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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 259

259. Student Council before the summer vacation

What would happen before summer vacation?

The answer would be simple, it was something anyone would be happy to hear, the final exam. Especially in Kenran High, this might be an event where many students would put effort into because the classes would be changed based on the test results. Which was one of the factors why the academic ability of the students of this school was high.

Every girl wanted to go to the upper class and get along with high-level boys. It went without saying that the “desires of youth” played a major factor in driving motivation. That was why, the students who belonged to the Student Council and served as models for the other students, were desperate.

“Hmm… find the values ​​of a, b, c, d that satisfy the following equation…”

“The velocity of an object that moves linearly at a constant velocity on the x-line…”

“From the words in underline, Masako’s remarks show the thoughts that Mutsumi had… What else is there other than Masako having a murderous intent because she had been NTR-ed…?”

The current Student Council Room had become a study room. I was also a member of the Student Council, so I was devoting myself to studying. Boys wouldn’t have to change classes, but if the test score was bad, my high pride would be badly hurt, so I couldn’t just relax.

If I’m to lose to a boy in my class, I’ll be too humiliated all day in school……. That can’t happen. Recently, they have been taking lessons seriously to compete with me, and they even started to do homework. Yeah, I can’t let my guard down. I wonder what kind of face they will make if they all lose to me…

“Let’s take a break”

Student Council President, Risa Sanada, proposed to everyone to take a break.

“Huffー, that’s right.”

“Yeah, I’m tiーred. When will physics disappear from this world….”

“…Why did they use such a mundane story as the problem?”

“What is it? Let me read it too.”

Just as everyone was about to concentrate, they accepted the proposal of the Student Council President and talked to her.

“Then I’ll make tea.”

With that said, the members of the student council who were in the lowest grades started to move. I was in the first year so I also moved to help.

“I’ll help too”

“T-thank you”

The girl who thanked me turned red and smiled. 

I feel like it’s been a while since I see this reaction.

As it was different from what happened to me recently, who was invited to a hotel, almost brought into a suite, or invited by an old man, in comparison to those aggressive events, this reaction made me feel refreshed.

“Then, please bring this.”


I went to distribute the tea the girl made to the senpais.

“Ah, thank youー”

“A boy served me a tea, hehehe.”

“Thank you.”

While replying to the words of gratitude, I also handed tea to the Student Council President Risa Sanada.

“A cup of tea for you.”

“Oh, thank you”

“…By the way, is there any activity in the Student Council during the summer vacation?”

After a sip of tea, she answered my question.

“To be honest, we have more work this year than usual.”

“More than usual…?”

I tilted my head.

“That’s right.”

“Yeah. It’s so busy this year, huh~”

The Vice-Presidents, Katsurakawa-san and Ashiya-san, started talking to join the talk.

“Usually, the student council will gradually prepare for the autumn cultural festival.”

“This year, a cultural festival will be held jointly with Seimei, so the preparation is a little bit more difficult.”

“As the two say. And even though the exchange went well, that is just one of the prerequisites for the success of this school festival.”

“Oh yeah. This school festival will mainly be in this school, so if extra trouble occurs, the school’s reputation will be damaged.”

“Hatano-kun may not know, but since then I’ve been talking with Seimei’s Student Council members ma~ny times.”

“…was it fine?”

I mean, that guy is there…

Sanada-san laughed as if she understood my concerns.

“Right, at the meeting you attended, Vice-President Hibiya seemed to be upset. But well, other than that time, he was able to talk calmly, even though he wasn’t that friendly.”

“But~, the Student Council President over there seems to be ill, so he was absent several times.”

“Oh, that reminds me, they said that stress made his stomach sick…”

Hearing the words, I remembered what Vice-President Hibiya said at the King of Boys. 

Well, if you have such a guy as the Vice-President, you must have a strong mental or else…

“Also, although this is a rumor, it seems that the first-year students there aren’t well organized now.”

“I see”

I wonder what is going on?

“Well, that said, you’re not an official member, so you don’t have to come. Please enjoy your summer vacation.”

“Thank you. If you need any help, please contact me. I’ll help if I’ve time.”

“Ah, thank you”

“By the way, does Hatano-kun plan to go somewhere during the summer vacation?”

“That’s right, to the beach with my classmates”

After answering Katsurakawa-san’s question, the other members made a loud noise and stood up from their chairs all at once.

“… Beach?”


“… In swimsuit?”


“… Loincloth?”


Why do you think I’ll wear a loincloth as a swimsuit!??


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  1. Actually, considering that 95% of this world’s fashion is female-oriented, even to the point of wearing a skirt to school and dresses to formal parties, I find it odd that his choices aren’t just one-piece and bikinis.

  2. …………LOL………Seimei’s president………….and Kohaku making Hibiya the cause…………well, Hibiya is also a cause but Kohaku is the trigger for all of this…..

    Kohaku i think the girls might have imagined the other girls in loincloths trying to seduce you……….but given how thirsty the women in that world are it can’t be dissmised they imagine you in a loinclothg……………or worse…………..

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