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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 256

256. Going to school together

“Then, I’ll go now.”

“Thank you for everything”

After I had a delicious breakfast at Toukain, Shino-san and I headed to school. At that time, Housei-san came to see me off, so I said thank you.

“Don’t worry, I hope you come again. Don’t think too much. Feel free to come anytime.”

“Really!? Thank you very much. I’m very happy!”

Housei-san nodded with satisfaction to my words. This word was half true and half flattery. It was unexpectedly a nice day… Still, I didn’t think I would come casually. However, even if this old man knew it was just flattery, it was better to say it even if that wouldn’t have much impact.

Then I got in the car that Shino-san always rode and left the Toukain residence.

“Kohaku-kun, let’s plan the trip next time!”

Shino-san who got in next to me talked to me with a big smile. She was the usual Shino Toukain, who was cheerful and yet had an atmosphere that made others feel her elegance. I couldn’t see the pitiful girl who was dragged by the maid yesterday while calling my name with a pitiful voice.

“Ah, okay. Hmm, yesterday, was it okay?”

I was wondering what happened later, so I asked.

“Ah, I’m sorry for yesterday. I was too excited.”

“Yeah. Don’t worry…”

“A-after that, I was…”

When I said that, the light disappeared from Shino-san’s eyes, and she began to tremble.

“Scolded… terribly…”

Perhaps she remembered that time, Shino-san talked to me as if she was hugging her body.

“I was brought in front of my grandfather and was put in a seiza…”

“I-I see…”

“Moreover, the maid who was my educator also participated in scolding me, so it was twice as bad…”


“Usually, there will be a servant who helps me, but yesterday, she just looked at me like a fool and didn’t help me at all…”

“I-I see…”

“In the end, a weight we put on my lap, and while sitting in that position, my grandfather scolded me! He told me many things for a long time… such as that boys are delicate creatures…”


“It’s terrible right?!”

Shino-san appealed to me. Then I heard more about the detail. 

Isn’t it light torture? 

I wanted to ask some questions to Shino-san, but when I thought that it would look as if I wanted to hear the darkness of Toukain Household I decided to stop.

Shino-san was still muttering something, perhaps the sermon was that bad.

“… But if there is a chance, you think any woman would leave it alone?… Ah, I see, now that I think about it calmly, I can relate to what Yuzuka must feel when she went out of control… Grandpa has a lot to say, but, but! I don’t have many chances in my life, you know… But if I force myself too much, I’ll be hated…? Huff… It’s difficult to fall in love…”

It seems she has deep adolescent worries. If only I can give good advice, but I can’t say anything since it has something to do with me. If I play it badly, who knows? Perhaps it’ll lead to a marriage contract… That’s horrible…

Then, while Shino-san was still worrying about herself, the car arrived at the school. I thanked the driver and got out of the car. The moment I went out, the surroundings were noisy.

“Ummm… I wonder if my eyes suddenly went bad… why is Hatano-kun going to school with a woman…”

“It must be a coincidence… yeah, or else that means my eyes have just gone bad… I think I should go to the doctor…”

“Right… But, if that’s true, perhaps Hatano-kun has spent the night with that girl…”

“Hahaha, no way…!”

When the girl who was going to school said that with a straight face, Shino-san said it as if she had timed it.

“Kohaku-kun, I had a good time yesterday. Please come and stay again.”

The word seemed to have been directed to me, but not at the same time. It sounded as if to inform the girls around us. 

And screams could be heard.


“Lie! It’s must be Lie! My Hatano is already in the hands of others you say!? My life is a lie!!”

“It seems I need to go to see a doctor now, water is starting to come out from my eyes…”

“Ah, maybe this is just a dream. I have to get up early and get ready to go to school… come on, me, wake up!”

And so on, the people around us were talking about their thoughts, their emotions. Meanwhile, as if she did a good job, Shino-san had a shining smile on her face.

“That can’t be…”

I heard such a voice and the sound of something falling down nearby. When I turned my face in that direction, there was a bag that would have fallen from someone’s hand. It was Mishima-san with a stunned expression and Minori-san with a slightly surprised face.

Mishima-san made a surprised face when she saw me.

“I-I believe in Hatano-kun! He didn’t do that!”

Mishima-san said so with tears and ran away. 

…. No matter what, it’s an action saying you don’t believe in me…

On the contrary, Minori-san looked at me and Shino-san and nodded.

“I see, he may have stayed at her place, but I don’t think they’re in a close relationship.”


When Shino heard the words, she made a voice as if she just got punched in the face. Minori-san clapped her hands and grinned at her Shino-san.

“No, it’s obvious if you look at the distance and atmosphere of the two.”

Minori-san picked up Mishima-san’s bag that had fallen and said so calmly.

“Then both of you, I have to chase Yuri, so I’ll go ahead.”

Minori-san walked to the direction where Mishima-san went. But, of course, the words she mentioned earlier were heard by the girls around.

“Hah… I’m disappointed in that girl. She stayed with a boy under the same roof overnight and didn’t do anything…? What a disgrace.”

“Fufufu, perhaps she’s just a tamed herbivore, waiting for food to come at her!”

“Well, as what you would expect from a loser…”

“Really, so disappointing. A shame to all women.”

And so Shino-san was being punched by the girls’ word.


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  1. Ooof! Grandfathers plan seen through in an instant. This is a conundrum though. How to progress his relationships without causing a riot.

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