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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 257

257. Plan for Summer Vacation

“It’s summer vacation soon!”

Shino-san clenched her fist, raised it to the sky, and said so powerfully. Today, the members of my team at the King of Boys were having lunch together. They were surprised at the sudden declaration of Shino-san.

“Shino, are you okay? You had a dying face until just a while ago…”

Shino-san was damaged by the morning events and hadn’t recovered until just a while ago. Yuzuka-san was worried about that. She had a sad expression now, but when she heard Shino’s misery in the morning, she laughed silently.

“Yuzuka… Thank you, but I’ll never forget that you were laughing at me earlier.”

“Please don’t think too much about it. I mean, Shino is an important childhood friend, I can’t help but worry.”

Shino-san, and Yuzuka-san then smiled. It was a scene where pretty girls were laughing at each other, but the conversation wasn’t that funny.

“Sow, whata,buut sum, mer vaca, cion?”

“Serina-san. Don’t speak with rice in your mouth. It’s improper you know?”

Being reminded by Minori-san, Maizumi-san swallowed what she was eating and started talking again. 

“I’m sorry… So, what about summer vacation?”

“Yeah, that’s a good question.”

Shino-san replied, nodding that Maisumi’s question was natural.

“Actually, I want to invite you all to come to my villa during the summer vacation!”

“Wow! Villa!? What kind of place is it?”

“On the southern coast. The sea is beautiful and there is a hot spring! Moreover, the sea is not crowded because it is a private beach!”

“Wow! Wow! Amazing! Is it okay for Miu to go too?”

“It’s okayー, it’s okayー. I thought I should make it feel like a celebration for winning the King of Boys.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. That battle was fierce, so healing is needed.”

Minori-san agreed, and Yachigusa-san was curiously asking questions. Shino-san, on the other hand, was trying hard to explain the appealing points of her villa. Then Shino-san noticed something.

“Ah, Mishima-san, please don’t hesitate to come!”

“I-is it okay for me to join too? I couldn’t go to the important battle…”

“Of course. Let’s go together! The seafood is also delicious.”

“Toukain-san… Thank you…”

What a beautiful sight. 

I was quietly watching the exchange while sucking the juice with a straw.

“I’ll provide the transportation to the villa, so don’t worry about it. And, there are various things over there, so all you need to bring is clothes.”

The girls gave a word of admiration to Shino-san’s generous explanation. Among them, only Yuzuka-san was as usual.

“Perhaps, has Yuzuka-san been there before?”

“Yes, I was allowed to go there many times. Shino was a tomboy, so every time we went to the beach, she always moved here and there.”

“Ahaha, Is that so?”

“Yes, when we entered the sea, she would catch sea slugs and sea cucumbers and came to show me. That’s not enough, if she caught strange insects, she would throw them at me, even though she knew I hated them.”

So aggressive…

Yuzuka-san began to giggle, remembering those days.

“I’m thinking of splitting a watermelon or doing a barbeque for the time being, but is there anything else you want to do?”

“Yes, yes! Miu wants to do a test of courage!”

“I see, I see. There’s a supernatural spot nearby, so we can do that too.”

Speaking of summer, it’s true that the test of courage is one of the traditions. The main purpose is for men and women to flirt “Ehehe” or “Uhuhu” trying their best to deepen their relationship. 

……I glanced at them and thought, 

The girl here who seems to be scared of ghosts… yep, none. Even Maizumi-san, the one who seems to be scared of those things, still has a calm face.

“Everyone, let’s calm down first. Let’s assert that there is no ghost in this world. So, you don’t have to bother with such thoughts. It’s okay. If you’re still worried, I’ll give an amulet to you! Yes, there is no such thing as a ghost in this world…”

“Then, let’s take that amulet and try our best.”

“Whyー! “

While giggling, Minori-san said that they would for sure have a test of courage, and on the other hand, Maizumi-san screamed. 

Aren’t you all so motivated?

“Oh, of course, everyone should bring their swimsuits. Well, they sell them over there, but they’re not very cute.”

“Swimsuit? Miu hasn’t changed much in size, so I wonder if last year’s one is fine.”

“I guess I’ll go with the school swimsuits. It’s a private beach, I don’t need to care about other people’s eyes.”

“Hmmー, I want a new oneー.”

“I-I wonder if last year’s one still fit me… I’m worried the size is…”

“By the way, Kohaku-kun will also participate.”

Well, the school swimsuit is not bad…

When I thought so, my name was mentioned.

“Miu was actually thinking about buying a new swimsuit.”

“Oh, what a strange coincidence. Me too.”

“…You’re all so quick in changing your thought.”

Yachigusa-san and Minori-san easily took back the previous statement. Maizumi-san talked happily when she heard the words of the two.

“Well, let’s go buy it together!”

“Then, let’s go now…”

“The school hasn’t over you know!?”

While everyone was laughing, there was only one person who had a pale face. That person was Mishima-san, the chairman. She casually touched her stomach and leaked words in a low voice.

“It’s okay, I still have time until summer vacation. If I do it from today, I should be in time…”

Such a sad mutter reached my ears firmly.


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