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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 52

TN: Just a small warning, for those who can’t handle “something unpleasant” very well, don’t read this before having a meal…

52. Chapter 52

Walm was ordered to wait, but Ayane and Maia, who could use recovery magic, began treatment in a corner of the castle as soon as they arrived.

Unlike fighting with humans, the people’s injuries ranged from bruises to lacerations, bites, poisons, and many more. Due to the different treatments, the medical resources were heavily used, putting pressure on the stock.

Those who had experience with medical techniques were mobilized even if they knew only a little.

The wounded were lined up in parallel and treatment began. The room, lined with cobblestones, was quickly filled with many smells, and the floor was soiled with dirt and blood.

The blood was drained into the sewer in the castle, but it overflowed due to pieces of flesh and hair, so Walm was forced to use wind magic to clear the blockage.

When mana of the healing magicians ran low, it was possible for them to rest until their mana returned, but there were simply too many injured, especially the refugees. Since the number of injured was high, of course, not all could receive adequate treatment.

“If only I had more mana…”

Ayane looked regretfully at the ground. 

Walm called out to the lamenting girl.

“You can cast a healing magic on more than 100 people. Hoping for more is just too greedy.”

An average healing magician, even one classified as “excellent” could only heal as many as 10 people, and that was without considering whether the magic saved a life or not.

“There’s not enough medicine or herbs. Even boiling water too…”

Even Maia, who always showed a strong appearance to Walm, spoke with a soft noise.

“Is taking from the well no good?”

Water was in high demand. It was a natural situation that could happen if there were far more people in a place that exceeded its maximum capacity.

“Then, I’ll make hot water with water magic and fire magic.”

“You have three attributes?”

Ayane said this with a surprised look on her face. Only fire and wind magic were used in battle. Of course, she was surprised.

“The affinity of the water attribute is too low, it can’t be used in battle. But well, this reminds me of the past. I used to be treated as a portable water vessel by the members of my previous squad.”


“What happened? Are you tired? Is it because of mana depletion?”

Although there were individual differences, fatigue caused by lack of mana was most likely accompanied by nausea and dizziness. So Walm asked if Ayane, who didn’t reply, became silent because of it.

“No, I’m okay.”

If she forces herself, she’ll fall. That’s just putting the priorities backward…

Should I force her to take a break?

While Walm was thinking so, Maia presented him with an empty water bottle.

“Walm-san, please.”

Ayane and Maia, clearly, their eyes were burning with a sense of mission. 

If I don’t forcefully drag her, she won’t leave the treatment center for sure. 

Seeing it, Walm gave up and decided to compromise.

“Don’t overdo it. If you feel dizzy or sick, be sure to take a rest. After all, it takes time for the mana to return. Understand?”

The two nodded, and after confirming it, Walm concentrated on his work. He wanted to believe that no assassin would come in this situation, but it wasn’t 100% certain. So, he asked Moritz and the four companions to remain vigilant.

“I never thought Walm-dono could use water magic.”

“When I return to my room, I’ll brew fruit tea for you.”

“It’s an honor. By the way, from where did you get the fruits?”

“When I left Sarajevo Fortress, I took some that were left behind.”

Sarajevo Fortress was in an extremely chaotic situation, many supplies couldn’t be brought by the people because they didn’t have enough time, and so many were abandoned.

Walm packed as much as he could into the magic bag, including supplies for high-ranking officers. He thought that he should procure them for better use.

Walm didn’t believe that the method of collecting supplies by taking advantage of the turmoil at the time of the retreat, taught by the “dark-skinned bad friend” of the former squad, would be useful.

“Well, Walm-dono is really a diligent person.”

Saying so, Moritz laughed a little and returned to work.

Today’s treatment lasted until sunset, and Walm returned to the waiting room exhausted. He also used more mana than expected, because many utensils had to be boiled out.

Moritz had set up a long table of food from inside the castle. Black bread that looked as hard as steel, crushed horse meat and potato soup, and roasted orc heads.

“Oh, o…”

Seeing the orc heads, Walm froze. He knew there were edible monsters, but he didn’t think the day when such a thing would be lined up in front of him, would come so soon.

On the battlefield, soldiers sometimes ate monster meat when food was scarce, but Walm had always been on the front lines.

Even if he had to stay in an area full of the dead, where it was difficult to count on the abundant support of friendly forces, it was possible to collect all the supplies of the enemy and exchange the spoils.

Regardless of the army or battalion, one thing was for sure, the Duwei squad had never been in trouble about food.

Walm took a cup of fruit tea he had brewed for everyone and drank it to prepare himself.

“Is it roasted orc? It’s been a long time since I have it.”

Moritz threw the orc meat to his mouth without hesitation.

F*ck! “God”, why You must do this to me…

Walm screamed in his heart a name that he himself didn’t know for sure existed.

Oh, right, he has the “skill”…

Moritz, who was resistant to poison, was forced to eat various insects and poisonous monsters to strengthen his 《Skill》.  Remembering this, Walm was convinced that Moritz had no problem with eating orc meat because he was a bizarre food enjoyer.

Then, Walm looked at the other four companions. But they didn’t seem to hesitate and were eating the orc meats with a smile. 

Once again, Walm cursed the absurd reality.

Sh*t! Seriously…

So Walm turned his hope toward Ayane. 

If it’s her, she’ll definitely show rejection to bizar――


The faint expectations were betrayed. Ayane was chewing the orc’s ears, happily enjoying it with Maia.

“It’s been a long time. You see, it’s the first monster I ate after dismantling together with my childhood friends during training in the forest.”

“You must have been together with Yuuto-sama, Makoto-sama, and Johanna-sama back then, right?”

The girls were remembering distant memories. Normally Walm would feel lonely and sad at the sight of such a scene, but now he couldn’t afford to. Besides, the names mentioned were only the names of those who were on Walm’s kill list. It would have hurt Walm’s mental, if only there wasn’t a roasted orc head in front of him.

“I-is that so?”

Walm grabbed a plate after he calmed down. Then someone put down something that made a slightly muffled sound.

The orc’s nose and tongue were placed on his plate.

“Come, have a bite, this is the delicious part.”

Walm kept himself calm as the demon fire was on the verge of overflowing. Even though his subordinates showed their kindness, he somehow felt betrayed.

What… What should I do? Damn! I can’t buy any more time…

Walm prepared himself whether he wanted to or not, and lifted the orc’s nose with a fork.

The octagonal shape looked gruesome. The texture was close to rubber, but softer. Oddly enough, the scent stimulated his appetite, and as it approached his mouth, the disgust he felt was gone.

As soon as it was put in the mouth, Walm chewed immediately.


The saltiness enhanced the flavor of the meat with just the right amount of elasticity that wasn’t too hard. It was gelatinous meat. Walm didn’t want to admit it, but it was delicious.

“It’s delicious.”

As Walm uttered these words and looked up, he noticed that all eyes were on him.

“What are you all looking at? Eat quickly and go to bed. The real battle will start from tomorrow.”

Said Walm so angrily to take everyone’s eyes off him. As he resumed eating, he could hear everyone laughing and it was clear that Maia was laughing too.

Walm finished the fruit tea and took a breath. He didn’t think they would laugh at each other, even though they should all know that the monster wave was coming and that not all the people here were from the same countries. He understood that they all just wanted to get rid of the heavy feelings and relax now. In fact, all of them knew that hell would continue from tomorrow――


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