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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 258

258. Research for swimsuits

Shino laid down on the bed and flipped through the books. 

As soon as Shino came back from school, she took off her uniform and went straight to bed, and so she was in her current state. Seeing that, her servant, the maid, sighed and whispered to Shino.

“Shino-sama! Don’t be so lazy! What is it!? You read a book all the time since you got home! What happened to your studies!?”

“I’ll do it laterー”

“Do it now!”


“There’s no but. I mean, what’s wrong? You usually finish the studies and do a review properly.”

“In short, I’m preparing for war…”


Shino showed the title of the book she was reading to the maid who leaned her head.

“Aaah, I see……”

The book Shino showed was a teen’s fashion magazine, but the maid understood what Shino was reading seriously by seeing the words written there.

『This summer, the cute swimsuits that will take down boys the best!』

“Is it for the next summer vacation…?”

“Yeah. When I told everyone today, the others were really enthusiastic. I can’t afford to lose!”

Shino involuntarily squeezed the book.

“Aaahh! I just bought it!”

In a hurry, Shino opened her fist and smooth out the wrinkles in the book. As she worked hard to smooth out the wrinkles, she received a call. On her smartphone, it was written, “Miyabi Minakatain”. Shino stopped her hand and picked up her smartphone.

“Hello, Miyabi-san?”

“Good evening, Shino-chan.”

“Good evening. Something happened?”

“Yeah. Actually, I heard that Shino-chan is going on a trip with Kohaku-kun.”

“…Yeah. I’m planning a celebration party with the girls who joined as his team members in the King of Boys.”

For the time being, Shino would like to avoid increasing the number of rivals. Shino gave off words of restraint.

“I see. Well, I want to go too. And you see, we’re in an alliance, right? Oh, if it’s about money, I can pay the full amount.”

However, a woman who often played around of course would have the skill to pass through inconvenient words and get her desire. Shino could of course reject it. But, if she didn’t get along with Miyabi here, she would be out of touch if Miyabi was to do something similar.

…… Shino was a little worried but she answered regardless.

“Ahahaha, you don’t have to worry about that. Of course, I was going to invite Miyabi-san.”

“I see, then, Thank you! I thought I wouldn’t be invited if I didn’t ask, so I called.”

“That’s not trueー”


Actually, if Miyabi didn’t call Shino, it would mean that one of the rivals was dropped out. Of course, Shino intended to buy souvenirs for her.

Then, after hanging up the call, Shino returned to the task of grasping the latest swimwear trends. She wanted to grab a boy’s attention with a swimsuit that was trendy and would suit her style…


Minori Saegusa was worried.

This was because everyone would go shopping for swimsuits on the next holiday.

Now that she had finished club activities, supper, and post-meal training, Minori was sitting upright in the room and looking at fashion magazines in a good posture. The title was,

『This summer, the cute swimsuits that will take down boys the best!』

She bought it on her way home because she thought it was the only one.

Minori looked at it slowly. 

Certainly, all the things introduced are cute.

“Bottom, ruffle side-tie bikini skirt. Top, off-shoulder…”

Minori put the magazine on the desk. Then slowly put her hand on the abdominal muscles. And then rub her arm, then touch her foot.

…… It’s very hard

It was clear that anyone could even see the unevenness through clothes. To be precise, it was muscles, hardness in softness, and it could be said that it was a wonderfully trained one.

…But, will Kohaku-kun flutter at girls with visible muscles…? Even though it is soft overall, there is this hard feeling when you touch it. It’s not the softness of normal girls.

No matter how Minori thought about it, she was discouraged. Assuming she was a man, she would definitely find a girl with a soft body more attractive than a girl with a muscular abdomen and a stiff body.

Then I’ve to choose one piece, but it’ll probably give a plain impression more than the others.

…So troublesome. Should I bet on the possibility that Kohaku-kun has a muscle fetish? Should I wear a one-piece and take the safe route?

But in any case, he can still see the muscles of my arms and legs…

For the first time, Minori realized that the season of summer wasn’t kind to her. 

But I won’t stay at the back in the race. The others are definitely charming girls. If I stayed in the back even for a moment, I may be left behind beyond recovery. 

While thinking so, Minori turned the page.


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  1. i know this not my place to say it (as i have horrible fashion sense, i only wear shirt and long pants)
    that kind of book usually is trap or failure.

    1. I expect a few of them to have the same swimsuit. It showed at least two of them looking at the same catalog, and looking at the flow of the story, I bet there will be some matching outfits.

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