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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 57

57. Chapter 57

『”The Flame Emperor Dragon has appeared. Repeat. The Flame Emperor Dragon has appeared, ah, AAAHHHH, DRAGON BREATH――!!”』

The soldiers of the Ferrius Front, who were now guarding various routes, had lost communication with Dandurg Castle. The HQ on each route was surrounded by heavy air.

The enemy’s main force was drawn from Dandurg Castle, the monsters rushing to the remaining two invasion routes were reduced, and the monsters there were gradually destroyed.

“Dan-Dandurg has been destroyed by the Flame Emperor Dragon. And the Dragon has passed it.”

“The Flame Emperor Dragon seems to be heading straight toward the Imperial City!! Mountains and valleys on its way are being destroyed, none can stop the invasion.”

“Even a company-sized unit full of magic users can’t do anything.”

“Why is this happening…”

“The monsters that escaped from Dandurg are coming. They’ve reached our vanguard.”

The defense plan was collapsing. Although nearly 20,000 soldiers were still in Gerard’s hands, even after intercepting the invasion on the three routes, more than 300,000 monsters and even the Flame Emperor Dragon were approaching the capital.

The Highserk Empire had nothing against the dragon. No troops, no tools, and no strategy. The dragon species couldn’t be subdued or repelled, unless there was help from the “Crumbling Giant”, “Great Spirit Magic”, or “Merciful Sea Dragon”.

The eyes of the HQ soldiers who were about to leave the country gathered in Gerard, searching for salvation. 

Gerard, pondering the situation, slowly opened his mouth.

“The Jaff Cavalry shall return to the capital to guide the peoples there. If it’s them, I’m sure they’ll be fast enough to reach there.”

“Such a valuable force!?”

The usually nimble Gerard, even when standing at the forefront, spoke seriously with a heavy tone.

“Defending the Imperial City is, impossible. Even if we go there with the horse at full speed and build up defense layers, it’ll still be useless. People will be under stress, and won’t be able to show their power in such situations. Rather, while holding down the monsters with our best, as many people as possible, even one more person, shall be evacuated outside of the country… We shall go to the friendly country among the three great countries. If we go to the Archipelago, I’m sure that clever Flame Emperor Dragon shouldn’t even try to come.”

“Are we going to abandon Highserk, our country?”

One of his subordinates approached Gerard to denounce him.

“That’s right. We’ll throw away our beloved Higsherk, our Empire.”

Said Gerard, without hiding anything.

“We are already lost. The only thing the loser can do is to attract as many monsters as possible, bury them, and die with honor.”

To the staff who were at a loss for words, Gerard continued.

“If we all run away at once, more soldiers’ lives will be saved. But if we run away in a disorderly manner, more people will die. As long as you survive, Highserk will be preserved and live on. We can’t let all of our people turn into ash and dust.”

Gerard knew his words sounded like a death sentence. Nevertheless, Gerard declared.

“To our dying homeland, we shall show our loyalty. May luck follow the remnants of the Empire. Bless the Empire!!!”

Gerard said this with confidence, regardless of whether he was being teased or rebuked by his people in the Netherworld. Gerard loved his country, the Highserk Empire, its citizens and soldiers from the bottom of his heart.

No one welcomed his words with cheers or applause, but no one could disagree. Everyone felt the need to be the abandoned pawns here.

The wall had disappeared over a width of 30 meters. Fortunately, the lower 2 m of the 10 m high wall kept its original shape, though, it was still melting away slowly.

The problem was that some of the monsters scattered in the distance seemed to want to resume their attack on the castle again.

“Is there any Platoon Commander!!? Even a Squad Commander is good.”

About 6 people gathered, and Walm let each person command 30 soldiers and conveyed their role in this battle.

He had a large number of citizens collect materials and any obstacles from the castle. Ironically or fortunately, it was not difficult to find materials, since the castle tower and part of the wall passage had collapsed.

“Earth-attribute magic users should build a clay wall!! Other magic users should go to the rampart and keep blocking monsters!!”

Walm gave instructions in quick succession. Compared to the approaching monsters, the problem of inheritance of the chain of command was trivial.

“Archers, spares no arrows. If we fail here, the castle will fall!”

It took about 10 minutes. And, a fragile 4m high clay wall was ready.

Walm couldn’t hope for more. After all, the enemies were approaching and were now within attack range.

Magic attacks by magic users had begun. Attack magic such as <Ice Lance>, <Earth Bullet>, <Air Blade>, and <Fireball>, was greeting the monsters at the front. Among the attackers were adventurers that Walm welcomed the other day.

Amy, an excellent archer, shot arrows at as many monsters as she could. The monsters leaned back and fell to the ground. Fleck, a great shield user, hit the upper body of the werewolf that was in front of him with a large shield reinforced with 《Iron Wall》.

Al, who once had a deadly battle with Walm, cast wind magic and used a sword to slash the approaching monster.

A Highserk soldier caught by a silver wolf got into a predicament and tried his best to keep the fangs from piercing his throat.

The moment Walm rushed to help, the blue-haired adventurer Al deftly severed only the head of the silver wolf and saved the soldier.

“It was the correct choice to not kill you.”

When Walm praised him, Al contorted his face.

“That’s, thanks.”

No further words were needed, and Walm focused on the monsters again.

The archers who had arrived at the spot fired arrows without stopping.

Stones crushed the head of the monsters. But this wasn’t enough to stop the monsters, and they began to cling to the wall that had been hastily erected. Soldiers stabbed randomly with a long spear at a monster that tried to run up the wall.

Walm also cut the throat of the orc that was crawling up with the halberd, and plunged a blade into the temporal region of the goblin that was standing right next to him.

When the leg of one of the soldiers was grabbed and dragged by the monster to their pack, fresh blood spurted as if a tomato crushed in a blender.

Another wolf lunged at a soldier and bit his Adam’s apple.

Walm swung his halberd from bottom to top and struck the greedy wolf. The wolf, flying into the air, disappeared into the swarm of monsters as it spilled its viscera.

It was “Lizardman” that jumped against the wall with the stolen sword and shield in its hand. It threatened Walm with its long tongue and reptilian eyes.

Right now, Walm didn’t want to see lizards. He prepared his mana and slashed the lizard from the right shoulder to the waist while using the skill 《Strike》.

“Disappear, you damn lizard!!”

Walm was aware that he was just taking out his anger on the lizard.

He then hooked the still-breathing lizardman’s torso with his halberd and slammed it into the goblin.

Walm turned his eyes to the giant that was pushing away the monsters around him.

It was a “Horned Grizzly” covered with thick fur, fat, and muscle. It had a low intelligence, but when luck wasn’t on your side, you could unexpectedly suffer serious damage.

“<Fire Lance>!”

Walm, manifesting the fire spear with his left hand, threw it at the bear. The horned grizzly, hit directly in the chest by the fire lance, fluttered around, spreading the flames among the surrounding monsters and died.

Fire attribute magic, which was supposedly red in color, changed to blue after learning《Demon Fire》, and its power jumped up.

Perhaps Walm was judged to be a difficult opponent, because a monster that was clearly different from the others was approaching him. It was a monster holding a two-handed sword. The monster was a headless ghost knight, “Dullahan”.

Glared at each other for a while, but then an orc jumped in with a threatening sound.

The orc failed at doing a surprise attack. The orc’s torso, which was about to attack Walm, was pierced by a halberd and severed with one blow.

At that moment, he saw that the Dullahan was preparing to attack him. The Dullahan was preparing to slash Walm with 《Strike》.

“Can’t you just die peacefully after being killed once!?”

That was just a useless wish from Walm.

Walm drew his longsword to kill the ghost knight who wanted to slash him and end his human life

At the same moment, the demon mask trembled innocently. 

When the blue flame wrapped the blade, the engraved words emerged.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

A two-handed sword and a mithril alloy sword clashed. A terrible crash echoed across the battlefield as《Strike》collided with 《Strike》.

Walm, who had won the sword fight, struck his sword horizontally on the left arm, but the Dullahan pulled his body back and the sword was accepted by a two-handed sword.

He glidingly changed the angle of the sword and aimed with his finger, but the tip of the sword was deflected by the sword guard.

It was said that it was troublesome to confront an opponent who had no clear weak point like the head. Though, it was far more troublesome than Walm had imagined.

Skillful swordplay and strong armor, and since it was some kind of undead, its movements weren’t slowed by small scratches. Even an attack on the joints wouldn’t have had much effect.

Whatever Walm’s speculations about the Dullahan were, the fight couldn’t be delayed any longer.

When the sword point was knocked back, he used wind magic to close the gap.

Walm’s slash, which came from above, was intercepted by the two-handed sword. Just when he tried to pull the sword back, he immediately slashed the Dullahan in the wrist.

With the remaining right hand, the Dullahan skillfully manipulated the two-handed sword, but Walm smashed it from the front with his strength amplified by mana.

He cut the Dullahan diagonally from shoulder to waist, and a blue flame poured from the body. The Dullahan stood still without raging, only to suddenly fall to the ground like a doll with a broken thread.

“This time, you’ll be sent to hell for sure.”

While praying that the blue flame would take the soul to the Netherworld, the disturbing Dullahan corpse was dropped from the walls. 

Is it time? 

Seeing enough monsters, Walm activated 《Demon Fire》.

The monsters ran away from the castle wall, but they collided with the monsters that were about to attack the castle, and the blue flame spread even more.

“While Knight-dono is holding down the monsters with 《Demon Fire》, Rebuild the formation!!”

Shouted the Platoon Commander. 

After the formation was restored, the Highserk soldiers’ movements got better again. For now, Walm just had to concentrate on maintaining the blue fire.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, means “if you want peace, prepare for war”
Perhaps, the sword is something used by one of the heroes in the past.

Also this is the sword design

Walm’s new longsword design

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  1. Just in case, the latin sentence “Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum” roughly means “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

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