‘curse’ in the title.

So, I took the book and rolled on the bed.

I turned the cover of the book while lying on my back.

“Well, let’s check this out…”

The first thing that was written in the book was not a table of contents, notes, or greetings from the author either, but a history.

The history started from the “White Calendar”. The white calendar was an era when the concept of years didn’t exist yet.

To put it simply, it was what you called “Once upon a time”.

White calendar… An era when monsters didn’t exist in this world yet.

Humans were fighting against each other.

In order to stop the conflict between people, the Goddess named “Rondo” separated the continent, which was one big land, into five according to the number of the five major powers that were fighting at that time.

“It’s a common story, but…”

…Is this a fantasy story? Or is it a story that actually happened?

I mean, Goddess… who believes that such an existence exists in this world? But, yeah, it seems this world is more mysterious than I’ve always thought.

“Well, let’s continue…”

Rondo thought that if the continents were separated, each would live quietly on each continent, as long as they lived in a different place, there would be no fight.

However, the human war didn’t end.

People crossed the sea to continue the fight. People continued to revolutionize technology in the war and developed mass murder weapons one after another. All the weapons were dangerous, not only for killing people, but they were also polluting the world.

Goddess Rondo finally warned the humans.

If humans still continued to fight, She would destroy the human species.

Humans listened to the word of the Goddess and abandoned their weapons, albeit for a while. When the warned generation died, the war started again.

Goddess Rondo had finally run out of patience.

Using the existence called “apostle” as a handpiece, the Goddess waged war on humans.

Mankind opposed this. And, the war between humans and God began. 

This would be called the <Final War>.

The result of this war was God’s overwhelming victory. It seemed that there was a difference in the level, it was as if babies vs. adults. Humans were treated like ants.

Mankind then soon surrendered. However, the Goddess who was dyed with anger didn’t stop the invasion.

When the population got reduced to one-hundredth, humanity threw in the last trump card. It was a single traveler, a man recognized by all five kings, the rulers of the five continents.

The traveler sneaked through the apostle’s attack, stepped into the world of God alone, and finally reached Goddess Rondo.

The traveler said. “We were stupid, we will accept any punishment, but please don’t eradicate us.”

Goddess Rondo nodded in front of the traveler’s sincerity and pure heart. Instead, She put three conditions on the traveler.

・ One, mankind should abandon the technology that they have now. In particular, tools that use harmful substances must be completely discarded. Do not leave its existence to posterity. This is, to reset the developed civilization once.

・ Two, the traveler will manage humanity responsibly. The traveler will be given eternal life and the traveler must do something when mankind goes out of control again.

・ Three, receive the wrath of the Goddess in the form of a curse.

The traveler easily accepted the first and second conditions. However, the traveler asked Goddess Rondo what She meant about the third one.

The Goddess said that if her anger never subsided, her anger that wanted to destroy humanity would no longer disappear and it must be isolated. The Goddess said that this anger should be divided into seven parts and scattered around the world as a curse. That was the punishment for humans who had polluted the world so far.


A curse is one set with a blessing, right?

When I turned the page, I found the answer to my question.

The Goddess said that receiving a curse shouldn’t be all bad.

The curse would have a corresponding blessing. With that said, the Goddess sent seven lights to the traveler.

Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow, and Rainbow… Seven kinds of colorful lights, blessings.

The Goddess then said, from now on, humans should use the power of this blessing to live affluently.

After returning to the human world, the traveler named these seven blessings:

” ―― “Mana” “

Umm? In other words, the four-colored magical power flowing through my body is the power of blessing?

“Is this book credible?”

Then the history of the White Calendar was over,

A new era, named after the Goddess, “Rondo Calendar” began.

… Right now, it’s Rondo Calendar, years 1598, so, this book, it should be written about 1598 years ago.

From that point onward, there were endless stories of the traveler developing the world through alchemy which used the power of the blessing, Mana. 

It must be around here where the book piqued Dia’s interest. 

Apparently, this traveler was the ancestor of the alchemist…


The important thing wasn’t written in the book.

The Seven Curses of the Goddess…  The book didn’t mention their true identities, at all.

Did the traveler do something about it?

“The ending still left many mysteries”

Also, this book said that the continents were divided into five, but there are only four main continents in this world. 

As expected, this smells fake.

Then, I closed the book and resumed the search.

But in the end, I didn’t find any other book that Shura would want.

“….. I guess, it’s time to sleep”

I got ready for tomorrow and lay down on my bed to sleep.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 280

280. End of the test of courage

After the sad ghost named Sakura successfully ascend, we went through the decided route and finished the test of courage. Fortunately, there was no supernatural phenomenon since then, and it could be said that we finished it smoothly.

However, the events supposedly to happen between a man and woman weren’t there. There were no such elements such as, “Kyaaー, kyaaー!”, or “Hug me, I’m scared, akyaaー!” at all. Well, instead I had an unbelievable experience with a real ghost. In a sense, it was still a memorable summer…

After returning from such a test of courage, I was now in the living room of the Toukain villa. The maid brought tea and light sweets to us. And the delicious black tea refreshed my tired body.

With this, I understood that Shino-san and Mishima-san weren’t that afraid of supernatural stuff. We met the ghost and helped the ghost ascend. Although the ghost wasn’t looked like a demon at all, it would have still left a mental burden.

…… Well, I think most of it was influenced by Josephine and Francoise who accompanied us. But, I still had a question, in this world, a doll could speak and move? Should I consider this as something normal here?

“Hey… why are you all looking so tired?”

Shino-san asked everyone such a question.

“Shino-chan, don’t you…?”

“I mean, Shino, aren’t you yourself tired?”

“Let me tell you, my group saw a real ghost… Moreover, we help the ghost ascend.”

Shino-san answered so while lying down on the desk.

“…Shino too?”

“Eh? Shino-chan too?”

It was a voice raised from each of the three separate groups.

“Perhaps, everyone met a ghost?”

Shino-san said with a suspicious look. She certainly didn’t think that the other groups would see a ghost too.

However, all the other people nodded.

Upon seeing it, Shino-san put her finger on her head as if thinking about something.

“Hmm… Let’s all calm down for the time being. First, let’s drink the brewed tea.”

Everyone, including me, obediently drank the tea accordingly. 

Yup, very delicious.

I wondered if everyone thought the same thing.

“Good. Then, first of all, let’s sort out the situation. I’ll tell you what happened with my group…….”

Shino-san then told the story of Sakura-san.

“I see, of course, she had a regret.”

“But I’m glad you were able to send her to Nirvana.”

“… I think Sakura-san’s story, isn’t just for her. It sounded a somewhat familiar event for us…”

“I agree……”

Mishima-san said so while looking at me. And other people stare at me to follow.

……What is it? ‘I won’t let you die, unless it’s from a natural phenomenon’? Is that what you wanted to say? Really? 

However, I never pursue it because I was afraid of the answer.

…… Everyone had a mellow atmosphere, but in summary, the ghost they met also became a ghost because of a man’s rejection. Luckily, they talked about it here, if they made a mistake in the place to talk, they’ll be treated like a fool. Specifically, on the internet.

“Then what kind of ghost appeared in Yuzuka’s group?”

“… The ghost we met…”

Yuzuka-san closed her eyes as she tried to remember.

“I don’t know how to call it, but it was like a big insect.”

Minori-san and Yachigusa-san, who were in the same group as Yuzuka-san, nodded to agree.

“… Isn’t it just an insect?”

For the time being, I tried to speak for what everyone was thinking. I thought Yuzuka-san would deny it, but she agreed. But then, she continued her words.

“I don’t think we can find insects that are at least four meters in size in modern times.”

“What’s that? Super scary …”

This world isn’t in the Paleozoic era. Yeah. So, please don’t ever come in front of me! This is a modern world! I believe in you, World!

“A big insect…”

“Miu almost fainted on the spot, you know? It was so traumatic!”

Both Minori-san and Yachigusa-san who went with Yuzuka-san were shaking their bodies. 

It must have been scary.

“So, what happened to that insect?”

Mishima-san asked intimidatingly.

“The exorcist who went with us put out a talisman and…”


“Somehow it turned into a creature with only a mouth, and it ate the ghost while making a great noise.”

…… Isn’t it too fierce? Sh*t, I shouldn’t imagine it, what if it came out in my dream.

“I see一! Then how was Maizumi-san’s group?”

Shino-san changed the story to change the mood.

“… I wonder, what is that? Really.”

Maizumi-san didn’t know what she saw, but I felt that her tone was strange. 

Minakatain-san tried to explain.

“Well, the one we met was just as strange as what Yuzuka-chan’s group saw.”

“Ehmm, simply speaking… hmm… It was, a creature with human limbs attached to a round, hairy object?”

Minakatain-san nodded to agree with Maizumi’s words. 

……you can’t call it a ghost anymore, it’s a demon!

“How did you deal with that?”

“It was similar to how Yuzuka-chan’s group dealt with the ghost. The exorcist used the Jiangshi to beat it up. In the end, she said, ‘I got a good material.’ “

Seriously, I’m really glad I met Sakura-san.

I mean, what’s going on with that mountain!? It’s not a place with ghosts! Isn’t it more like a cursed mountain full of evil spirits!?

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 87

87. Humans are creature that like to make rumors

Damn it.

Atsushi had his elbows on his desk in the classroom, with a sullen expression on his face.

The cause was what the classmates were talking about.

“―――Hey, did you see ‘it’?”

“Yeah, I saw it. You mean, that leaflet on the school gate or the outer wall of the school this morning, right?”

“Can’t believe, that Hirose was a former high-class lady. Moreover, her engagement was abandoned.”

“It’s like those stories in the novel you can find on the internet.”

What was currently rumored in school? It was about multiple leaflets on the school gates and school walls this morning.

On the leaflet, it was written that Kaede was the only daughter of a certain company and that her engagement was abandoned.

There might seem nothing wrong with it. However, there was a fact that it was made public due to some circumstances, without considering the parties concerned. In addition, it said that the engagement was abandoned, not canceled. The two seemed to be similar but, each reader had different impressions.

“But, what do you think? Did the abandonment of the engagement cause any problems?”

“Well, maybe? I mean, the engagement was abandoned, right? And the person actually transferred to this school. So, I’m sure it’s not normal anyway.”

“Right. It’s been a little difficult to get close to her, but from now, it’ll be even harder to talk to her.”

“Yeahー, you can’t just ask her directly, right?”

Rumors based on selfish imagination, were spreading.

It wasn’t a direct taunt or slander as it was in Atsushi’s case. If anything, they didn’t know anything about her, so they decided to stay away.

Sh*t… I’m one step behind.

Yesterday, thanks to Hiiragi, Atsushi was able to affirm the true identity of the human being behind this. However, that didn’t mean that he could just take action immediately. He needed time to take proper measures. That was probably the reason why the human being behind this, created this situation.

And Kaede, who was the party involved, wasn’t here.

No, to be precise, she left school early today.

「”Hirose. Are you okay?”」

「”Oh, yeah. I’m OK. There is no problem. No problem at all. But… just that, I decided to go home early today. It’s not a big deal. Really. I-I’m fine. So, don’t worry? Okay?”」

That was what Atsushi heard from Kaede directly.

However, her attitude was clearly not okay. The smile she gave to Atsushi also felt awkward. Perhaps she tried to look fine, but in Atsushi’s eyes, her behavior looked strange.

『”… Atsushi-san”』

Suddenly, telepathy was sent from Yuri who was sitting in her seat.


『”To be honest… right now, I, am, a little angry.”』

『”What a coincidence… me too.”』

Atsushi agreed with Yuri’s words.

Once, when he was a target of slander, Atsushi thought that this kind of thing was disgusting. A sickening behavior. However, this time it was more than that, his emotion was boiling over.

A person who was hunting down his friends.

Whatever the purpose, Atsushi was convinced, that this time, he had no time to stay idle.

『”Shirasawa. If this is left as it is, it’ll surely be bad. Before that happens, I want to do something… I’m sorry to trouble you again, but would you please cooperate?”』

To be honest, Atsushi didn’t mean to ask Yuri for help this time.

She helped him last time. It was a little unpleasant for him to ask for help again this time.

However, even so, Atsushi asked Yuri.

And the reply was,

『”What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Isn’t that natural?”』

As usual.

This time, Atsushi asked Yuri not to provide psychic support, but to provide a place.

In other words, her coffee shop.

Atsushi’s purpose was to call the “other party” and talk to that person.


Then, in the evening.

Someone came in front of Atsushi, who was waiting in the back seat of the coffee shop.

“I’m sorry to call you so sudden.”

In Atsushi’s words, the “person” sat in front of him, saying “It’s okay.”

“Alright… I’ll just say it straightforwardly. The person who sent strange guys to attack us before. And today, the person who scattered the leaflets about Hirose around the school. The one who broke the relationship between Toru Ninomiya and Kana Inoue, and forced those who were bullying Hirose to drop out or take a leave of absence. All of them, You were the one who did them, right? ――― Haruna Ninomiya”

Atsushi struck such words on the girl in front of him ――― Haruna.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 86

Well, it’s been a while since I do this, For those who read my announcement on the homepage, may know already. So, I put this on hiatus for a while.

And now, I plan to resume this. For now it’ll be about 1-2 ch per week? maybe more? (Don’t hope too much).

86. Chairman, who are you, for real

“―――So, Hiiragi. Is it true that you’ve finished investigating the case?”

“Yeah, you could say that I’ve finished the investigation.”

A few days after the incident in the coffee shop.

Atsushi heard a report from Hiiragi during the lunch break, right one day before the summer vacation.

“Let me summarize it. Kana Inoue, the former wife of Toru Ninomiya. The company run by her parents was destroyed, by someone.”

Without any hesitation, Hiiragi affirmed.

“… What is the basis?”

“Toru Ninomiya and Kana Inoue. Immediately after their engagement was decided, it seems that contract cancellations and transaction terminations continued from all sides. And so, Inoue’s company, crashed. They had to fold up the company.”

It could be said that the time when Toru and Kana were engaged and the time when Kana’s company was in financial difficulty were exactly the same.

“Hey, Hiiragi. I can’t say anything because I’m not familiar with company management, but is it possible that a contract cancellation or transaction termination come all at once?”

“It’s not normal, but it’s quite possible if the company suddenly lost much credibility, and that’s what Inoue’s company was all about.”

Losing credibility…

Hearing Hiiragi’s words, Atsushi’s mind came to the cancellation of Toru’s engagement with Kaede.

“Maybe because of the engagement…?”

“Well, that’s one of the factors. Usually, if you get married to the Ninomiya group, it’ll improve your status. But this time, I’ve to say that it’s counterproductive. The reason is that it has more momentum than the company itself, that’s what people said… but in reality, it’s probably because the children liked each other.”

Just by the words, it should be fine. Those who liked each other were tied together. And that should be something normal.

But this time, the situation was different.

“Originally, marriage is that kind of thing. But if it’s a political marriage between companies, it becomes a different story. ‘Because I fell in love with another woman’… just because of that reason, an engagement was canceled. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if the cause was something like, the collapse of Hirose’s company, or Hirose’s company had some financial difficulties. But, that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, it was decided that the long-standing marriage was almost unilateral. To be honest, Ninomiya and Inoue, both should have gathered bad impressions.”

Just because the conditions were better over the other side (Loving each other)… There was nothing wrong with it. At first glance, it looked like a rational choice, but you must remember, that there was also a “relationship of trust” behind it. Trust between humans. That was why, if you had been engaged for many years and suddenly eliminated it in an instant, other people might think that you weren’t such a credible person. And such a person, shouldn’t be trusted as a business partner.

“But the number one cause isn’t that. The number one cause is… bribes.”


“Yeah. Inoue’s company has grown rapidly recently. It’s only been a year. Hirose’s company is said to be rising higher, but it has been established for many years. The company has standing. However, Inoue’s company doesn’t have it at all. That company started a business immediately and succeeded, and in a blink of an eye, it was in its current state. But, of course, there was a reason… You know what I mean…”

“In other words, the president of the company was giving out bribes to make the company bigger… and other companies knew about it and so, they withdrew one after another.”

Hiiragi nodded to Atsushi’s words.

“But the important thing is that each company knew it at the same time, and it’s too much to say it’s just a coincidence. It can clearly be said to be someone’s money.”

Certainly, that should be correct.

If all these conditions were met, it could no longer be said as a coincidence.

“In addition, something strange is happening at the school Hirose was attending. Do you know how she was treated after her engagement was canceled?”

“Well, I’ve heard that she was ignored or got a nasty prank.”

“A nasty prank, is it…”

Atsushi turned his eyes away for a moment.

Did I say something wrong…?

Thinking about that, Hiiragi spoke with a slightly difficult look.

“As far as I can tell, it’s not just a simple nasty prank. It’s a bully. It’s a daily occurrence, of course, something like hiding or destroying things. There are always graffiti on the desk, and sometimes even when in the bathroom. It seems that she was splashed with water. It seems that she was pushed down the stairs and even taken to the hospital… At that time, there was no one to help her and everyone was laughing. “


The facts told were too shocking.

After all, Kaede used to say that she was ignored. She also said that it was just some prank.

Atsushi never thought that it was such a harsh and vile act.

“She… experienced that kind of thing… and didn’t tell anyone else…”

“That’s right. That’s the story, but she doesn’t want to let others know… So, the main subject is from here. Those who were bullying Hirose… or rather, most of the classmates Hirose belonged to. All of them are in a state of withdrawal or transfer.”

“… What?”

Atsushi had no choice but to be shocked.

“After Hirose disappeared, the culprits were expelled from school. It seems that the school side dismissed them as they got caught shoplifting and doing mischief, which was pretty bad. It seems that they tried to do something with their parents’ power. However, the parent’s company suddenly became difficult to manage and collapsed. And those who lost their parents’ backing naturally dropped out. Some of them even entered the juvenile training school. But, this wasn’t the end of it.”

“You mean, the same thing happens for those who aren’t the culprits?”

“Well, they’re the only ones who dropped out, but they’re pretty much the same. All of them were dismissed by the school because they got caught trying to do something bad, and many of them were suspended, lost their place, and transferred. Most of them who stayed at the school were getting harsher treatment as the school let the information go, and so they were withdrawing from there.”

That would be the case

Atsushi murmured so in his heart.

The past that anyone didn’t want to be known was spread. It would be impossible for any person with a normal mentality to go to school in a situation where the people around them know it.

Well, after hearing about Kaede’s treatment, Atsushi didn’t feel any pity for them at all

Rather, he would like to say ‘Serve you right’ to those who cornered her. And ‘Good job’ to the school staff.

“Of course, this is also the result of someone pulling the thread behind the scenes. Otherwise, such a coincidence couldn’t happen. So, this time, the person who would have pulled the thread behind the scene is ―――”

“No, wait a minute. I mean, you’ve reached that point?”

“Of course.”

“I see, now I’m more curious about one thing, Chairman… with the previous investigation too, who are you? Seriously, are you some agent? Detective? Putting information piece by piece and then guessing the culprit?”

“As I said, I’m summarizing all the information and now guessing the culprit.”

“I know, but. I mean…”

Somehow, from Atsushi’s point of view, it was a situation that he hoped for more than anything… but, on the other hand, he felt like an opportunist, who used every convenience.

“Don’t say stupid things forever. So, this time, the one behind the scene is…”

Hiiragi then told the person’s name.

However, when Atsushi heard the name, he wasn’t surprised, he just muttered a little, “Right.”

“You aren’t that surprised”

“Well, it’s because I felt a little uncomfortable, like something was wrong.”

“I see. So you had already expected this… So? What are you going to do now?”

What am I going to do now? Well…

The criminal must be “that person”. The reason was still uncertain, but it was roughly predictable for Atsushi.


That was why he couldn’t leave it alone.

Therefore, in response to Hiiragi’s question,

“Of course, I’m going to bring an end to all of this. It’s my way.”

Atsushi asserted so.

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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 59

59. New Weapon 6

Right, this dog said that, his partner, wants a Black Alchemy Stone.

Also, he himself is an alchemist―― Wait, the name of this store…

<Kettle of Garradia>.


“Oh, it’s connected…”

“Mm? It seems you’ve been convinced about something! This I, can’t understand the situation at all! ―― What!??”

A small body hugged Garratt.

Strange, Ash shouldn’t be here right now…

“Dog~~! Good! Good!”

“Well, Shura-san?”

Shura held Garratt with both arms and fell on her back.

Where did the usual sour look go? The smile shines like a normal girl.

Shura stroke Garratt, again and again.

“Ugh! Little girl, stop …!”

“Fluffy~! Sooo fluffy…”

“Oi, Shura…?”


Shura noticed my gaze and made her face red.

Let Garratt go from her arm, she stood up with her hand on her hip.


“Who are you? Where’s the real Shura? She’s not a person who will do something like this.”

“Shut up! So, annoying! Dogs are different! An exception!”

“――Well, for the first time, I felt that you and Ash were sisters …”

Garratt jumped to the counter, threatening Shura “Grrrr!”

“Seriously, no matter how pretty I am, your companion loves me too much!”

“Aren’t you too full of yourself―― Well, your partner has come, can you do the alchemy now, Dia?”

“Yeah. Before that, you forgot one important thing.”


I forgot one important thing.

The indispensable items for shopping at the store.



At this time, Seal Zetta’s wallet was empty.

Alchemy would obviously cost a lot.

What’s more, all I provided was Alchemy Stone, and the other ores would be used as the material was left to Dia.

In short, I made a big miscalculation. The financial situation was completely out of my mind.

“That face, it seems you don’t have it!”


“If so, you have to show me the ACD (Alchemy Colored Device)!”


“A weapon created by alchemy with Alchemy Stones”

Is it <Lutta> or <Lion Spear>?

“If you let us observe the ACD that feeds our technology, we’ll Pay the observation fee. Then you can use the observation fee to pay for the alchemy cost this time!”

“It’s a nice suggestion. I don’t know if what I have is enough to make enough money for it.”

“If you still have that dagger, there’s no problem! Show it fast!”

“No rush, dog. I’ll put it all out now. “

I took out three talismans from my pocket and grabbed them.

“<Lion Spear>, <Lutta>, <Osiris Orb>, ― All at once, ‘OPEN’ .”

A blue long spear.

A dagger with an Alchemy Stone embedded in the brim.

A ring decorated with Red Alchemy Stone instead of jewel.

I unpacked everything I had and lined it up on the counter.

“ “What…!!!??” “

Dia and Garratt were nailed to one of the three sacred treasures I had put out.

They stuck their cheeks together and focused on something as if they wanted to bite it. It was― the Ring of the Reaper, the <Osiris Orb>.

“Wh… wh… why!? Why do you have something like this!?”

“No doubt. It’s <Osiris Orb>!”

“Is it such a famous item?”

“A hundred years ago, there was a legendary alchemist duo “Arcana” who made a name for themselves! It’s one of the 22 ACDs left by them! If you sell it, it’s a ring that won’t go lower than 200 million ouro!”

“200, Million …?”

“The harmony level is 11. Well, well, it’s this shape… the system, that you should keep an eye on. Is this an item with a curse and a blessing…?”

“No, it’s similar, but it’s different! I can’t believe it, it’s something 100 years ago…”

An excited and incandescent alchemist.

Dia’s ears were going up and down. Nonstop.

“But, that old man, he gave me a ring that costs 200 million like nothing…”

It was given as a practice tool, so I thought it wasn’t very valuable.

“Sell this to us! If you sell this, I’ll give you all the ACDs in this store! “

“I’ll give you whatever you want!”

“Calm down, guys. Sorry, but I won’t sell this no matter what, I can’t――It’s one of the few things I received from that person.”

I picked up the <Osiris Orb>.

“So, how much is the observation fee for these three items? Will it be enough for alchemy costs?”

“Of course! It’ll even leave you some money! You’ve shown us a good one. “

“The observation fee is 100,000 ouro for Osiris Orb alone. I’ll cut 20,000 ouro as alchemy cost from there and give the remaining 80,000 ouro.”

“Seriously!? Well, thanks.”

“I thought about this, but if you show this ring at various alchemy stores, you can make as much money as you want, right?”

Shura, nice idea!

I can make money without any effort just by showing the ring. Huff, time to say goodbye to poor life.

“I don’t recommend it”


“We don’t do anything because we’re good alchemists, but other alchemy stores? Some may hire bandits the moment they see this ring.”

“Some may think of taking a risk and hold this ring as soon as they see it and run away.”

“I-I see… Ah, Dog! You bastard, don’t get any closer to the ring more than this!!”

“And also, not every alchemy store offers this kind of service.”

Then after over ten minutes of observing, the catgirl and the dog were finally satisfied.

Not only <Osiris Orb> but also <Lutta> seemed to be something interesting, and I received an additional 20,000 ouro as an observation fee.

By the way, the <Lion Spear> was worth 0 ouro. It seemed to be a common ACD.

Even though, of these three weapons, I relied on it the most. But convenience and rarity might not be equal after all.

Osiris Orb Observation Fee 100,000ouro + Lutta Observation Fee 20,000ouro -Alchemy cost 20,000ouro.

A total of 100,000 ouro filled my wallet. 

What an unexpected income.

“I’m going to start doing alchemy in a separate room. It will be completed tomorrow morning.”

“Never open the door!”

“It would be helpful if you could lower the sign of the store when you leave.”

With the yellow, red, and blue alchemist stones, the alchemist opened the door inside the counter and went inside.

“Tomorrow morning …”

“We can leave tomorrow then.”

“Right. Then, should we leave for the Imperial City as soon as we receive new weapons?”

“Hey, don’t you curious about it?”

Shura pointed her right thumb at the door inside the counter.

“They said to not open the door, right?”

“It’s a door with a window, so isn’t it okay to look through the window?”

“That’s, well…”

Put my hands on the counter table, put my knees on it, and stood there. Shura jumped and landed on my side.

We were in front of the door. With my height, it was enough to look into it with a slight bend. However, if you weren’t tall, you wouldn’t be able to reach the window.

“Hmm! Hmm!”

Shura stretched her spine and desperately raised her toes.

It can’t be helped.



I lifted her body from the armpits and gazed at the window.

“O-oi! Don’t treat me as a kid!”

“Be quiet. I can hear the voice inside.”

Shura shut her lips and became quiet with “Hmmph!”.

I lowered my chin and looked inside, just right from above Shura.


Only silence.

With a large jar that was big enough to put people in, Dia was standing in a chair holding her hands over the jar, and Garratt was beside her with his paws also over the jar. Something like a pot was hung from the ceiling and installed on the top of the jar. There were Alchemy Stones and ores in the pot.

Garratt destroyed the ore and Alchemy Stones with Black Mana, slowly decomposing them.

Dia raised both hands and uses the White Mana over the alchemy stones and ores that Garratt had decomposed. Collected in one place, the powder was densely packed one by one to form a shape. I kept watching for 30 seconds, but it wasn’t as lumpy as a pebble yet.

I thought it would be somewhat flashy, but it was just plain. It was plain, but it made me forget to take a breath for a moment.

Their concentration.

I could feel it.

I and Shura decided at the same time that we should leave. One disturbance could be fatal. They were doing such detailed work.

We moved slowly from the counter to the outside, from inside to outside, lowering the sign, and heading home.

“So, that’s an alchemy…”

“It’s a field that I’ll never ever be able to do.”


The outside was getting dark before I knew it.

“Well, it’s already dark. Akane-san said that she can’t make dinner today because she has something to do at the knight’s place, so I wonder if we should eat somewhere before we go back――How about mochi while watching the cherry blossoms at night? It’s cherry blossoms. Let’s go see the cherry blossoms.”

<Mother punk>, the top layer of the city would light up from 7 to 9 at night.

The side of the cherry tree had started to become brighter, and you can see the cityscape from the side of the tree.

“I’m not interested in mochi. But if it’s seeing cherry blossom, I’ll accompany you. “

“Alright! Let’s go!” 

The sunset dyed the city orange.

Children’s “bye-bye!” voice. 

The smell of food from the houses around… Made my stomach growl.

I and Shura went up to see the cherry blossoms at night.

――I would never forget the cityscape of <Mother Punk> that I saw that day.

The light of the pollen illuminated the dark night, the pink petals were fluttering in the air.

The sea that spread in the distance… Pollen melted on the surface of the water with the shadow of the moon.

Expressing the beauty of this scenery in words was a little too hard for me.

TN: So, this ACD, in raw, it’s 錬色器 which not even an existing word. But based on the context of this series, it should roughly mean, Alchemy (stones) Colored Device or Tool, so either ACD or ACT… but I preferred ACD, so… yeah, for now it’ll this.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 69

69. Chapter 69

The abdomen of the Tyrant Worm, which was integrated with the walls, was burned, and heated body fluids and burnt pieces of meat were scattered around. 

From the inside, a protruding sword tip repeatedly scraped off the outer skin and something crawled out.

It was Walm.

Walm took pride in his decision to jump into the mouth of the Tyrant Worm, which had died out of breath, but in addition to fatigue, he was squeezed inside by the rubble of the gate tower and the weight of the Tyrant Worm. He was stuck and fainted.

“To have fainted three times on the battlefield…”

Loss of consciousness on the battlefield shouldn’t be that strange, but those unconscious people died in most cases. Those who could stay alive should be considered lucky.

Still, Walm, who had fainted three times over a long period of time, could be said to have bad luck.

Overlooking the castle from the giant corpse of a lying Tyrant Worm. 

It was horribly quiet.

“No, sound”

Walm, who landed on the ground with a longsword thrust against the outer skin, started running.

Birds were singing on the top of the corpses of humans and monsters, and insects were springing up. Some corpses had turned into undead and were reaching out to Walm in search of fresh meat. As if they envied the living flesh――


A sword that entered from the temporal region stopped its action as the head was sliced. 

Frustration and anxiety dominated Walm.

Accelerating his feet.

There were no large monsters left, and the number wasn’t that many. The problem was, that humans couldn’t be seen at all. There were only their corpses that were eaten and hunted, or that had become monsters.

“Anyone there?! Is anybody out there?!!”

Walm shouted while sprinkling death on the monsters. There was no one in the warehouse, and no one on the ramparts either. He felt lonely as if he were alone in the world.

Death was scattered everywhere. There were various causes of death, regardless of whether they were old or young, women or men, soldiers or civilians, humans or monsters.

A faint black smoke rose from the scorched hut. It was just a place full of corpses.

“Reply if you hear me!! Please!!”

As long as the one who replied was a human, it should be fine. 

Moved the eyes here and there, searching hard. Still, hope never came true.

Walm realized that his steps were getting heavier as he headed to the treatment center where he promised to return. It was as if a wraith was holding his foot.

“Aa, please. Don’t do this to me. Stop. I won’t believe it.”

Walm had to see. But he didn’t want to see. Hesitated, his hands were quivering. Still, he decided to open the door to the treatment center.

The odor had been engraved in the air. A stink that seemed as if it had been condensed spread in the nasal cavity. The viscera and excrement were mixed with the putrid odor, it even painted out the residual scent of incense and holy water.

From the dimly lit room, the sound of chewing and slurping something could be heard. There were only goblins fishing for meat. Those engrossed goblins continued to shake their hips over the corpse. Full of wrath, Walm embodied the flames of hatred.

“… Don’t think, you’ll die easily.”

A group of goblins about 20, attacked to welcome the late visitor, Walm. In less than a minute, the goblins were trying to escape from the room.

Cut off the limbs of the goblin that the legs had been burned by the blue fire, then tore the torso repeatedly, until it died.

If there was no reaction, time for the next prey. All that was left was a pile of goblin corpses and devoured corpses. It was no longer possible to tell who was who. Still, it didn’t change the only reality, that there were no survivors left. 

In the room, which was smeared with viscera and bloody vomit, only corpses were left.

All the beds, which should have been full of people, were empty.

“Everyone, are you all, dead?”

The comrades who fought together, the people seeking asylum, and the girl who came from the same world, same country… All of them couldn’t be seen.

“Ha, HAHA!! You, damn useless! You couldn’t do anything at a crucial time. You couldn’t help even one. Nothing, nothing could be saved! You’re just a useless human… you worth nothing.”

Walm laughed at the decaying castle. He could only laugh. 

He couldn’t control my emotions well.

Randomly killing monsters and roaming the castle in search of survivors, but everywhere, Only the traces of a bloodbath were left thickly.

At some point, Walm stopped letting out any voice. 

The area around the temporary wall was particularly terrible, with millions of human corpses and monster corpses. It was a place where they fought for their survival after all. At one corner, Walm was reunited with the adventurer.

Leave the body to the rubble and didn’t make a slight movement. Life had been lost from the eyes staring at the void. There, was Amy, and her arms, lovingly holding Al, who had only his neck.

There was no doubt that the cause of death was bleeding from the neck caused by the wolf species as seen from the bite marks.

“I couldn’t let go of my grudges for what you did in the forest, but I didn’t want to kill you. It’s true. Believe me. I’m, sorry.”

Having fought side by side, Walm found that they were nice people to get along with. They fought not only for the Myard people, but also for their nemesis, the Highserk soldiers. Although it was all for survival, they looked good in Walm’s muddy eyes.

There were no survivors in the castle. As he continued to wander, he arrived at where the headquarters were set up, and he climbed the castle tower that was half destroyed by the breath.

The inside of the castle tower, where the trace of a dragon’s blow remained strong, was also stained with blood. There was no preferential treatment between men and women of all ages. The mother with a baby in her torso, was pierced in her belly, and now was laying down with no breath. Highserk soldiers who left only a few pieces of meat clinging to the armor were scattered on the floor. The wreckage of citizens, who had completely lost their hometown, was piled up in the corners.

Every time Walm walked in the corridors and stairs, sticky water stuck to the soles of his feet. Even though it could be easily identified, he didn’t want to confirm. As he climbed the stairs, a spider web and corpses greeted Walm.

Corpses covered in white like a mummy, were piled up in one corner as the body fluid had been sucked dry. 

A fat “Death Spider” lifted its legs, threatening Walm.

The mana of the human facing the spider swelled, and although the spider had patiently sowed the nest, the spider abandoned its nest and chose to rout. Immediately, blue flame ran down the aisle, and burned down the spider and its nest, even the corpses too.

After extinguishing the fire, Walm turned to the carbonized corpse. There was a slight expression of anguish on his face.

It was hell. The sense of balance went wrong. It was the limit. Support the staggering body with a wall and proceeded down the corridor. Walm found a room that couldn’t be opened. It seemed that the entire castle tower was deformed by the breath and some rooms couldn’t be opened because there was something wrong happened with the door.

Held the sword and pried open the twisted door with 《Strike》. The doorknob was crushed and pieces of wood were scattered around. Walm invaded the room. Fortunately, no one blamed the act.

Household goods were left in the room, which was supposed to be the private room of the castle servant. It wasn’t contaminated with blood or filth and was kept clean. Now, it could be regarded as a valuable place in the castle.

Walm, who blocked the entrance with furniture, took off his whole armor into the room, held a sword and a magic bag, and jumped into the bed. 

Having already exceeded his limits, Walm exhaled his emotions.

“Ah, aha, AHAHA!! Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!!! WHY!? Why did it turn out this way…?”

Walm, holding a sword, was struck by intolerable loneliness. In order to keep his sanity, he took out the fruit liquor from his magic bag and swallowed the contents of the bottle at once. He didn’t savor the taste.

Took out the high-percentage liquor in succession and pour it all into the stomach. The liquor bottles were emptied one after another and rolled to the floor.

Gastric acid began to regurgitate, as if suddenly rejecting alcohol. He leaned out of the window and scattered the contents inside his stomach one after another into the castle.

The mask that was beside him shook a little. Walm laughed a little, seeing the mask that looked as if it was comforting him.

“Kuh, Uhii, Hihi, are you and me, the only ones left?”

Once again, Walm, who drank fruit wine, put on a cloak, and when he held the mask to his chest, he curled his body while scratching his head. 

After drinking and vomiting several times, Walm fell asleep.

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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 58

58. New Weapon 5


I’m sure he said he was indebted to the old man. The old man also felt that he trusted him.

He may be aware of the person who despised the old man and made him a criminal. Should I ask…?

“tch, another miss huh?”

Adolphos saw my face, but there was no particular reaction.

Apparently, he didn’t remember me. 

When he came to that prison, he probably didn’t even recognize my presence――my bad, to have such a low presence.

“Oi, you ther――”

“Bastard! Who are you!”

Garratt roared.

With his teeth exposed, Garratt threatened Adolphos.

“Oi, Dog, what happened to you? Why do you… “

“Don’t let your guard down! The man smells like a monster…! “

“Are you stupid? What are you saying? Isn’t he a human by any means? “

“Well, it seems that dog… have a good nose.”


With a rustling sound and the sound of cutting the wind, bright red wings came out from Adolphos’s back.

It spread big and fiercely, it was exactly what you would call ――

“Dragon wings …!”

“As I’ve guessed!”

Adolphos flapped his wings, moved onto the rocks, and turned his back on us.

“It’s not just {Dragon}. Besides that, {Sylph}, {Slime}… and another one.”

” ――That dog’s nose… Wait, is it a blessing? A normal dog doesn’t have such an unusual sense of smell. It’s too sharp. Well, the other one is a monster called {Metal Conductor}, a monster that manipulates metal.”

“Bastard, are you a <MAJIN>?!”

“No. But not far away.”

Once again Adolphos swung the dragon’s wings up and down, floating in the sky.

I forcibly tried to understand the principle of the dragon’s wings with the knowledge I had.

…Perhaps it’s something made with the Mana of Creation? I mean, you can make iron. It wouldn’t be strange if you could make monster wings ―― right?

“I’m sorry, but I have no more time for you.”

“Wait! I have something to ask!”

Adolphos stopped his wings and landed on a rock.


“Do you know Bar――”

When I tried to ask about the old man.


――A sad sound interrupted my story.


It was a belly ringing sound.

From the direction of the sound, the owner of the sound was definitely Adolphos.


Adolphos cleared his throat.

“I’ve something urgent to do. I’m going back now.”

“Huh? Wait a minute!!”

Adolphos flew away in no time.

“What’s with the urgent? You’re just hungry…”

“It was a man who gave off a strange smell. I don’t want to get involved with him too much. “

Garratt turned his paws back and approached the {Magma Rock}’s corpse.

Black miasma was rising to the sky from the corpse.

The head of {Magma Rock} melted and a black bead appeared from inside. Garratt walked up to the bead and held it in his mouth.

“Ah! You Dog Bastard!”

I rushed to Garratt, thinking that the dog would take away the Black Alchemy Stone.

However, Garratt threw the stone in his mouth toward me, which wasn’t what I expected. 

Caught the stone with both hands while taking a step back, “Whoops!”

“You guys played a bigger role than I in this battle. Let’s say I’m quietly withdrawing.”

“No, I think the MVP was definitely you, except for the intruder.”

“From the beginning, it was one-to-two. If you add up the work of the two of you, it will exceed the work of me. Besides, I was saved by you. At that point, I lost the right to get it.”

“Really? Then, thank you. “

“Hmmph, you better cherish it. See you. This I will collect some ore here. I need to have some souvenirs to bring back.”

Garratt left in the opposite direction of <Mother Punk>.

I flipped my foot toward <Mother Punk> while spinning the Black Alchemy Stone with my fingertips.

“Fluffy dog…..”

“Alright, time to withdraw. Now I can make a new weapon.”

I put the stone in a bag on my back and walked toward <Mother Punk>.

Boomerang with 3 Alchemy Stones… I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance it has.


When I returned to the alchemy shop <Kettle of Galadia>, I saw a girl with cat ears raising and lowering her head, while wetting the scarf with saliva.

“Fluffy and cute…”

Well, it’s definitely a lovely figure.

But, is it normal to ask someone, and you yourself go to sleep? Sure, I don’t know her skill as an alchemist, but as a clerk? She’s disqualified…

“Dia, wake up! I brought you the Alchemy Stone.”


For the first time, a way of talking that I expected came out.

I threw the Black Alchemy Stone lightly. Dia caught it and looked at it “Hoo, hoo…”.

“You really brought it…”

“You’ll exchange a Yellow Alchemy Stone for it, right?”

I took out the Red and Blue Alchemy Stones from the bag and arranged them on the counter.

“With this, you can make it, right?”

“Yeah. But I want you to wait for a while. My partner isn’t here.”

“Can’t you make it by yourself?”

“Don’t you know? In principle, alchemists work in pairs. “

As I tilted my head, Dia taught me more about alchemy.

“The basics of alchemy are reconstructing. Destroy the material and regenerate it while mixing. The boomerang we will make this time, will also destroy the Alchemy Stones and ore and regenerate them while combining them. To do this, you need both a person who can handle Black Mana and a person who can handle White Mana.”

Destroy the material with Black Mana, the Mana of Destruction.

The material that has been destroyed and shattered is regenerated while being mixed with the White Mana, the Mana of Regeneration…

…I see. If you can use both mana well, two objects will become one… correct?

“You can’t destroy the material too much, after all, you can’t fix the material perfectly. The Mana of Destruction and the Mana of Regeneration must be poured in a well-balanced condition. I heard that alchemy is one of the most difficult Techniques.”

When I looked down to the lower right, Shura stood where Ash was. Wearing loose clothes as usual.

“Since when…”

“Oi You, I helped you get the Black Alchemy Stone this time, so there is a chance to get a White Alchemy Stone next time, please help me get it!”

“It was Ash who helped me, not you. But, alright, I can’t use a White Mana anyway.”

“Well, as I’ve said, I can’t get into work until my partner returns.”

…Alright, should I do something else for a while?

When I thought about killing time somewhere.


The door of the store was opened.

“Dia, I’m back.”

The voice of a man with a deep low tone.

Looking back, no one was there. But I could hear light footsteps.

When I looked down to the floor, there was a dog there.

Black fur, white mane extending from nape to back ――

“That Dog Bastard…!?? “

“Mmm!? Scoundrel!”

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