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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 264

264. King’s game

Yachigusa-san brought disposable round bamboo chopsticks from the cafeteria.

Wrote a number on each, marked the last one in red, and the preparation was complete. The King game was a really easy game.

“Let’s get started”

Clearing her throat, Shino said the beginning of the recreation activity. On the other hand, everyone shouted “Yay!”, and applauded. They were all excited but, Maizumi-san suddenly raised her hand.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know the rules.”

Perhaps she felt sorry for ruining the excitement, she had a somewhat helpless face.

“Aaa, sorry, sorry. Okay, hear me, the rules are simple. Each chopstick has a number written on it. Apart from that, only this one chopstick has its tip painted red.”

“I-I see…”

Maizumi-san murmured when she looked at the chopsticks that Shino-san had in her hand as if she couldn’t understand what Shino-san wanted to say.

“Mix this in this tube with other chopsticks and all of us will pull it. That’s it.”

“? Is that all?”

“Yeah, and the person who pulls the stick with the red mark becomes the king.”

“King…? What would you do if you become a king?”

“You can say whatever you like!”

“Whatever I like?”

“Yeah. But you can’t name the person. Use the number. For example… No. 2 and No. 3 wrestle with arms!… Something like that.”

“….. Aahh, I see.”

Maizumi-san nodded to Shino-san’s explanation.

“The participants absolutely have to keep this king’s command!”


“Of course, within the range allowed”

“Mmm… I understand! In other words, you can’t say, ‘Transfer all the shares of the Toukain Group’!”

“Yeah, that’s right… but… were you thinking of ordering that?”


“Say something!”

Maizumi-san looked away from Shino-san and said to herself, “It looks like tomorrow will be a good day.” 

If what Maizumi-san said was okay, it would have been a hellish game, no, a war where you put your own life.


At that time, Mishima-san raised her voice gathering everyone’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her wondering if something happened to her without me noticing.

“Well… Hatano-kun is here. I think the King should be careful in giving orders.”

“Me? Why?”

“Ah, I see. That’s true.”

“That’s right. I agree with Yuri-chan.”


Minakatain-san and Yuzuka-san seem to understand, but I still didn’t understand. Minori-san shyly looked at me.

“I mean, what about that… a little naughty command.”

“…..ah, I see”

When I said that I understand, Shino-san responded to it.

“That’s right. Then, radical order is a no…. Specifically, taking off clothes is out of question… Of course, as a lady, no one in here thought of ordering that from the beginning. Right?”

“Huh… Of course.”



Listening to Shino-san’s words, everyone shook their heads vertically, but I felt that they were somewhat dispirited. 

…… Well, I’ve played King’s game in my previous life, honestly, most of them are playing in the hope of ordering something erotic. Sure, it was also for increasing everyone’s excitement. But, if you blatantly made such a command, the girl will look at you with dead eyes, and it may even lead to something troublesome.

But, in this world, the girls are the one who has such des…imagination.

Especially since they are still young, I’m sure they have some expectations. 

……Huff, all right, today is the first day of summer vacation. There is nothing to lose in taking off a few clothes. I mean, it’s summer! Yeah, it should be okay.

“…I don’t really mind”

” ” “eh……?” ” “

The girls were dumbfounded by my words.

“I don’t really mind, even if you give a naughty order.”

” ” “Eeeeeeh!!!” ” “

The girls were synch in showing their astonishment.

“The thing Shino-san said earlier, Let’s allow it.”

“Wait! Kohaku-kun!”

“Yeah, let’s allow radical order. Let’s see, because it’s summer. Let’s do something to cool ourselves, yeah… specifically, let’s make it okay to order something like “taking a bath together”.”

When I said that, they were silent.

…… Hmm? Where’s the “Kyaa, Kyaa!”, aren’t you all supposed to be excited? I mean, your expectation has been officially approved by a man. You all can order something naughty you know? 

Shino-san exhaled when I was lost in my own thought.

“Fu, fufufu. Kohaku-kun, Are you serious?”

“I’m serious. I won’t take back my words.”

After hearing my reply, Shino-san asked again.

“Kohaku-kun, you won’t take back your words… Is that right?”

Shino-san’s eyes were dark and her voice was low.

I involuntarily gulped but still nodded my head.

Shino-san, who saw my reaction, smiled. But, instead of the usual bright smile, it was somewhat dark, full of desire…

“I see. I can feel Kohaku-kun’s determination. Then, it seems, there’s no need to hesitate…”


2 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 264”

    Come on, Chairman Mishima-chan, NOW is the time to bring out your true perverted self!

    Also, I wonder how the events of today will affect the rest of the school when it gets reported.
    If you thought they were thirsty BEFORE…

    1. I thought so too. This is one of the moments when the protagonist is doing his best for the heroines, but later, he will regret it.

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