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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 45

45. Chapter 45 – Rampage

“Don’t stop your feet! Don’t stop your hands! If you want tomorrow, hurry up!”

Emrid, the Commander of the infantry company of the Liberitoa Trade Federation, raised his voice. He understood that his subordinates were working hard.

Nevertheless, Emrid hastened to complete the job even a second faster.

“The installation team is fighting with monsters, the enemies are more than 40 orcs!!”

“Phil’s platoon shall deal with them, the installation team will continue to work.”

Each country had sent soldiers in battalion strength into the forest on the outer edge of Myard, but the situation only got worse.

It would be easier than attacking the fortress defended by the Highserk soldiers. Emrid wanted to beat himself, who thought that before he left.

Even Emrid, who led the subjugation units in the Demon Territory near his homeland, thought that even the word “struggle” would be like warming up before the storm. And for sure there would be a company unit that had drawn a “bad luck” card and was annihilated.

First of all, the number of monsters was unusual. The number of monsters they came into contact with in a distance of only about 1 km far exceeded 100. Not only small monsters like Goblins and Kobolds, but at least Orcs, and in addition, there were B-class monsters like Ogres, Lizardmen, and Lamia.

“The shortest route is to just go straight, but there’s the habitat of the “Abyss Bird” on the way.”

The adventurer who led them turned to Emrid, who opened the map. No one did not know the “Abyss Bird”, a monster in the sky that sometimes fought for territory with the flying dragon subspecies.

“A-class monsters, why are such a monster lurking around? What about another route?”

If it was an A-class monster, it was necessary to take on the opponent with a whole platoon. Still, that would not guarantee victory. If there were several of them, even a company unit would be in danger.

“There is, but we have to get out of the area where insect-based monsters live.”

“What kind?”

“Mainly B-class equivalent spiders and ant-types. There are also a few worm-types. If you are unlucky, you’ll encounter a giant centipede. Well, if you can use fire, you can get rid of them, but――”

The adventurer stopped speaking and looked at the barrel in the handcart.

“Luggage is luggage. And fire is strictly prohibited.”

The contents were black water from Liberitoa, which was extremely flammable and volatile. If one carelessly used fire magic and ignited it, the way of retreating from the forest could be cut off. For Emrid, who was in command there, this was a very unpleasant situation.

“We’ll take the detour. It’s easier to take than fighting the Abyss Bird.”

There were several ways to defend against insect-based monsters, which usually came in large numbers but still low risk. At least, they were better than enemies that would just fly over and land on the ground when they attacked.

At the point where Emrid decided the course, angry voices rose from the background of the formation.

“It’s “Gigant Ghoul”!!”

Among the ghouls obsessed with living humans, “Gigant Ghoul” was a monster that had failed to become a high-ranking species like “Lich”. But, this huge rotting flesh, swollen to about the size of Cyclops, had a high regenerative capacity, and it was reflected in Emrid’s eyes.

“Volk’s Squad Come. We’ll crush him.”

Emrid quickly decided to use the reserve unit. While they could escape by running, it was a troublesome opponent that would stalk the prey ceaselessly. It couldn’t be left unattended if they were to pursue their plan. And they couldn’t simply abandon the installation team.

“I will help. If you stop it from moving around, I’ll kill it with wind magic.”

Said one of the leading adventurers to Emrid. He was skeptical that the adventurer could really get rid of the monster, but he had heard that the adventurer who had been chosen as the leader had a good skill. Even though, the appearance of the adventurer was just a young girl.

“I’ll stop it with my magic. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

The squad at the rear had already started fighting, one soldier was crushed by the bloated arms, another by the torso.

“This is for my subordinates.”

A few spears and many arrows pierced the torso, but that was ineffective against the undead.

The scratches made by Emrid’s subordinates produced an eerie sound.

“Eat this, idiot.”

Emrid refined his mana and touched the ground.

” <Earth Crack> “

After a delay of a few seconds, the ground cracked and some rose. It was easy for the soldiers to dodge it, but not for the Gigant Ghoul, which was huge and moved slowly. The rotten skin with many layers of sagging, the two feet that splashed the liquid within were swallowed by the ground. The swollen ghoul tried to crawl upward, whirling its torso around.

“Evacuate!!! Don’t enter the range of magic!!”

Emrid stopped his men who were trying to slash the monster.

The adventurer, who was slightly younger than Emrid, had released the mana she had been kneading.

A gust of wind blew through the forest.

When the wind blade released by the girl hit the head of the Gigant Ghoul, the neck flew away together with the wind, as if it had been hit by countless blows.

It was 《Air Fang》, a skill manifested by the wind attribute, which Emrid also knew.

“Get away!! It’s still moving.”

The Gigant Ghoul that had just lost its head swung its huge arms, but the movement gradually slowed down and finally stopped altogether.

The contents leaked out, and the stinky smell, as if the sewer’s water was being boiled, irritated Emrid’s nasal cavity. He had no idea how much food it had eaten to be so bloated.

“Even after dying twice, it’s still annoying.”

Emrid confirmed the damage while giving first aid to the injured. There were 2 dead and 1 injured. Still, the damage was minor for the subjugation of a monster comparable to the top of the B-class.

“Your name is Leethia, right? Thanks.”

“I’m glad I could be of some help. This is also for Myard after all.”

The light of hatred was visible in the girl’s eyes. Emrid could feel that it was directed at the Highserk Empire, which had invaded her hometown.

Emrid heard the adventurers joined for the exorbitant rewards, but some joined because of their hatred for the Highserk empire that now controlled their land.

Emrid couldn’t even tell the feelings of the girl and Lefty, who took the mission of hitting Highserk to the point that they left their party.

Still, Emrid was pleased that the number of excellent handpieces had increased.

“Adventurer, I’ll leave the directions to you.”

At the same time, Emrid was worried. He felt goosebumps thinking about what would happen if the forest, which had many B-class monsters even on its outer edge, was burned.

His reason had pleaded to abort the plan, but as a military personnel and also, a company commander, he had no choice but to carry out the duty.

There was a feeling of entrapment in the rural areas that became the effective territory of the Highserk Empire. Yogim, one of the farmers in one such village, pondered the future of the village. In the Battle of Aidenberg, young people were mobilized, only one of whom could return because he had escaped from the battlefield. The rest had fallen or been taken prisoner.

There were rumors that many who were still alive would be released in a few years, but Yogim wasn’t optimistic.

There weren’t enough people in the village to work in the fields, and resources were being squeezed to the bare minimum by the Myard Army and the Highserk Army; basically, people and resources were zero.

Even the retired old people and children were sweating as they messed with the soil. The villagers who helped transport the goods said that the battle between the five countries was still going on the border of the Ferrius Kingdom.

Yogim picked up the branches that fell in the forest and put them in a basket. If only he could use even one magic, his life would be convenient, but he couldn’t use any magic, and his physical strength was average. He knew that he himself was just an ordinary man.

“What is it? The forest suddenly gets so bright.”

The depths of the abhorred forest connected to the demon territory were faintly bright. Riding on the wind, the smell of burning arrived. Yogim scratched his head, thinking it was just a wildfire or something that was a nuisance.

The army of Myard had already been destroyed, and the extinguishing operations could only be carried out by the villagers. And Yogim would be one of them.

Anyway, Yogim was on his way back to the village, but of course, his steps became faster and faster.

Yogim was certainly average, but he had a mysterious ability. It was an ability that would be useless in peacetime. When it came to life and death, Yogim’s intuition had always been good. Whether he was being chased by the Horned Grizzly in the woods or fighting the Highserk as a soldier of the Kanoa Kingdom, Yogim was able to stay alive thanks to this intuition. His son named, “Moyes”, inherited this ability and fled to the village when he was fighting Highserk as a Myard soldier.

Yogim passed through the center of the village and reached his house on the outskirts. There, his wife named, “Deborah”, and Moyes, were cutting potatoes and preparing meals.

“We have to run away!!”

Yogim shouted in a surprisingly loud voice.

“Is it a pursuit of the Highserk soldiers?”

Deborah had a sharp look on her face thinking that her son’s pursuit had finally come.

“No, the forest is in a bad state. It feels like it’s about to be destroyed.”

It could be that Yogim was taken over by his imagination, or maybe he was lost in thought, but Deborah made a decision without asking further.

“Moyes, connect the carrier to the horse and load only food and weapons.”


“Stop being stupid. I won’t say it twice.”

Moyes froze on the spot for a moment but then rushed to the back of the house as soon as he could.

“Both you and Moyes have the skill 《Intuition》. If it says that you must run away now. Is the village hopeless?”

“Mama, do you remember, that a horde of Ogres attacked the village a long time ago?”

“Yeah, Myard soldiers suffered a lot of damage.”

“It feels like a toddler’s mischief compared to this time.”

“…That dangerous?”

Yogim’s ears caught the cries of the people.

“They’re coming.”

Screams and angry sounds rang out from all over the village, and people were fleeing.

A wave appeared from the woods. A wave of monsters. Monsters rushed in violently. Not just one kind of monster, but a wide variety of monsters were approaching the village like a torrent.

“A rampage huh, some country has really done it, damn it!!”

More than 10 silver wolves with excellent movement speed rushed at Yogim. Yogim didn’t hate dogs, but he hated silver wolves.

Apparently, Yogim’s muscular body seemed attractive to the silver wolf, as it sprayed saliva and opened its mouth.

Immediately before the silver wolf reached Yogim, its head was crushed by the hand extended from the side.

“Oi! What are you trying to do, to my husband?!!”

Deborah slammed the dying silver wolf’s body against another silver wolf, then she leaped toward the silver wolf. The flank was hit by her fist and the skull was crushed. The silver wolf was beaten to death.

Yogim always had a hard time fighting with his wife when she started using her fist. He would be inevitably bruised no matter how he fought back. And if Deborah hit him in full power directly, his soul would be sent to hell in no time. So beating a mere silver wolf was nothing to her.

Yogim pulled out a stick-shaped fence and turned his gaze to the approaching silver wolf. He was determined that it should be easier to deal with than his wife Deborah, a former adventurer who possessed the skill 《Super Strength》 and 《Indestructible Body》. And it could mean Yogim was a better choice to fight rather than Deborah, but anyway, there was no escape for the silver wolf.

Yogim, who had seen through the silver wolf that jumped in with a feint with 《Intuition》, inserted the fence into its mouth. He didn’t need much power. He just held the bar fence with his right palm on his hip and clenched the stick with his left arm.

Just like this, the silver wolf was impaled. Yogim wanted to praise it because it was a good dog for not resisting much. But, another friendly wolf jumped at Yogim’s throat.

Yogim welcomed the wolf with a hug. He wrapped his arm around the silver wolf’s throat, flipped the body, and twisted it. Without his skill, 《Intuition》, Yogim was nothing more than a muscular man, and although he was once an adventurer, his strength was average at best.

“How long do you want to keep playing around? Let’s go quickly… before it’s too late.”

Beyond Deborah’s sad gaze, was reflected a huge monster charging into the village.

“There is even “Tyrant Worm”?”

Even peasants who tried to counterattack with farming tools and self-defense weapons were pushed back to the wall to death by the Tyrant Worm. Yogim and Deborah wanted to do their best to keep the village last longer, but it was hopeless.

“Let’s move our butts. The burden is too heavy for a weak peasant. It’s just right to leave it to those Highserk soldiers.”

Yogim together with his family left the village, which had become a hell of screams. Of the 478 villagers, only three people and one horse were saved.


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