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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 254

254. Dinner at Toukain

An elaborate meal was prepared in front of me. A bowl of white rice that looked fluffy and was shining brightly. A bowl of kelp and bonito soup stock with a large sea bream. Chicken stew with vegetables, where the taste was rich and firm. A small bowl of red bean paste, for the deep-fried tofu fritter mixed with vegetables, such as carrots, burdock, edamame, lotus root, etc. And as the main dish was, the beef meat sliced thin and fried moderately greasy. The taste of the meat spread throughout the mouth.

The supper I had at Toukain was already delicious. It could be said that it was a dish the best of the chef, and if I could eat something like this daily, I wouldn’t need to eat outside. It was a wonderful dish for me, even after I had more chances to eat high-class food these days. 

……Well, I’m a person who would regard a simple pork cutlet as delicious food.

However, even though we were eating tasting delicious food, for some reason there was a feeling of tension in the dining room. 

Shouldn’t Shino-san and Housei-san do something here? 

However, Shino-san’s attitude when talking to me in the room was not there, instead, she was now eating rice in a ladylike manner. In short, Housei-san was the person who created this tension. 

Well, I shouldn’t expect anything. But, still, I don’t think there will be any punishment for being a little kinder to the guest, right?

“… Is it to your liking?”

“Yes, it’s very delicious.”

Answered the question from Housei-san in reflex. 

……Even if it isn’t delicious, you expect me to I be honest?

“Good. I’m glad to hear it. If I tell the chef that the “King of Boys” said that, for sure the chef will be happy too.”

……I’ve been thinking for a while, but the title “King of Boys” is quite convenient. Perhaps it is a recognition similar to Miss Universe in my previous life?

“Today’s menu was prepared with my suggestions, but is it all to your liking?”

“Yes. I don’t really hate anything. Everything is delicious.”

“That’s good… Oh, by the way, one of Toukain’s companies cultivates fish.”


“It seems that it will be in season soon, so they will send some here. I would like to hear your opinion. At that time, I will invite you again.”

“Wow! I’m very honored!”

I answered with a big smile. 

…… But, what is it? Somehow, I feel like he’s trying to get rid of some obstacles. Everything that is suggested has no disadvantages to me, only advantages. The only disadvantage is this tension. I feel like I’m being observed with every move.

“Grandfather, Kohaku-kun also has a plan, so don’t overdo it.”

“I see… I’m sorry, Hatano-kun. If you don’t like it, you can reject my offer…”

It seemed that Shino-san tried to support me, but it was actually just blocking the escape route. She was absolutely said that on purpose.

“No no, please let me participate.”

“That’s good.”

“Really? I’m really looking forward to it.” 

Both Housei-san and Shino-san were smiling. And so, the schedule for summer vacation was filled up more and more.

…..Well, it’s good. I’m glad to have something to do rather than not having a plan! So far, it’s all has something to do with Toukain.

“…By the way”

When Housei-san put down his chopsticks, he naturally asked me looking at me.

“What about the daughter of Minakatain and Seikagu Household?”



“Ah, it’s just a simple curiosity. Please don’t be offended… But the four families that drive the economy of this country. More than half of them, including my family, are circling one man. So of course, I can’t help but wonder what the destination will be?”

“But to ask men directly about women’s problem…”

Shino-san blamed Housei-san. 

…He hasn’t done anything to worry about so far. He hasn’t, but will a man who is talking about another woman in this kind of situation will leave a good impression? I don’t think this will end well…

……Ugh, My stomach hurts.

“Nothing in particular… I just went out to eat with them…”

“… I’m sorry to ask you an impolite question.”

“It’s okay.”

“G-Grandfather, please have a little more delicacy!”

Shino-san threw words at Housei-san while getting angry. In response, Housei-san answered with a small laugh.

“KuKuKu, I’m also a man, so I’m wondering what kind of love affairs young people have these days… Don’t be so angry.”

“Seriously! Give me a break!”

Looking at the scene, it seemed they got along well.

“Now, please excuse me first. Hatano-kun, please eat slowly.”

“Thank you very much”

“Then… Ah, It’s too late. It’s better to stay here today, I’ll have a room prepared.”

” ” Huh? ” “

The voices of me and Shino-san overlapped.


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