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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 263

263. Dinner in Toukain’s villa

After relaxing in the room for a while, as Shino-san said, all of us met again and were guided through the villa. Dinner was prepared in the meantime.

Now, we were having a meal in a friendly atmosphere. By the way, the menu for today’s dinner was somen noodles and vegetable tempura. Perhaps it was quite light because we would have a barbecue the next day.

For sure the somen noodles were very delicious. Before I came here, I had heard rumors that expensive somen noodles were delicious, and that rumor was true. Compared to what I had ever eaten so far, the somen noodles here were clearly chewy, in overall, the taste of the noodles itself was different. 


It’s really delicious. 

Mishima-san was surprised. It seemed she had the same impression about the noodles as me.

“This is really delicious… I didn’t think somen could be so delicious.”

Everyone began to give their impressions to follow the words.

“Right. It’s like you can feel the strength of its elegant look…”

“Miu thinks so too! To be honest, I didn’t like somen that much, but this one, Miu likes it!”

“You can eat as much as you wantー”

My first dinner here is peaceful… Yep, this is nice…

I thought so, but,

“I’m glad you all liked it!… By the way, did everyone bring the guidebook for the trip?”

“ ” “Hmm?” ” ”

We questioned Shino-san’s sudden words. 

Why so suddenly? I mean we’re eating right now, so I guess… 

I thought so, but,

“Of course!”

“That’s right. I’m bringing it too.”

” “ “Eeeehhh!?” ” “

For some reason, Yuzuka-san and Minakatain-san seemed to have brought it.

“Right, the guidebook is the best way to check your travel schedule!”

“Umm… So, what is it?”

“Miu-chan, look. This is probably what Shino wanted to say.”

When Yachigusa-san leaned her head in confusion, Yuzuka-san, who was sitting nearby, answered while handing a guidebook. Yachigusa-san looked over it and she suddenly made a happy face.

“Oooo! Recreation! It must be something fun!”

“Ah, you’re right. It’s written in the schedule.”

Maizumi-san, who looked into the guidebook that Yacchigusa-san was holding, nodded after she confirmed herself.

“So, what exactly we’ll do?”

After wiping her mouth elegantly, Minori-san asked a question. Upon hearing that, Shino-san replied cheerfully with a smile.

“It’s a king’s game!”

“I see…”

“Miu has never done it”

“King… game?”


Everyone’s reaction to the words “King’s Game”, was different.

Minori-san looked convinced, and Yachigusa-san looked happy. Maizumi-san didn’t seem to know what kind of game it would be. And Mishima-san, her face turned red.

…This girl, I’m sure she’s thinking about erotic things.

“Oh, Serina-chan, you don’t know the King’s game?”

“Yes, that’s right, but I can easily imagine what kind of game it is based on the name!”

With that said, Maizumi-san spoke with confidence.

” ‘King’s Game’, based on the name alone, must be a game where each of us becomes a king and run a nation. And we will compete for the prosperity of the country in charge. The player of the most prosperous country will be the winner! In short, it’s an intelligent simulation game where you can wage wars and plots during the game. Right!?”

“Sorry. It’s totally wrong.”

“Yeah, I know I’m rig- wrong!?”

Maizumi-san, who was immediately denied and had tears in her eyes, was comforted by being stroked by Yachigusa-san. 

… Am I the only one here, who thinks what she said would be an interesting game?

“But, a king’s game huh… I’ve never played it, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too. I’m so excited.”

Minakatain-san and Yuzuka-san said so and smiled. Not only the two, but everyone else, except Maizumi-san, looked somewhat excited.

“I’ve prepared for it! Look!”

Shino-san showed a cylinder with sticks inside it.

“As expected of Shino-chan!”


“Oh, can you show me that for a moment?”

Being praised by Minori-san, Shino-san got embarrassed.

I was watching them while drinking the tea. The maid who came to clean the plate and bowl after I had finished eating, put the dessert.

When I thanked her, her face turned red.


When I was thinking about that, I heard a sound.


“Ah, ahaha… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it, I just wanted to touch it a little.”

When I saw the direction of the sound, there, Minori-san had a broken stick in her hand.


“I’m sorry. I’ll go to the kitchen and get a substitute chopstick.”


“Ah, Miu wants to go to the toilet, let me tag along!”


Shino-san twitched.

And for some reason, Yuzuka-san and Minakatain-san too.


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    1. Well, on the good side, she found out the trick those perverts were going to use to have their “skinship” with Kohaku. Now he is a little more safe.

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