Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 54

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54. Chapter 54

It came without warning. 

The alarm bell kept ringing crazily. That meant only one thing, to signal the arrival of the main wave.

“Evacuate!! Go inside!!”

“Don’t push! There’s still some leeway. Don’t go out of the line!”

A soldier who was waiting around the castle gate guided the citizens who moved out of order as if a shepherd dog gathering the sheep.

The troops that were hunting outside also began to withdraw with all their might, crushing the quick monsters with the blocking firepower of the magic soldiers.

Fortunately, each platoon devoted to patrols, reached the gate and there was no omission of workers.

The chains were rolled up, the suspension bridge slowly closed, and the double gates were closed too. The complete blockade of the castle gate was just the beginning.

“Go into position!!”

“Bring the soil for “earth bullet” and stone for throwing up to the ramparts!”

It wasn’t that right to call it a storm. It would be unreasonable to call it a tsunami. A large wave of monsters was rushing to Dandurg Castle.

There were no residents in the surrounding area as they had already rushed to Dandurg Castle. It was easy to imagine of the one late in running had been caught and devoured.

The place where Walm was assigned was the gate tower installed beside the castle gate, and he could see the movement of monsters outside the castle and the movement of soldiers inside the castle.

Magic users, archers, and stone-throwing soldiers were on the ramparts, some were looking from the arrow slit. Even the veteran Highserk soldiers could be seen here and there.

“Wait for instructions and then launch the attack!!!”

The Battalion Commander who managed the ramparts shouted loud enough not to lose to the rushing ground noise.

Several marks around the area indicating the effective range were made beforehand so that even after the monsters started filling up the ground, the sense of distance wouldn’t be disturbed. 

Everyone took a breath and waited for the command.


The sling holding the stone bullet began to rotate with noise, and the moment it reached the maximum rotation speed, the stone was released from the sling. Stones were rushing to monsters in a parabolic motion. Few monsters died as the stones fell down, but for sure blood was shed.


The strings pulled to the limit were released all at once. A rain of arrows poured on the monster. The monsters at the front stopped as the arrows pierced them, but the monsters behind crushed them. The madness didn’t die.

The monsters at the front were fallen every time the arrows were fired, but the next monsters immediately ran over them.


Magic users with the highest firepower on the battlefield began to cast magic. Its destructive power was overwhelming. The side attacked by the concentrated bombardon of magic was greatly scooped out, and many monsters were lying down on the ground.

Still, it didn’t take long for the holes to be restored. Seeing it, the soldiers’ faces were cloudy.


The monsters’ heads were crushed by stones, and corpses were soaring in the sky because of magic. Even after the arrows pierced the chests, the wave didn’t seem to end.

A group of golems, which had been made with earth magic in advance, greeted monsters outside the castle, but it was like a drop of water in the ocean.

“They’re here!!”

When monsters stuck to the wall, they randomly hit the wall, trying to wear it down. Goblins and orcs were the ones that reached first in a large number, but the monster that couldn’t be ignored started to be seen.

“It’s troll!!”

The troll carrying the big tree while scattering saliva, was approaching the wall. It had already been pierced by countless arrows, but it didn’t seem to stop any soon. “Earth Bullet” was prepared in a large amount, as it was the most economic in terms of mana consumption among the four attribute magics and was the easiest to use on the battlefield. The troll’s head was hit and the skull was crushed.

The giant fell to the ground and the soldiers cheered, but the voice was cut off immediately. When a group of orcs carrying the troll’s body reached the wall, they used it as a stepping stone together with the surrounding corpses. Walm didn’t know if they had a sense of companionship. Still, there was no doubt that the dead monsters were only used as a material to gain height.

“Look at the sky, it’s Death Condor!!”

Dozens of flyable monsters were attacking soldiers with a drop. A claw cuts the soldier’s throat, they screamed as they were knocked down from the ramparts to the ground. Some were taken to the sky and dropped when they reached a certain height.

It was clear that the monsters were gaining momentum. Walm realized that the intellect between monsters was that different.

Walm was also informed that there must be a monster that could be called the leader of the great outbreak. 

Even though they’re just a bunch of monsters…

A new flock of death condors was about to land on the ramparts to do their nasty attack. Walm rushed in anticipation of the attack point.

“If you don’t want to die, head down!!”

The mask was trembling happily. The demon fire that embodied his mana was released into the sky. Blue flame swallowed the flock. They tried to escape, but the high heat disturbed the wind, and the swirling hot air was drawn in by the death condors.

The ones that were hit directly were burned to death, and those who escaped immediate death also had their feathers burned down. As the airflow was disturbed, they crashed to the ground with a jarring scream.

Walm looked down from the ramparts without feeling satisfied. A monster grabbed the death condors, and a monster with fangs bit them and piled up the corpses.

This seems to be a good time.

Walm leaned forward and jumped off.


“The Escort Captain has fallen!!”

Sad screams echoed from the soldiers in the ramparts. It was a familiar sight to Walm.

The captured weapons, claws, fangs, and horns were turned to Walm as if they couldn’t wait to pierce his skin. This welcome was the first time in a long time, and Walm naturally released 《Demon Fire》with a smile.

The hot air was late but it then spread without knowing when the blue flame would stop.

A big chorus of screaming had begun. Walm would be reluctant or hesitate if the opponent was a human, but his opponent right now were monsters that didn’t require consideration.

Immediately after Walm learned the skill, he kept using it, and its duration, power, and operability were significantly improved since then.

Blue flame swirled and swallowed the surroundings. All the monsters within 10m had already died, and the monsters within 20m had been burned by the blue fire that continued to rampage. There were even monsters that die of lack of oxygen or from the pressure of the hot air. A confused ogre tried to escape from the blue flame by beating and killing nearby monsters.

Some of the monsters that didn’t know to stop finally show a sign of retreating, albeit slightly.

Walm stopped his skill before his mana ran out and kicked up the wall with wind magic returning to the ramparts.

A wide range of monsters was killed and injured, and the monster in the center was carbonized. The monsters that had forgotten the sight were approaching resumed their advance in searching for a meal. It was as if they had awakened from a bad dream.

“Let me rest for a while”

No one stopped or say cursed Walm for returning to the resting room from the ramparts, instead, he was sent with cheers.

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