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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 265

265. Speculations and Desires

….What on earth are you thinking? If you look so serious after my proposal, it’s like you wanted to request something “adults” in the first place… Where did that graceful lady you mentioned earlier go?

‘Don’t hesitate’… When Shino-san said that, her eyes weren’t that she wanted to play a light game. And it seemed that Shino-san wasn’t the only one who was serious about this. 

I heard a dull sound like joints crackling. When I turned my face to it, there was Minori-san with a scary face and a murderous aura, as if she was about to head for the decisive battle.

When she noticed my gaze, her face turned red and she shyly said,

“I-I-I’ve been doing martial arts for a while, so even if it’s a game, I can’t help but get serious…”

But, it doesn’t seem like you’re just serious about the game though? like seriously what do you want to request?

The other “ladies” were just as serious as the two. Once again, I was being reminded that eroticism could drive people crazy.

Then, I heard a dry sound. It was the sound of Minamikatain-san hitting the desk with her finger, and everyone’s eyes were drawn to the sound.

“It looks like everyone is more serious than I expected, so let’s make the rule properly”

“…What do you mean?”

Yuzuka-san asked to confirm.

“Well, it’s not that big deal. For example, you can’t give the same command, or you can’t give a command including everyone, something like that.”

“Ah, I see. Certainly, it wouldn’t be interesting if all the orders were the same, ‘I want this number to take a hot spring with the king.’ “

“Yeah, that’s right. As for not including everyone in the order, I trust the spirit of fair play. I mean, It’s too disadvantageous for Kohaku-kun.”

Certainly, as Minamikatain-san said. Even though I was okay with having a bath with everyone, it won’t be interesting as a game.

“Okay. Then as the host, I’ll decide the order. You can’t give the same order. The maximum number of people you can include in one order, excluding the king, is three.”

“Yeah. I agree!”

Minamikatain-san screamed at Shino-san’s declaration, and it seemed everyone else also agreed.

…Is the King game always a game where everyone becomes so serious? I mean, even if you have an erotic intention, usually the participants will start the game with a light-hearted feeling… right?


Miyabi Minakatain was pleased that her proposal was accepted. Of course, that kind of inner feeling was kept only in her heart. Kohaku’s words made this game something that everyone had to take seriously.

If Miyabi didn’t make the above proposal, if she wasn’t good at saying it, everyone would have repeated, “Number “O” and the King enter the hot spring” endlessly until they got Kohaku. And some of them might have given priority to the fact of going in together with Kohaku and said, “Everyone goes to the hot springs.”

It was a completely difficult act. After all, why would anyone with a right mind, be okay with showing another woman the naked body of the man they liked? Well, perhaps some might have such a fetish, but a woman named Miyabi Minakatain didn’t like “NTR” in particular. That didn’t mean that she hated it to the core, just that if there was a chance to monopolize the man herself, she would want to monopolize the man.

In addition, the expected value of likability that could be obtained would be different between entering with everyone and entering with only the man.

There’s no doubt that by entering with just him, the likeness will increase, and the deepness, the density, will reach a new level. Perhaps he will awaken a love feeling towards the girl. 

Only a fool is okay with missing such an opportunity. Anyone who is worried about losing here and chooses a safe measure, isn’t suitable for him.

Miyabi glanced at Shino and Yuzuka. 

Unfortunately, the alliance doesn’t mean shit here… All or nothing, get it all or get nothing. That’s all.

Miyabi stretched out and waited for the game to start.


Miu Yachigusa was enthusiastic. She didn’t think she want to miss this chance.

Other girls were paying attention to what Kohaku had said about being okay with taking a bath together, but Miu was different. She was certainly very attracted to that, but she wanted to take this opportunity to make Kohaku aware of her existence, as a woman of choice.

Miu was aiming… to sleep with Kohaku… 

Taking a bath in the hot spring will only last about an hour long, but sleeping together will last for eight hours at the longest, and if we stay in close contact during that time, he’ll be conscious of me!

Miu knew. In terms of sexual attractiveness, compared to other girls, her body was inferior. And that was why she thought that she had to fight differently.


Yuri Mishima was troubled. She was thinking hard about what should she order when she became the king…

Should I get the marriage registration stamped? Umm… it’s a little impossible…

Should I bet on the chance?… I guess I should try mentioning it? Perhaps, he’ll understand what I mean… perhaps I have a chance…

What should I do…

Yuri Mishima was really troubled.


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  1. Oh my, I DO believe Kinokura is going to have fun translating the next few chapters, isn’t he?

    Come on Mishima-chan, take a hint from Yachigusasan and get… CREATIVE.
    I’m rooting for you! Perverts need love too!

  2. I really hope this doesn’t fall flat. This is a great opportunity for our boy to wake up to the differences between these girls and the girls from his previous world. His life will be much more enjoyable once he does.

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