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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 262

262. The meeting between the three

Yuzuka and Miyabi were bitter after receiving Shino’s smile. No matter how much she said that they must protect boys, there were things that even maidens weren’t good at. Such as paranormal activity.

However, as Shino said, they were in an alliance, and that meant they needed to cooperate with each other. Even if there was a fact that each other would try to outsmart each other in their way to conquer Kohaku.

“Uhh… I understand. Well, since we go together, I’m sure it won’t be that scary.”

“That’s right. I’m not scared if we all go together!”

Agreeing with Miyabi’s words, Yuzuka somehow got excited.

“So, that’s all? If so, I’ll go to my room.”

Shino smiled and denied Miyabi’s question.

“No. Rather, the real talk is from now on.”



Then, wondering what Shino wanted to say, the two tilted their heads. 

Shino saw them and sighed.

“Huff… Did you see the plan properly? I made it with my best, so take a look.”

Shino took out the guidebook and showed it to Yuzuka and Miyabi.

“See here!”

Shino spread the guidebook and pointed to a certain part. The two followed Shino’s fingertips, and read the letters written there. “Recreation (After dinner)”



“What the hell are we going to do?”

Yuzuka still didn’t know what Shino wanted to say, and asked. 

Shino replied with a smile as if she had expected the question.

“King’s game!”

Yuzuka and Miyabi made a face saying “Seriously?” to the words, but then…

“No way…”

The two were terrified when they realized that perhaps they could make an obscene request to Kohaku. 

However, Shino laughed at those two thoughts.

“Ahahaha, no way!”

“Ah, of course, right! Ahaha…”

“Ahaha… haha…”

The three laughed cheerfully at each other. 

After laughing for a while, the three stopped laughing and talked with serious faces.

“…But just a “little skinship”… is okay right…?”

“…Well, if it’s just a little… I guess it’s okay…?”

“Rather, it’ll be strange if not even one request is like that… right…?”

“I mean, the King’s command is absolute, right…?”

“You don’t know what command will come. And that’s the fun… right?”


“That’s right. Also, even if we don’t, the other girls may dare to make a naughty request to Kohaku-kun…”

When Shino heard the words, she nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right. And that’s why…”

Shino sneaked her hand into her luggage, took out the tools she had prepared, and said,

“To some extent, I think we need to get things in place.”

“… I see… You’re right.”

“It can’t be helped. It’s for Kohaku-kun. Yeah, this is necessary…”

With that said, the three laughed with their innocent faces. However, inwardly, they were full of evil spirits.

When Musubi, Shino’s personal maid who had changed into maid clothes, saw the situation, she sighed while thinking, “They’re trying to do something strange again.”



After I was guided to the room, I checked the inside of the room. There was a small refrigerator in the room, which contained mineral water. It was like a hotel room.

……I see, there’re various items here enough for a while. And according to the maid, she would do the laundry as well. It seems there’ll no inconvenience here

After checking the rooms, I sat down on the bed, and lay down as it was. It was soft.

Since it was a long-distance trip by car, along the way, we stopped at the roadside station and eat a specialty dish in the area. It had been a while since that, so I was hungry.

…This is bad, I’ll likely fall asleep if I’m not careful. 

I regained my mind and went out to the balcony to see the scenery for a change.


The ocean view seen from the balcony was beautiful and I finally felt “This is traveling!”.

…But on this trip, I’m the only man…

I thought of the future and concluded, that the possibility of the girl coming to my room could be said as high. It was fair to say that my situation right now was as if I was running on a “normie road” at a high speed.

Well, right now, there’re no real competitors since the other men aren’t that interested in the opposite sex……. But, if I let myself be attacked, it’s like degrading my value as a man, and if Housei-san knows it… there’s a danger that his evaluation of me will drop at once… I feel that the difficulty level is increasing because of that old man……. But other than that, isn’t my situation relatively good?

If I aim to go high, it’s the same in the previous life, I need to make a reasonable effort here too. Huff, the reality isn’t that easy no matter where you are.

…… If I have enough money, maybe I should get some nice real estate. Make full use of personal connections to tell me about good properties, and aim for passive income!

Looking at the sea from my room, I thought so.


3 thoughts on “Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 262”

    1. That’s because while all the girls are thinking about marriage, he isn’t. A TRUE devilish man would play the field before settling down (if at all). Also, he wants to raise his value above “Trophy Husband”, hence the plans to go to college and trying to get as much money as possible.
      MY concern is this King’s Game thing, since it may end up “giving comfort to the enemy”. For example, the King (let’s say it’s Shino) orders 3 & 5 to kiss, and it turns out number 3 is Hotaru and number 5 is Yuzuka. Shino just played cupid for Yuzuka.
      Of course, it also depends on how perverted the author lets the girls get. Someone might demand a striptease while hoping for the best.

      1. I’m guessing the ‘tools’ the girls were preparing at the end of their scene were marked lots. There’s no chance of undercutting themselves if they cheat!

        Of course, something suitably comedic will go wrong at the last minute. 😛

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