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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 255

255. The night at Toukain Household

“Why it turned out like this…”

That old man said he would do it moderately, but he has no intention of thinking much about my circumstances huh… 

…… Damn you, Is this also the strength of a person in power!? It’s horrible…

His “Naturally Going My Way” power is too strong…

When I was thinking such things, I received an incoming call on my smartphone. The name on the screen was “Maria”.


“Hello, Kohaku-sama, this is Mariangeles.”

“Yeah, it’s me. What’s wrong?”

“I was contacted by Toukain. Are you planning to stay there today?”

“Oh, yes that’s, right.”

Housei-san seemed to have contacted my home.

“Kohaku-sama, please be honest. Do you need help?”


“I see… Don’t worry. There are many escorts at Toukain, but it doesn’t mean that all of them can’t be killed. Should I use the anti-material rifle?”

…this maid is really motivated huh? By the way, from where do you plan to bring that weapon?

“Yoko-sama is so worried that she almost emptied the alcohol in the fridge. She’s in a dangerous state.”

“Is that the usual thing?”

“… Hmm …That’s true”

I heard a convinced voice over the phone.

“Well, joking aside, is your body okay? If you feel any danger, tell me, I’ll pick you up right away.”

I can’t tell which one is a joke, but for sure if I answered “yes” now, she will do exactly as she said. Really, what is a maid…?

“Yeah, I’m okay. All I have to do now is sleep.”

“I see, but the night is the most dangerous time… Even if Housei Toukain promised your safety, some people still have wicked ideas in their stupid brains, so please be careful.”

“Okay, I understand.”

After saying that, I hang up the call. 

Well, I know Maria is worried, but it’s probably gonna be okay. 

After the meal was over, I slowly chatted with Shino-san, then took a bath. The bathroom was large enough fit to be called the bathroom of Toukain. There was no intrusion by anyone, and there was no peeping. I thought Housei-san would join me, but that didn’t happen.

Well, that was a very relaxing bath. Now that I think about it, I had a good meal and a relaxing bath. Yeah, I guess I really enjoyed myself here.

When I was thinking about that, the door was knocked on the door. 

Maybe the maid brought me a cold drink? Surely, it’ll be nice to drink after a bath. 

I opened the door without thinking deeply.

“H-hello, Kohaku-kun …”

Shino-san, holding a pillow, stood there.

Shino-san who just got out of the bath not long ago came to my room and now looking at me with anxiety, with a slightly uplifting face.

…This, this is strange… In this case, should I be worried about getting attacked at night?…… Well, she’s cute. Certainly attractive. The pure scent on the warm skin after the bath, the shy face, moreover she’s wearing pajamas! So cute! 

So cute, but… why Yuzuka-san and Shino-san, the girls of the upper class, these aristocrats, why they’re all so aggressive? Isn’t there a letter “Slowly” in their dictionary? 

I thought about what to do with Shino-san, who was standing with an anxious face.



Upon hearing the report from the maid, Housei made a dismayed voice that wouldn’t normally come out of his mouth.

“Shino-sama has rushed into Hatano-sama’s room.”

Word by word, the maid re-reported the same content. Upon hearing the report, Housei rubbed his eyes as if tired.

“Why did she do that?”

The other party was a boy around the age. Entering the room at this time would be proof of having a close relationship with the other person. Moreover, the opponent this time was a boy who had the title “King of Boys” and was now attracting the attention of many people. If this leaked somewhere, it could be bad for Toukain Household.

“Yes, after she heard that Hatano-sama will be staying, Shino-san said, “Grandpa is telling me to decide it all now! That must be it!” And then she grabbed the pillow with determined eyes, and rushed to the room vigorously.”

“… I thought Shino laughed loudly when she heard that Yuzuka had invited him to the hotel and failed…?”

“Indeed, she laughed.”

“… Why did she do the same thing then?”

“Perhaps she thinks differently now after being put in this situation?”

When Housei heard the maid’s answer, he closed his eyes and indulged in a little thought.

“I was thinking to let people know that Toukain and he are in a good relationship when they go to school tomorrow.”

If Kohaku stayed at this house today, he would naturally get in the same car the next day to go to school with Shino. If that happened, it would be seen by a large number of people, and it would give the impression mentioned earlier. Housei was thinking of gradually filling the gaps, but his granddaughter stepped on the accelerator too much.

In the first place, boys were creatures that would pull back when they were attacked so aggressively. Housei was also a man, so he could understand how Kohaku must feel now. That was why, it was necessary to take time and proceed vigilantly. This time Housei had done a little bit too much, but it was because he trusted in what Shino had built up so far.

Housei didn’t think Shino would be disliked because Kohaku laughed and forgave the failure of Seikagu, but there was still a chance it would worsen the impression of Shino. In the first place, Housei told Kohaku’s family that he would be safely returned. If that promise got broken, the servant over there would most likely come to hit Toukain. Sure, Toukain wouldn’t lose, but it would definitely make the relationship between them worse.

“… Grab her neck and bring her here. Now.”

Housei gave instructions and sighed.


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  1. …………..Kohaku…….i would have close the door and just go to sleep……….well, i actually, i would have throw myself out of the window, escape from the state somehow and ask Maria to pick me up somewhere and then when i meet with Shino again i would have pretend that day nothing happened.

    That old-man went too far~Kohaku should have rejected him, politely of course~.
    For his, himself and Shino’s own good.

  2. He just just invite her in and go to sleep next to her. Shell spend a night awake in agony torturing herself for being so brazen and he will get to tease her on a whole new level!

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