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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 260

260. Summer vacation

“It’s summer!”

“It’s the sea!”

” “It’s a barbecue!” “

“B-both of yoーkyaaー!”

That said, it was Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san who got off the minibus that had just arrived and ran away pulling Mishima-san.

“Kyaaー! The sand is hoーt!”

“Yay! The sand is smooth.”

“S-slow down, pleaーseeー! Eck!”

” “Ah….” “

Unable to keep up with the dash of the two who had been training hard every day in the drama club, Mishima-san tangled her legs and her face dived to the sandy beach, and was rescued by them in a hurry.

“Ahaha, those three are soー energetic.”

“Yeah. We used to be like them in the past.”

Shino-san and Yuzuka-san looked at the three people with a smile and remembered when they were small. The two were dressed refreshingly because it was in the summer.

Shino-san was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. It was a very summer fashion. On the other hand, Yuzuka-san was wearing a white dress and a straw hat, very young lady-like. Following the two, it was Minori-san who got off the minibus.

“But well, I can understand why they’re in high spirits. The sea and the sandy beach are very beautiful.”

Minori-san was wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt, jeans, and a cap, today her style was a little boyish.

“Kohaku-kun, are you okay with so much sunlight? You have to be careful about getting a heat stroke.”

And finally, Minakatain-san, who looked stylish wearing ripped jeans and a white blouse.

Summer vacation had finally come. We came to Toukain’s villa. For some reason, I was given a brochure for the trip, which included recommended activities at the villa, such as barbecues and a test of courage. In addition, the recommended local gourmet foods of the area, the hot spring, and places to visit nearby were also written. Reading it made me look forward to the trip.

Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san rushed into the sea while shouting “Barーbequeー! Barーbequeー!” because the plan was that we would have a barbecue tomorrow night. It was also written that the ingredients used in the barbecue were fresh local ingredients. So, I was really hyped.

“Young lady, should we wait here until you come back?”

The one who asked me that was Shino-san’s personal maid.

“There is no need for that, Musubi. It’s close to the villa from here, so we’ll walk while enjoying the scenery. Please go ahead.”


The maid said that, bowed down, got into the car, and went to the villa first.

“You three, we need to go soーon!”

When Shino-san called out to the three people playing at the beach, they said, “Okay!”, and they came back.



Yachigusa-san was so excited that she jumped at me. I accepted her little body. Luckily it was me, or else it would be sexual harassment. Following her, Maizumi-san also hugged my arm.

“Hatano-san! The sea is so beautiful! Let’s swim together, I’m sure it’ll be refreshing.”

Saying so, Maizumi-san smiled and pressed her body onto me. I felt the softness of her body directly on my arm. But, yeah, this act of hers was also sexual harassment if it wasn’t me.

And the last person who came to me was Mishima-san, who was pulled by the two, and now was breathing roughly.

“haffuu haffuu…”

Mishima-san put her hands on my shoulders while fixing her posture. 

…I guess this one is more like asking for help rather than sexual harassment…

“P-please…let me… rest a little…”

“Yuri, are you okay?”

Minori-san worriedly offered water.

Mishima-san received it and drank it.

“Thank you, huff, now it’s all good… I just ran out of breath because of the suddenly forced dash.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”


When the two people finally noticed Mishima-san’s appearance, they apologized.

Mishima-san laughed, “It was fun, so it’s okay.” 

“Then, let’s go. The villa is over there.”

At the point where Shino pointed with her finger, there was a magnificent Western-style building that could be seen from our position.

“At this time, we didn’t know that such a tragedy would happen…”

“Wait a minute, Miyabi-san, why do you make my villa as if it’s a Western-style building that appears in mystery novels?”

“A tragedy in an isolated island…”

“Wrong! You can reach the city in an hour from here!”

“The phone line was cut and we had no help…”

“Stop! I mean, check your phone now, the signal is full you know!?”

We walked to the villa while talking happily.


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