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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 266

266. Who is the King


The sticks were put inside the cylinder and mixed.

“Okay, let’s get started!”

Everyone nodded to Shino-san’s words. After confirming everyone, Shino-san advanced the game.

“Everyone, to make it easier to pick up the sticks, come close please… Alright, then, once I give the signal, grab your favorite sticks! This game is first come, first served, so everyone should be enthusiastic. Okay?”


Someone was really nervous.

“Ready… now!”

At that moment, Minori-san’s hand moved like a flash of light, at least in my eyes it seemed that way. And maybe the stick she was aiming for was the same as Minakatain-san, her hand was attacked from the side. While the two were fighting, Yachigusa-san secured the stick the two were fighting over.


Mishima-san was taken aback by the series of events. Yachigusa-san laughed at her success, and the two who had lost the chance to get the stick they wanted, clicked their tongues and picked other sticks. But the conflict wasn’t limited to here.

“Shino… Can you let go of that hand?”

“Yuzuka, I was faster than you, right?”

“Shino, your eyes got worse? I was faster by all means. You need to go to the doctor soon.”

The stick was making sound, or perhaps it was from their hands… but they didn’t loosen their hands.

“Ah, why don’t you two play paper-scissors-stone?”

There was no sign of giving up either, so when I suggested that, the two reluctantly played paper-scissors-stone, and the winning Shino-san picked up the stick she had been aiming for.


The loser, Yuzuka-san, had tears in her eyes and chose a different stick.

Maizumi-san slowly picked up one of the leftover sticks, and Mishima-san too.

In the end, what I got was the stick that remained until the end.

It’s just the first game… why do so many things happen in only one game? Well, in the end, everything ended smoothly…

“Everyone? Are you ready? Then! Who is the King!?”

Everyone checked their sticks all at once. And the ones who had bitter faces were easy to understand. That should be the case, since the king was me.

“The king is me”

When I said that, everyone looked disheartened. But at the same time, they somewhat looked relieved, perhaps because they knew that at least it wasn’t one of the girls.

Well, now, what to order… I’m sure, these girls will be more than happy doing something erotic, but, in that case, I feel like my standing position as a gentleman will be shaken. No, I can’t let that happen. I always want to be looked at as someone noble.

I thought a little and decided to give a safe order.

“Alright, then, No. 4, please do push-ups thirty times.”

When I ordered that, they looked at each other. It was a sporty order, but for those who were proud of their power, for sure they could even do it with one hand.

“Who is No.4?”

“Well… not me”

“Not me”

“It’s, me…”

It was Mishima-san who raised her hand.

…… Why it must be the weakest girl here?

“Um, so, I must do push-ups, right? Alright… yeah… it’s okay…”

As Mishima-san moved, she put her hand on the floor and started doing push-ups.

“O~ne… two~………”

…… After thirty times, Mishima-san lay her boy on the floor. Usually Shino-san would be worried, but it seemed that she was different today.

“Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan. Are you okay? If it’s hard on you, you can rest in the room, you know?”

“That’s right. Yuri, should I bring you to your room?”

Shino-san and Minori-san were calling out with shiny smiles. The other girls nodded. 

They’re trying to reduce the number of competitors huh…

“I’m, okay…”

Mishima-san was returning to the original place. 

…..You don’t have to force yourself, you know? I mean, you really want to do something erotic to me to that extent huh?

“Okay, then let’s do another one!”

Put the stick back and it was the second game. Everyone pulled the stick again, and I pulled the last stick again.

” ” ”Who is the King!?” “ “

“Oh, it’s me again …”

Everyone looked disappointed again. 

Uh, the “desire sensor” is reacting!? Well, too bad…

“Then, this time, No.2, please do squats thirty times.”

“No, 2…”

When I spoke the order, Mishima-san had a stunned expression on her face.

“Hmm, perhaps, is it Mishima-san again?”

To my question, Mishima-san nodded with crying eyes. 

……Hmm, even if you see me with that kind of eyes… rule is a rule, The King’s command is absolute!


Mishima-san finished the squats and declared her determination like a hero.

“I, I’ll definitely win.”

The third game, the king was… me again…

Well, since it’s come to this, I should be consistent, right?

“This time, No. 5, please do 30 sit-ups.”

At that moment, Shino-san turned to Mishima-san.

“Never… I won’t lose … I’ll win…”

After saying that, Mishima-san started doing sit-ups. Seeing that, Shino-san and the others turned to me with an indescribable face. I suddenly look away from their line of sights. Then Minori-san spoke in hesitate.

“Hmm, Kohaku-san. Please stop the boot camp if you may…”

No no, I’m not purposely doing this!


7 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 266”

  1. (Slaps forehead)
    Kohaku-kun, you had the world’s greatest chance to step into the world of adults, and you chose THAT?! TWICE?!
    I’m sorry to say this, but please hand in your man card.

      1. At the very least, after all that talk of naughty commands, I figured he would order the girls to remove one item of clothing or something similar. Also, after ordering poor Mishima-chan to do exercises, I thought he would learn from his mistakes… but NOOOOOoooooo…

  2. Btw, does anyone knows what happened to the drill haired desu wa girl? I really liked her and it’s been so long since I’ve read this and I forgot her name.

    1. You’re thinking of Serina “OH-hohoho!” Maisumi/Maizumi.
      I get the confusion though. You have Mishima, Misumi, and Maizumi, which is a classic Writing 101 mistake. Never have two names start with the same letter (even if it’s actually Japanese kanji), or you get situations like Bruce talking to Blues about Boo.

  3. Does author-sam hate Mishima-san or something? At the third time Kohaku should have say: “sit between my legs” or something more comforting for the poor Mishima-san.

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