Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 57

57. Chapter 57

『”The Flame Emperor Dragon has appeared. Repeat. The Flame Emperor Dragon has appeared, ah, AAAHHHH, DRAGON BREATH――”』

The soldiers of the Ferrius Front, which now guarding different routes, had lost communication from Dandurg Castle. The HQ on each route was surrounded by heavy air.

The enemy’s main force was attracted to Dandurg Castle, the monsters rushing to the remaining two invasion routes were reduced and the monsters there were steadily destroyed.

“Dan-Dandurg has been destroyed by the Flame Emperor Dragon. And the Dragon has passed it.”

“The Flame Emperor Dragon seems to go straight toward the Imperial City!! Mountains and valleys on the way are being destroyed, it can’t stop the invasion.”

“Even a company-sized unit full of magic users can’t do anything.”

“Why is this happening…”

“The monsters that escaped from Dandurg are coming. They’ve reached our vanguard.”

The defense plan was collapsing. Although there were still nearly 20,000 soldiers left in Gerard’s hands, even after intercepting the invasion on the three routes, more than 300,000 monsters and even the Flame Emperor Dragon were approaching the capital.

The Highserk Empire had nothing against the dragon. No troop, no tool, and no strategy. The dragon species couldn’t be subdued or repelled unless there was help from the “Crumbling Giant”, or “Great Spirit Magic”, or “Merciful Sea Dragon”.

The eyes of the HQ soldiers who were about to leave the country gathered in Gerard, searching for salvation. 

Gerard who was pondering the situation, slowly opened his mouth.

“The Jaff cavalry will be returned to the capital to guide the peoples there. If it’s them, I’m sure they will be fast enough to reach there.”

“Such a valuable force!?”

Even when standing at the forefront, the usually nimble Gerard spoke seriously with a heavy tone.

“The defense of the Imperial City is, impossible. Even if we go there with the horse at full speed and built defense layers, it’ll be still useless. People will be on stress and can’t show their power in such situations. Rather, while we are holding down the monsters with our best, as many as one person shall be evacuated outside of the country. We shall go to the friendly country among the three great countries. If we go to that archipelago, I’m sure that clever Flame Emperor Dragon shouldn’t even try to come.”

“Are we going to abandon Highserk, our country?”

One of his subordinates approached Gerard to denounce him.

“That’s right. We’ll throw away our beloved Higsherk, our Empire.”

Gerard said without hiding anything.

“We are lost already. The thing loser one can do is to attract as many monsters as possible, bury them, and die with honor.”

To the staff who had lost their words, Gerard continued.

“If we run away all at once, there will be more lives of the soldiers who will be saved. But if we run away in a disorderly manner, more people will die. As long as you survive, Highserk will be preserved and continue to live. We can’t let all of our people turn into ash and dust.”

Gerard knew that his words sounded like a death sentence. Still, Gerard declared.

“To our dying homeland, we shall show our loyalty. May luck follow the remnants of the Empire. Bless the Empire!!”

Gerard said so with confidence regardless of whether he was resented or blamed by his people in the Netherworld. Gerald loved his country, Highserk Empire, the citizens of it, and the soldiers from the bottom of his heart.

No one welcomed his words with cheers or applause, but no one could disagree. Everyone felt the need to be the abandoned pawns here.

The wall had disappeared over a width of 30m. Fortunately, the lower 2m of the 10m high wall, kept its original shape while still melting slowly.

The problem was that some of the monsters scattered in the distance seemed to want to resume their attack on the castle again.

“Is there any Platoon Commander!!? Even a Squad Commander is good.”

About 6 people gathered, and Walm let each person command 30 soldiers and conveyed their role in this battle.

He had a large number of citizens collecting materials and all obstacles from the castle. Ironically, or fortunately, it wasn’t difficult to find materials because the castle tower and part of the wall passage collapsed.

“Earth attribute magic users should form a clay wall!! Other magic users should go up to the rampart and keep blocking monsters!!”

Walm gave instructions in quick succession. Compared to the approaching monsters, the problem of inheritance of the chain of command was trivial.

“Archers, spares no arrows. If we fail here, the castle will fall!”

It took about 10 minutes. A fragile 4m clay wall was completed. Walm couldn’t hope more. After all, the enemies were rushing and now, in the range of attack.

Magic attacks by magic users had begun. Attack magic such as ice spear, earth bullet, wind blade, and fireball, was greeting the monsters at the front. Among the attackers were adventurers that Walm welcomed the other day.

Amy, an excellent archer, shot arrows at as many monsters as she could. The monsters leaned back and fell to the ground. Fleck, a great shield user, hit the upper body of the werewolf that was ahead of him with a large shield reinforced with 《Iron Wall》.

Al, who once had a deadly battle with Walm, cast wind magic and used a sword to slash the approaching monster.

A Highserk soldier who was caught by a silver wolf, fell into a predicament and was trying his best to hold the fangs from piercing his throat.

At the moment Walm rushed to help, the blue-haired adventurer, Al, dexterously cut off only the head of the Silver Wolf and rescued the soldier.

“It was the correct choice to not kill you.”

When Walm praised him, Al distorted his face.

“That’s, thanks.”

No further words were needed, and Walm refocused on the monsters.

The archers who arrived at the position shot arrows without stopping. A stone smashed the monster’s head.

Still, it wasn’t enough to stop the monsters and they began to stick to the wall built in rush. Soldiers randomly poked a long spear at a monster trying to run up the wall.

Walm also cut off the throat of the orc that was crawling up with the halberd, and thrust a blade at the temporal region of the Kobold that was right next to it.

When the leg of one of the soldiers was grabbed, he was dragged by the monster to their pack, fresh blood was scattered as if a tomato got crushed inside a mixer.

Another wolf jumped at a soldier and bit his adam’s apple.

Walm swung his halberd up from the bottom and hit the greedy wolf. The wolf who flew in the sky disappeared into the swarm of monsters while spreading its viscera.

It was “Lizardman” that jumped out into the wall, holding the stolen sword and shield. It threatened Walm with its long tongue and reptile eyes

Right now, Walm didn’t want to see lizards. He prepared his mana and slashed the lizard from the right shoulder to the waist while using the skill 《Strike》.

“Disappear, you damn lizard!!”

Walm was aware that he was just venting his anger at the lizard. 

He then hooked the upper body of the still breathing lizardman with his halberd and hit it against the goblin.

Walm turned his eyes to the giant that was pushing away the monsters around him.

It was a “Horned Grizzly” covered with thick fur, fat, and muscle. It had low intelligence, but when luck wasn’t on your side, you might suffer unexpected heavy damage.

“<Fire Lance>!”

Walm, who manifested the spear of fire with his left hand, threw it at the bear. The horned grizzly, which was hit directly by a fire lance on the chest, fluttered around, spread the flame involving the surrounding monsters, and died.

Fire attribute magic, which was supposedly red in color, changed to blue after learning《Demon Fire》, and its power jumped up.

Perhaps Walm was judged as a difficult enemy, a monster with a clear distinction among others was approaching him. It was a monster holding a two-handed sword. The monster was, a headless ghost knight, “Dullahan”.

Glared at each other for a while, but an orc jumped in with a threatening sound.

The orc failed at doing a surprise attack. The torso of the orc that tried to attack Walm was inserted by a halberd and was cut off in one go.

At that moment, he saw the Dullahan was preparing to attack him. The Dullahan was preparing to slash Walm with 《Strike》.

“Can’t you just die peacefully after getting killed once!?”

It was just Walm’s useless wish.

Walm pulled out the sword on his to the ghost knight who would want to slash him and end his human life.

At the same moment, the mask trembled innocently. 

When the blue flame wrapped the blade, the engraved words emerged.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

A two-handed sword and a sword made from a mithril alloy collided. A terrible collision sound echoed on the battlefield when《Strike》collided with 《Strike》.

Walm, who won the sword fight, slashed his sword horizontally at the left arm, but the Dullahan pulled the body back and the sword was accepted by a two-handed sword.

He changed the angle of the sword in a sliding manner and aimed the finger, but the tip of the sword was repelled with the sword guard.

It was said that confronting an opponent who didn’t have a clear weakness such as the head, was troublesome. But it was far more troublesome than Walm had imagined.

Skillful sword skills and strong armor, and because it was something like an undead, the movements didn’t slow down with only small scratches. Even attacking the joints wouldn’t have much impact.

Whatever Walm’s speculation about the Dullahan was, the battle couldn’t be prolonged any longer.

As the tip of the sword was repelled, he used wind magic to close the gap.

Walm’s blow, which was slashed from the top, was caught by the sword, but when he pulled the sword, he immediately slashed the wrist.

With the remaining right hand, the Dullahan skillfully manipulated the two-handed sword, but Walm smashed it from the front with his strength amplified by mana.

He cut the Dullahan diagonally from the shoulder to the waist, and a blue flame overflowed from the body. The Dullahan stood still without rampaging, only to suddenly fell onto the ground like a doll with a broken thread.

“This time, you’ll be sent to hell for sure.”

While praying that the blue flame would bring the soul to the Netherworld, the disturbing Dullahan corpse was dropped from the walls. 

Is it the time? 

Seeing enough monsters, Walm activated 《Demon Fire》.

The monsters were rushing away from the castle wall, but they bumped into each other with the monsters that were about to attack the castle, and the blue flame spread.

“While Knight-dono is holding down the monsters with 《Demon Fire》, Rebuild the formation!!”

The Platoon Commander shouted.

Once the formation had been rebuilt, the movement of the Highserk soldiers was getting better. For now, Walm had only to concentrate on maintaining the blue fire.

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, means “if you want peace, prepare for war”
Perhaps, the sword is something used by one of the heroes in the past

Also this is the sword design

Walm’s new longsword design

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 266

266. Who is the King


The sticks were put inside the cylinder and mixed.

“Okay, let’s get started!”

Everyone nodded to Shino-san’s words. After confirming everyone, Shino-san advanced the game.

“Everyone, to make it easier to pick up the sticks, come close please… Alright, then, once I give the signal, grab your favorite sticks! This game is first come, first served, so everyone should be enthusiastic. Okay?”


Someone was really nervous.

“Ready… now!”

At that moment, Minori-san’s hand moved like a flash of light, at least in my eyes it seemed that way. And maybe the stick she was aiming for was the same as Minakatain-san, her hand was attacked from the side. While the two were fighting, Yachigusa-san secured the stick the two were fighting over.


Mishima-san was taken aback by the series of events. Yachigusa-san laughed at her success, and the two who had lost the chance to get the stick they wanted, clicked their tongues and picked other sticks. But the conflict wasn’t limited to here.

“Shino… Can you let go of that hand?”

“Yuzuka, I was faster than you, right?”

“Shino, your eyes got worse? I was faster by all means. You need to go to the doctor soon.”

The stick was making sound, or perhaps it was from their hands… but they didn’t loosen their hands.

“Ah, why don’t you two play paper-scissors-stone?”

There was no sign of giving up either, so when I suggested that, the two reluctantly played paper-scissors-stone, and the winning Shino-san picked up the stick she had been aiming for.


The loser, Yuzuka-san, had tears in her eyes and chose a different stick.

Maizumi-san slowly picked up one of the leftover sticks, and Mishima-san too.

In the end, what I got was the stick that remained until the end.

It’s just the first game… why do so many things happen in only one game? Well, in the end, everything ended smoothly…

“Everyone? Are you ready? Then! Who is the King!?”

Everyone checked their sticks all at once. And the ones who had bitter faces were easy to understand. That should be the case, since the king was me.

“The king is me”

When I said that, everyone looked disheartened. But at the same time, they somewhat looked relieved, perhaps because they knew that at least it wasn’t one of the girls.

Well, now, what to order… I’m sure, these girls will be more than happy doing something erotic, but, in that case, I feel like my standing position as a gentleman will be shaken. No, I can’t let that happen. I always want to be looked at as someone noble.

I thought a little and decided to give a safe order.

“Alright, then, No. 4, please do push-ups thirty times.”

When I ordered that, they looked at each other. It was a sporty order, but for those who were proud of their power, for sure they could even do it with one hand.

“Who is No.4?”

“Well… not me”

“Not me”

“It’s, me…”

It was Mishima-san who raised her hand.

…… Why it must be the weakest girl here?

“Um, so, I must do push-ups, right? Alright… yeah… it’s okay…”

As Mishima-san moved, she put her hand on the floor and started doing push-ups.

“O~ne… two~………”

…… After thirty times, Mishima-san lay her boy on the floor. Usually Shino-san would be worried, but it seemed that she was different today.

“Yuri-chan, Yuri-chan. Are you okay? If it’s hard on you, you can rest in the room, you know?”

“That’s right. Yuri, should I bring you to your room?”

Shino-san and Minori-san were calling out with shiny smiles. The other girls nodded. 

They’re trying to reduce the number of competitors huh…

“I’m, okay…”

Mishima-san was returning to the original place. 

…..You don’t have to force yourself, you know? I mean, you really want to do something erotic to me to that extent huh?

“Okay, then let’s do another one!”

Put the stick back and it was the second game. Everyone pulled the stick again, and I pulled the last stick again.

” ” ”Who is the King!?” “ “

“Oh, it’s me again …”

Everyone looked disappointed again. 

Uh, the “desire sensor” is reacting!? Well, too bad…

“Then, this time, No.2, please do squats thirty times.”

“No, 2…”

When I spoke the order, Mishima-san had a stunned expression on her face.

“Hmm, perhaps, is it Mishima-san again?”

To my question, Mishima-san nodded with crying eyes. 

……Hmm, even if you see me with that kind of eyes… rule is a rule, The King’s command is absolute!


Mishima-san finished the squats and declared her determination like a hero.

“I, I’ll definitely win.”

The third game, the king was… me again…

Well, since it’s come to this, I should be consistent, right?

“This time, No. 5, please do 30 sit-ups.”

At that moment, Shino-san turned to Mishima-san.

“Never… I won’t lose … I’ll win…”

After saying that, Mishima-san started doing sit-ups. Seeing that, Shino-san and the others turned to me with an indescribable face. I suddenly look away from their line of sights. Then Minori-san spoke in hesitate.

“Hmm, Kohaku-san. Please stop the boot camp if you may…”

No no, I’m not purposely doing this!

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 265

265. Speculations and Desires

….What on earth are you thinking? If you look so serious after my proposal, it’s like you wanted to request something “adults” in the first place… Where did that graceful lady you mentioned earlier go?

‘Don’t hesitate’… When Shino-san said that, her eyes weren’t that she wanted to play a light game. And it seemed that Shino-san wasn’t the only one who was serious about this. 

I heard a dull sound like joints crackling. When I turned my face to it, there was Minori-san with a scary face and a murderous aura, as if she was about to head for the decisive battle.

When she noticed my gaze, her face turned red and she shyly said,

“I-I-I’ve been doing martial arts for a while, so even if it’s a game, I can’t help but get serious…”

But, it doesn’t seem like you’re just serious about the game though? like seriously what do you want to request?

The other “ladies” were just as serious as the two. Once again, I was being reminded that eroticism could drive people crazy.

Then, I heard a dry sound. It was the sound of Minamikatain-san hitting the desk with her finger, and everyone’s eyes were drawn to the sound.

“It looks like everyone is more serious than I expected, so let’s make the rule properly”

“…What do you mean?”

Yuzuka-san asked to confirm.

“Well, it’s not that big deal. For example, you can’t give the same command, or you can’t give a command including everyone, something like that.”

“Ah, I see. Certainly, it wouldn’t be interesting if all the orders were the same, ‘I want this number to take a hot spring with the king.’ “

“Yeah, that’s right. As for not including everyone in the order, I trust the spirit of fair play. I mean, It’s too disadvantageous for Kohaku-kun.”

Certainly, as Minamikatain-san said. Even though I was okay with having a bath with everyone, it won’t be interesting as a game.

“Okay. Then as the host, I’ll decide the order. You can’t give the same order. The maximum number of people you can include in one order, excluding the king, is three.”

“Yeah. I agree!”

Minamikatain-san screamed at Shino-san’s declaration, and it seemed everyone else also agreed.

…Is the King game always a game where everyone becomes so serious? I mean, even if you have an erotic intention, usually the participants will start the game with a light-hearted feeling… right?


Miyabi Minakatain was pleased that her proposal was accepted. Of course, that kind of inner feeling was kept only in her heart. Kohaku’s words made this game something that everyone had to take seriously.

If Miyabi didn’t make the above proposal, if she wasn’t good at saying it, everyone would have repeated, “Number “O” and the King enter the hot spring” endlessly until they got Kohaku. And some of them might have given priority to the fact of going in together with Kohaku and said, “Everyone goes to the hot springs.”

It was a completely difficult act. After all, why would anyone with a right mind, be okay with showing another woman the naked body of the man they liked? Well, perhaps some might have such a fetish, but a woman named Miyabi Minakatain didn’t like “NTR” in particular. That didn’t mean that she hated it to the core, just that if there was a chance to monopolize the man herself, she would want to monopolize the man.

In addition, the expected value of likability that could be obtained would be different between entering with everyone and entering with only the man.

There’s no doubt that by entering with just him, the likeness will increase, and the deepness, the density, will reach a new level. Perhaps he will awaken a love feeling towards the girl. 

Only a fool is okay with missing such an opportunity. Anyone who is worried about losing here and chooses a safe measure, isn’t suitable for him.

Miyabi glanced at Shino and Yuzuka. 

Unfortunately, the alliance doesn’t mean shit here… All or nothing, get it all or get nothing. That’s all.

Miyabi stretched out and waited for the game to start.


Miu Yachigusa was enthusiastic. She didn’t think she want to miss this chance.

Other girls were paying attention to what Kohaku had said about being okay with taking a bath together, but Miu was different. She was certainly very attracted to that, but she wanted to take this opportunity to make Kohaku aware of her existence, as a woman of choice.

Miu was aiming… to sleep with Kohaku… 

Taking a bath in the hot spring will only last about an hour long, but sleeping together will last for eight hours at the longest, and if we stay in close contact during that time, he’ll be conscious of me!

Miu knew. In terms of sexual attractiveness, compared to other girls, her body was inferior. And that was why she thought that she had to fight differently.


Yuri Mishima was troubled. She was thinking hard about what should she order when she became the king…

Should I get the marriage registration stamped? Umm… it’s a little impossible…

Should I bet on the chance?… I guess I should try mentioning it? Perhaps, he’ll understand what I mean… perhaps I have a chance…

What should I do…

Yuri Mishima was really troubled.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 264

264. King’s game

Yachigusa-san brought disposable round bamboo chopsticks from the cafeteria.

Wrote a number on each, marked the last one in red, and the preparation was complete. The King game was a really easy game.

“Let’s get started”

Clearing her throat, Shino said the beginning of the recreation activity. On the other hand, everyone shouted “Yay!”, and applauded. They were all excited but, Maizumi-san suddenly raised her hand.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know the rules.”

Perhaps she felt sorry for ruining the excitement, she had a somewhat helpless face.

“Aaa, sorry, sorry. Okay, hear me, the rules are simple. Each chopstick has a number written on it. Apart from that, only this one chopstick has its tip painted red.”

“I-I see…”

Maizumi-san murmured when she looked at the chopsticks that Shino-san had in her hand as if she couldn’t understand what Shino-san wanted to say.

“Mix this in this tube with other chopsticks and all of us will pull it. That’s it.”

“? Is that all?”

“Yeah, and the person who pulls the stick with the red mark becomes the king.”

“King…? What would you do if you become a king?”

“You can say whatever you like!”

“Whatever I like?”

“Yeah. But you can’t name the person. Use the number. For example… No. 2 and No. 3 wrestle with arms!… Something like that.”

“….. Aahh, I see.”

Maizumi-san nodded to Shino-san’s explanation.

“The participants absolutely have to keep this king’s command!”


“Of course, within the range allowed”

“Mmm… I understand! In other words, you can’t say, ‘Transfer all the shares of the Toukain Group’!”

“Yeah, that’s right… but… were you thinking of ordering that?”


“Say something!”

Maizumi-san looked away from Shino-san and said to herself, “It looks like tomorrow will be a good day.” 

If what Maizumi-san said was okay, it would have been a hellish game, no, a war where you put your own life.


At that time, Mishima-san raised her voice gathering everyone’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her wondering if something happened to her without me noticing.

“Well… Hatano-kun is here. I think the King should be careful in giving orders.”

“Me? Why?”

“Ah, I see. That’s true.”

“That’s right. I agree with Yuri-chan.”


Minakatain-san and Yuzuka-san seem to understand, but I still didn’t understand. Minori-san shyly looked at me.

“I mean, what about that… a little naughty command.”

“…..ah, I see”

When I said that I understand, Shino-san responded to it.

“That’s right. Then, radical order is a no…. Specifically, taking off clothes is out of question… Of course, as a lady, no one in here thought of ordering that from the beginning. Right?”

“Huh… Of course.”



Listening to Shino-san’s words, everyone shook their heads vertically, but I felt that they were somewhat dispirited. 

…… Well, I’ve played King’s game in my previous life, honestly, most of them are playing in the hope of ordering something erotic. Sure, it was also for increasing everyone’s excitement. But, if you blatantly made such a command, the girl will look at you with dead eyes, and it may even lead to something troublesome.

But, in this world, the girls are the one who has such des…imagination.

Especially since they are still young, I’m sure they have some expectations. 

……Huff, all right, today is the first day of summer vacation. There is nothing to lose in taking off a few clothes. I mean, it’s summer! Yeah, it should be okay.

“…I don’t really mind”

” ” “eh……?” ” “

The girls were dumbfounded by my words.

“I don’t really mind, even if you give a naughty order.”

” ” “Eeeeeeh!!!” ” “

The girls were synch in showing their astonishment.

“The thing Shino-san said earlier, Let’s allow it.”

“Wait! Kohaku-kun!”

“Yeah, let’s allow radical order. Let’s see, because it’s summer. Let’s do something to cool ourselves, yeah… specifically, let’s make it okay to order something like “taking a bath together”.”

When I said that, they were silent.

…… Hmm? Where’s the “Kyaa, Kyaa!”, aren’t you all supposed to be excited? I mean, your expectation has been officially approved by a man. You all can order something naughty you know? 

Shino-san exhaled when I was lost in my own thought.

“Fu, fufufu. Kohaku-kun, Are you serious?”

“I’m serious. I won’t take back my words.”

After hearing my reply, Shino-san asked again.

“Kohaku-kun, you won’t take back your words… Is that right?”

Shino-san’s eyes were dark and her voice was low.

I involuntarily gulped but still nodded my head.

Shino-san, who saw my reaction, smiled. But, instead of the usual bright smile, it was somewhat dark, full of desire…

“I see. I can feel Kohaku-kun’s determination. Then, it seems, there’s no need to hesitate…”

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 56

56. Chapter 56 – Living Natural Disaster

Even with many conflicts in mind, Walm had no choice but to be amazed at the body that could fall asleep, albeit only about 2 hours.

Stroking the chin, he could feel the stubble growing beard on the unmaintained chin. Moving to the cheeks and he could feel he had lost some fat.

Got off the castle tower and went through the corner where the refugees were close to each other. A man groaning in pain, an old man looking up at the sky as if he got stunned, and a mother holding a child passed by the edge of the field of vision.

Most of those who had just seen would be left behind at Dandurg Castle early tomorrow morning. Looking over them, the result was burned more clearly in Walm’s mind than fire could.

Walm thought that he should think about such a matter after everything was over. But he changed his mind, after all, he felt a chill run through his spine when he thought about what would happen to him if everything went wrong.

The soldiers, whom he passed by, looked busy. Walm thought they were soldiers informing about the operation, but it didn’t seem true.

Walm felt a sense of discomfort. The noise disappeared from the ramparts where the battle continued even when he slept or was awake. His heart was beating fast, and it was as if there was a bell ringing in his mind telling him to run.

“Oi, look!!”

The soldier pointed at something and shouted.

Walm, who ran up the ramparts and reached the roof of the tower, took a breath. The monsters that were supposed to fill the surroundings, were moving away.

Neither arrows, magic attacks of the magic users, nor any ranged attack was needed. 

Ground-breaking, world-shaking, earth-shattering… there weren’t enough words that could describe the events that just happened.

“The monsters are pulling away. It’s a lie, right?”

“Our win? Did we win?”

Many soldiers were delighted by the miracle. Only those who have good intuition had a pale face. Walm felt something that was similar to the ebb tide before the tsunami.

“Look around! Don’t neglect your search, don’t miss anything!!”

To confirm the status quo, Walm, who was squinting, caught an unbelievable thing.

“Did the mountain just move?”

“No way, it’s impossible”

“No, no, it’s definitely moving.”

The mountains couldn’t move. Walm wanted to believe that it was just an illusion, a hallucination, but the soldiers around him also noticed it.

“What? The mountain is burning.”

“It’s not a mountain, it’s not a mountain.”

“Oh God, it’s a “Dragon”, a dragon species has arrived!!”

One of the soldiers guessed the thing they were seeing. 

The famous “Gigantic Dragon” was heading straight to Dandurg Castle.

“What, is that?”

Walm desperately restrained his whole body from losing power. Seeing the thing, it could be said that the crawler he fought before was just a slightly big lizard. Something befitted to be called a “natural disaster with a will” could be clearly seen with the naked eye.

A living natural disaster, the height was well over 40m, and the mana coming out from the body pierced even the surrounding atmosphere. The scales looked so red burning like lava.  It was radiating a dangerous feeling that told, you shouldn’t touch and disturb it.

Every time it took a step, the dull earth turned bright red.

“No way… it’s one of the “Five Great Dragons”, it’s the Flame Emperor Dragon!!”

“Flame Emperor Dragon!? It hasn’t been witnessed for 150 years. Why is such a monster coming?”

“The great outbreak must’ve woken it from slumber.”

Among the dragons that were the champions of the ecosystem, the dragons that stood at the top were the ones with “Emperor” in their name. Even Walm, who was ignorant of monsters, could understand it.

Only the two great dragons that the three big major countries in the past had subdued, and it was for mankind’s survival. But, it was largely due to the thing called “Crumbling Giant” and “Great Spirit Magic”.

In the long history, catastrophes caused by dragons had been passed down as a myth. A story about the great alliance of 100 countries that were on hegemony or a great empire being destroyed by a dragon. Such a monster belonging to a group of “Mankind’s natural enemies”, now turned its fangs into the Highserk Empire.

A monster that even if the Four-Countries Alliance and Highserk decided to work together still couldn’t be sure of winning. Now, the monster was approaching Dandurg Castle, where almost no great figures were present and only had at most 20,000 regular soldiers, including the militias.

“Are you kidding me? Contact the HQ, NOW!!”

“What should we do? Immediate retreat!?”

“Take out the ballista…?”

“Is it something that can be managed with such a thing?”

Soldiers ran through the ramparts. It was unavoidable to advance the strategy. Walm also wanted to agree and prepare for the retreat, but because he was more sensitive to mana than ordinary humans without skill and magic users, among the soldiers in the ramparts, he was the first to catch the sign.

“Get, Get away! Get away from the castle!!”

“Knight-dono, what do you mean!?”

“What? Why the mana is swirling?”

Walm raised a voice that made the soldiers in a state of confusion, even more confused. 

The air, no, the mana is forming something. 

A huge jaw gate was opened, and the mana that distorted even the space was compressed.

“Wha-! That’s… No way…”

A visible swell of mana spread around the Flame Emperor Dragon. The earth was burning and the soil was melting.


The ultimate attack that only dragon species could do, the 《Skill》 that could pierce the earth, tear the sea, and break the sky, was called 《Dragon Breath》

In the ramparts, Walm entrusted himself to the strong pillar of the gate tower, curled like a baby, and deployed a magical barrier with all his might.

Soldiers were running into the gate tower and some were in the shadows of buildings to improve their survival, even if only slightly.

A few seconds after taking the defensive posture, a glow that seemed to cause the retina to burn, was released.

Even Walm, who had the highest level of fire resistance, felt the heat through the magical barrier and the skin got irritated. The rubble and dust covered the body.

Walm was drowning on the ground due to severe tinnitus and an abnormality in the three semicircular canals. The rubble repeatedly hit the armor. His limbs were also dull. He was finally able to move after a while.

Walm got up from the rubble and looked around.

Charcoals were scattered here and there. None kept the original shape of the body. And no one seemed to still be alive.

“Ack… No f*cking way…”

The castle that got hit directly was in a terrible state. It was hollowed out in a circle and literally disappeared. In the aftermath, the surrounding area was surrounded by fire.

The burnt-down rubble crushed the fleeing refugees.

Breath, which arrived while evaporating the earth, melted a corner of the wall like butter, and the mountains behind it disappeared, only then did the breath finally decline.

“The Headquarters…”

The headquarters, which was packed by the Brigade Commander and Battalion Commanders, had been wiped out without leaving any dust. A single blow wiped out one-third of the Highserk soldiers and refugees, and the chain of command in the castle was about to malfunction.

The flame emperor dragon, the main cause of this, continued in its invasion, moving further to Walm’s homeland without looking at Dandurg Castle again. The arrogance it showed was as if when you wanted to blow away some dust from sight.

“AAHH, aaAAAHHHH!! WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT!!!….. F*CK THIS WORLD!!!! WHAT, what do you want me to do…”

Couldn’t stand the reality, Walm hit the gate tower and roared. He bit his lips and the unbearable taste of blood spread.

The figure of comrades who once fought with him appeared in his mind. Next, those whom he shared the time with from Sarajevo Fortress passed through his mind.

“Ayane, Maia, Moritz!!”

After returning to the absurd reality, Walm left the wall and rushed to where his subordinates who right now might be still in the treatment center.

“He, elp, me, ee, ugrh…”

“Haha, No way, it’s a lie, a lieEEE!!”

Many got their limbs crushed by rubble, got burned all over their body, and couldn’t even stand up, only a few were safe. Many were in need of help.

He wanted to at least bring them to the treatment center but, pulled back the outstretched hand and kicked the ground. 

Walm abandoned them. Many were no longer likely to be saved, and he had decided who should be the top priority.

The crying voice of the children and the screaming of the soldiers, were following Walm all the way. 

As he got closer to the destination, more injured people, more burned people, and more dying people, could be seen.

Fortunately, the treatment center was spared from the Breath.

“Move! Move!!”

People were rushing to the treatment center. Those who have been burnt, those who hold their families, all raise their voices for salvation.

Innumerable patients were lined up on the outer wall of the treatment center, and many of them had died. Every time the skin adhered to clothes and equipment, the skin was stimulated and the patients groaned in a low voice.

Walm sneaked into the gap between the injured. 

Inside, he saw the beds were all filled and even the unsanitary floors were flooded with patients.

The large room, which should have been ventilated, was soaked with death odor. The mixed smell pierced the nasal passages. 

The healing magicians were casting magic, and medics were running around the room.

There was Ayane in the center. The apron was contaminated with blood and flesh, and she looked very tired, but her hands never stopped.

When the relieved Walm exhaled, Ayane noticed Walm.

“Walm-san! You’re safe!?”

Although Walm was lightly covered in soil, he wasn’t injured.

“I was in the shadow of gate tower and it saved me. I will gather the soldiers who still can walk and we’ll evacuate immediately. The headquarters was burned down and the walls were wrecked. Monsters are rushing in, we need to run.”

Walm devised an escape plan. He had no experience in group command, but with the help of Moritz, he thought that they could gather the surviving squad and platoon commander, and if luck was on their side, perhaps even the company commander.

It was necessary to stay as far away as possible from the invasion route of the Fire Emperor Dragon. The detailed evacuation destination could be planned while escaping.

“… I can’t.”

Walm was surprised by the words Ayane said. He thought that maybe it was because she didn’t understand the situation.

“I will protect you along the way. It’s hopeless here.”

“What about the people who are injured and can’t move, the people of Myard?”

“They’re not even from Craist, they’re from Myard.”

“It doesn’t matter what country they are from. I, I want to save them.”

“Are you stupid? Do you want to die? Don’t get drunk with self-sacrifice. Be a good girl and follow me!!”

Walm roared, pulled out his sword, and burned the floor. The surrounding area calmed down due to the sudden assault. Walm grabbed her shoulder and tried to drag her out.

Still, Ayane looked at Walm without fear.

“… I don’t want to die. I’m scared of swords, and monsters. Still, I can’t, I can’t abandon the person in front of me.”

Ayane’s body was trembling, but her eyes were full of determination. It was easy for him to throw it out as a joke.


I’m such an idiot.

The girl Walm thought was weak had a firmer belief than Walm, who was about to abandon his duty, the country he was obliged to protect.

“The “clock hands” will not spin on reverse. You know that… it’s too late”

Walm tried to silence the girl and looked at the place where the headquarters was. A large number of Battalion Commanders and Company Commanders were gathered here in the adjustment before the retreat, but their existences had been erased. No one survived the attack.

Some soldiers might be aiming to leave, but nearly half of the soldiers who hadn’t been informed in advance were stuck, and didn’t know what to do. 

Forcibly gathering as many soldiers as possible and routing outside the castle must be the right choice.

The brigade fell into a half-destroyed state, and the chain of command collapsed Walm wasn’t the only one who was in dismay. There was a crowd surrounding him, the Knight, the Escort Captain.

“Knight-dono, what should we do?”

“There are no more higher-ups, not even one Battalion Commander left.”

Highserk soldiers who bravely shoot down the enemy until a moment ago were in dismay and waiting for instructions. 

The original order should be to retreat early. Even if more than half of the soldiers and people would be lost――

Walm, who was about to open his mouth, found that someone grabbed his sleeve. It was a crying girl who was looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

“Please, help….”

Her voice was weak like an insect. 

Don’t think, it’s just an illusion… 

What can a mere soldier, a human like me can do?

The injured, the soldiers, and the citizens looked at Walm, asking for salvation.

You’re all asking the wrong person.

They weren’t wrong, it was said that even if the HQ was lost, the policy should be kept and the leader should be inherited by the highest rank soldier on the spot. But, unfortunately, deep down, Walm was just a weak man who believed in miracles. He was in fact, among the lowest class military personnel.

Damn it!

Inwardly spitting out a curse word, Walm made up his mind.

“… Block the hole in the walls, even if it’s rough. Any soldiers. Follow me!!”

Whether the choice he made was correct or incorrect, the sword had been pulled out. Walm had no choice but to move his feet forward.

TN: So, the kanji used for the dragon subspecies, the Crawler is “竜” which is usually used more to name the western type, while the one used for the Flame Emperor Dragon is “龍” which is older kanji, and usually used for the eastern type.  And in the east, a dragon is more mythical and sacred.
For sure, now, many didn’t really care much about it, and many used “竜” to describe any dragon, since this kanji is the new one.
But the fact is the author used a different kanji. Perhaps it’s to make it easier for the reader to imagine the appearance of the dragon or there is another meaning…

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 55

55. Chapter 55

The wind magic that dwelled in form of the blade, <Air Blade>, was unleashed and the monsters that rushed under his eyes were sprouting blood like a blooming flower.

Al, was an adventurer who had risen in rank by doing subjugation and escort requests, unlike the labyrinth-specialized adventurer, which might have many battle experiences and good items. He had only done a number of battles with monsters, perhaps about 100 times.

However, how many people could stay in front of this number? Normally thinking, surely not a lot.

Al had already shot dozens of wind magic. Amy, who was in love with him, continued to shoot monsters with 《Strong Shoot》. [TN: it’s different from the skill 《Hard Shoot》]

Fleck, who didn’t have his own long-range attack method, was also trying his best on throwing stones.

The earth and sand that came out during the construction of the empty moat were accumulated in the ramparts, and it was refined by magic users with earth attributes into a lump of soil that had hardness comparable to stone. Combined with Fleck’s strength, who used Great Shield in the battle, it was enough to break the orc’s skull.

There was an effect. It should have been. But, the wave of monsters didn’t shake. It was like throwing pebbles into the ocean.

A resident of the village where Al lived had escaped into the castle. He couldn’t let the monsters break through the walls, even if he must force himself. There, he remembered the former party members.

A four-country alliance conducted a rebellious operation against the Highserk Empire. At first, it was just a rumor, but they actually started collecting adventurers at exorbitant prices.

The content of the operation was hidden until the last minute, but considering the exceptional reward, the more you thought about it, the more suspicious and dangerous the request sounded.

Amy and Fleck’s injuries hadn’t healed completely, and Al himself wasn’t an exception. The Principality of Myard also suffered a devastating defeat in the battle near the capital city, Aidenberg, and was annexed except for the territory on the Lake Celta.

Following the defeat of the Principality, Al fell into a sense of loss and helplessness, and with members who were still healing their injuries, he avoided the request.

Al must have been distracted at the time. He was unaware that two members of his party had left the hideout. Given the timing, they must have accepted the request. After all, Leethia was interested in the request of the Alliance.

Al noticed some dark emotion in Leethia’s eyes after the party members were seriously injured in the guerrilla battle with Highserk soldiers.

For sure Al did his best to take care of her. And considering that she went lefty, he thought she wouldn’t take any unreasonable actions. He realized that he had made a mistake as a leader, and so he only wished for the two to be safe, but then a great outbreak happened not long after.

The cause was unknown and no good information came in, but given the timing and their request of adventurers, there was no doubt that the Alliance must be the cause.

Al wanted to get information about the safety of the two, but he couldn’t have any spare capacity in his mind.

Al was about to run out of mana but the wave of monsters didn’t seem to end.

“Who could stop this kind of thing…”

At that moment, Al doubted his eyes at the unusual sight. There was someone on the edge of the ramparts.

“What are you doing!?”

A Highserk soldier looked as if he was about to throw himself out of the rampart. It was unclear whether he was pushed down or not, one thing was for sure, the monsters that filled the ground were trying to welcome the human.

Al had seen soldiers fallen from the ramparts finely minced by the monsters and he didn’t want to see it more.

Al, who could use wind magic, might be able to run to the soldier, but it was impossible to rescue the soldier while beating the monsters and return to the ramparts safely.

Al looked carefully at the soldier, trying to keep an eye on the soldier’s ending. One of the eyes that could be seen through the mask, was muddy. Such an eye gazed at Al for a moment, giving him chills on his back.

The muddy eye belonged to the person who ever made Al have a cold sweat.

Visible mana flowed from the body of the soldier, together with unbearable heat and violent wind.

“Oooo, it’s the 《Fire of Hell Gate》!!”

“Captain Walm wants to invite them to hell.”

Al had also heard rumors about the user of 《Demon Fire》. A Highserk soldier burned down Ferrius and his guards in the Battle of Aidenberg, overran the enemy’s chain of command and wrecked the defense layers alone in the Battle of Sarajevo Fortress, and took one of the Craist’s “Three Heroes” as a prisoner.

The monsters were reaching out to the soldier, but they screamed all at once and some of the monsters behind tried to take a distance. The monsters were rampaging like madness, trying to escape from the blue flame.

“To think it’ll be to this extent…”

Al felt the heat even though he had a magic barrier on and his lips and eyes were dry. He wondered what would happen if a human with poor mana received it in the immediate vicinity, and as he imagined it, he gulped.

Seeing from the perspective of an ally, nothing was more reliable than him. However, those who were hostile would be invited to hell.

Recalling the exchange in front of the castle gate, Al gulped. He realized that he was lucky. If Walm had the intention to kill him and his groups, he wouldn’t be here now.

At the same time, Al was truly grateful that Walm hadn’t awakened to 《Demon Fire》 when they fought against each other.

The blue flame kept burning monsters into carbonized corpses. The soldiers, including Al, were fascinated by the scene as if they were possessed.

Three days after the monsters reached Dandurg Castle, the Highserk Empire’s army, which had been trying to defeat all monsters, began to see a glimpse of it.

Except for the invasion of monsters that could fly and monsters with excellent jumping power, neither the castle gate nor the walls had been crossed, and no monsters that were ranked high in the A class such as the feared crawler had been confirmed.

Nevertheless, the fatigue of Highserk soldiers who continued to fight in shifts had reached its peak. After all, the number of monsters outside the castle that were rushing in day and night didn’t decrease. Despite well over 30,000 monsters, had been defeated.

Walm consumed his mana for 《Demon Fire》and had been resting for 3 hours. After another hour or two, he would have to use the skill again.

The soldiers packed in the barracks during the break were sleeping as if they were dead. Walm also covered his ears with a cloak and fell asleep until recently. Inside the castle, the rotting odor of monsters that had begun to rot around the castle was drifting. In the room with blood and sweat, the smell was already out of order, and now it became worse.

Fortunately, there were some solutions for the corpses outside. Living monsters were eating dead monsters instead of troops.

A soldier stopped in front of Walm when he finally got comfy and felt sleepy again.

No way, there shouldn’t be a devil who will wake up a soldier who only has a little time for sleep to chat or have a meal in here…

Walm confirmed lightly. 

“I’m sorry for disturbing your break. The Brigade Commander is calling you for urgent news.”

The man was a messenger. Walm made a judgment with a dull brain, thinking that it must be an important matter.

“I understand. I will go immediately.”

After lightly dressing himself, Walm entered a room in HQ following the messenger.

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“Finally, you’re here.”

Brigade Commander Sigismund welcomed Walm.

“How about the frontline?”

Walm reported on the status quo without hiding it.

“We have succeeded in repelling the monsters that are rushing in day and night, but the fatigue of the soldiers is about to reach its peak. The number of arrows and thrown objects is going low, and now the firepower of the magic users is the lifeline.”

The attack of the magic users with fire and wind attributes that had good firepower was the core of blocking the monsters that rushed in. In terms of the degree of being abused, the ones with earth and water attributes were forced to use their mana until dry.

The ones with earth attributes who could knead the soil hard like a stone had been working on the production of something to throw and sometimes used <Earth Bullet> to attack.

Regarding the ones with water attributes, in addition to offensive magic, they had been supporting the villager by producing drinking water. They were an indispensable existence.

“How long do you think we’ll last?”

As the number of monsters kept increasing, the fatigue of soldiers would also accumulate, but the attack method of the monster would become more complex. Large-scale volunteers had been joining day by day, but the current situation wasn’t good.

“…I guess we can maintain the status quo for a few more days. Some of them seem to start using their wisdom such as digging up the ground and even preparing logs for battering rams to break the walls.”

Walm was prepared to be criticized for being pessimistic, but his opinion was accepted favorably.

“It’s a good deduction. In a few days, hand-to-hand combat will begin and exhaustion will jump in magnitude.”

“For now, we’re still in contact with the capital. And it’s been decided that we will abandon Dandurg Castle while we still have spare energy, and stall them here as much as we can. The place for withdrawal has been decided and the troops to withdraw have already been secretly prepared.”

Walm, who couldn’t wipe out his unpleasant premonition, asked questions carefully.

“Secretly… should it be to avoid confusion?”

“Yeah, to avoid confusion. We will start retreating all at once in the early morning of the day after tomorrow. When the soldiers in the ramparts consist of more volunteers and prisoners.”

Walm had expected a retreat, soon or later. He believed that it would still be in the planning. So, being told to retreat all at once the day after tomorrow was a complete surprise for him.

“Is it a retreat the day after tomorrow!? What about the Myard people in the cas――”

“Unfortunately, those who are not in time for the move have no choice but to stay in the fort and wait for the wave to stop.”

“Wait it to stop…? I’m sorry for being rude, but isn’t it the same as sending them to die? There are only a limited number of them that can pass through the castle gate where access is limited. And what about the Highserk soldiers left――”

The gate is already limited, and with an excessive number of refugees in the castle, all of them couldn’t retreat.

Walm’s opinion ended without being told to the end.

“You are not the only one who disagrees and complains, but do you think you can prevent those monsters? You can’t protect the people even if you fight until exhausted. It’s just a matter of time before the complete annihilation.”

As a soldier, Walm could understand what the Brigade Commander said. In short, they would hang attractive baits to attract enemies, scraping off their strength and earning time with the discarded pawn.

What Walm found difficult to admit was that bait would be the majority of Myard people. It was different from the rescue that those Myard people envisioned. The only consideration was only for those who could follow, that deserved to be saved.

“Escort Captain, I hear from His Excellency Gerard that you are a soldier who is faithful to the command. This, is the command.”

It was fake salvation. The characteristic of the great outbreak was that it would go into a densely populated area, and if the Highserk soldiers that were said to have a great power gathered at Dandurg Castle, the people who ran away for their lives would come here for asylum.

Then, the monster would be invited to the strong place holding the refugees. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what would happen to the people in the castle if the top in command retreated all at once.

In Walm’s mind, an old general called the war god with a smile that looked good at first glance came to mind. If even one more of his country’s people could be saved, he would sacrifice many of someone considered unnecessary. He was an old man who had strong patriotism, who would gladly throw other country’s people into a large pot of boiled water.

“Of course, I don’t need to say more. If it’s you who is loyal to military affairs, I believe you will comply. I said so, just in case.”

The Brigade Commander smiled, but his eyes were dyed black and on the back of his eyes, he wasn’t laughing. 

As expected of the companion of His Excellency.

It would be easy to say that it was inhuman. But, in the eyes of the Brigade Commander, you could see the unwavering color of belief and determination, full of emotion like a human being. Literally, he wanted to successfully defend his home country even if he must offer other people, as an offering.

No matter what Walm might say, nothing would change. He couldn’t change.

“I would like you to help maintain the communication line. If all goes well, I’ll be able to save “some”.”

The Brigade Commander whispered as if he had spotted hesitation in Walm. 

You think I can refuse? 

I’m nothing more than a soldier, a citizen of the Highserk Empire.

You think I’m okay with dragging my homeland to ruin just because I’m worried about other countries’ people?

Poetically and literally, it was as if he was being asked “What do you wish for with such a muddy eye?”

Walm could only clench his teeth and reply.


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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 263

263. Dinner in Toukain’s villa

After relaxing in the room for a while, as Shino-san said, all of us met again and were guided through the villa. Dinner was prepared in the meantime.

Now, we were having a meal in a friendly atmosphere. By the way, the menu for today’s dinner was somen noodles and vegetable tempura. Perhaps it was quite light because we would have a barbecue the next day.

For sure the somen noodles were very delicious. Before I came here, I had heard rumors that expensive somen noodles were delicious, and that rumor was true. Compared to what I had ever eaten so far, the somen noodles here were clearly chewy, in overall, the taste of the noodles itself was different. 


It’s really delicious. 

Mishima-san was surprised. It seemed she had the same impression about the noodles as me.

“This is really delicious… I didn’t think somen could be so delicious.”

Everyone began to give their impressions to follow the words.

“Right. It’s like you can feel the strength of its elegant look…”

“Miu thinks so too! To be honest, I didn’t like somen that much, but this one, Miu likes it!”

“You can eat as much as you wantー”

My first dinner here is peaceful… Yep, this is nice…

I thought so, but,

“I’m glad you all liked it!… By the way, did everyone bring the guidebook for the trip?”

“ ” “Hmm?” ” ”

We questioned Shino-san’s sudden words. 

Why so suddenly? I mean we’re eating right now, so I guess… 

I thought so, but,

“Of course!”

“That’s right. I’m bringing it too.”

” “ “Eeeehhh!?” ” “

For some reason, Yuzuka-san and Minakatain-san seemed to have brought it.

“Right, the guidebook is the best way to check your travel schedule!”

“Umm… So, what is it?”

“Miu-chan, look. This is probably what Shino wanted to say.”

When Yachigusa-san leaned her head in confusion, Yuzuka-san, who was sitting nearby, answered while handing a guidebook. Yachigusa-san looked over it and she suddenly made a happy face.

“Oooo! Recreation! It must be something fun!”

“Ah, you’re right. It’s written in the schedule.”

Maizumi-san, who looked into the guidebook that Yacchigusa-san was holding, nodded after she confirmed herself.

“So, what exactly we’ll do?”

After wiping her mouth elegantly, Minori-san asked a question. Upon hearing that, Shino-san replied cheerfully with a smile.

“It’s a king’s game!”

“I see…”

“Miu has never done it”

“King… game?”


Everyone’s reaction to the words “King’s Game”, was different.

Minori-san looked convinced, and Yachigusa-san looked happy. Maizumi-san didn’t seem to know what kind of game it would be. And Mishima-san, her face turned red.

…This girl, I’m sure she’s thinking about erotic things.

“Oh, Serina-chan, you don’t know the King’s game?”

“Yes, that’s right, but I can easily imagine what kind of game it is based on the name!”

With that said, Maizumi-san spoke with confidence.

” ‘King’s Game’, based on the name alone, must be a game where each of us becomes a king and run a nation. And we will compete for the prosperity of the country in charge. The player of the most prosperous country will be the winner! In short, it’s an intelligent simulation game where you can wage wars and plots during the game. Right!?”

“Sorry. It’s totally wrong.”

“Yeah, I know I’m rig- wrong!?”

Maizumi-san, who was immediately denied and had tears in her eyes, was comforted by being stroked by Yachigusa-san. 

… Am I the only one here, who thinks what she said would be an interesting game?

“But, a king’s game huh… I’ve never played it, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too. I’m so excited.”

Minakatain-san and Yuzuka-san said so and smiled. Not only the two, but everyone else, except Maizumi-san, looked somewhat excited.

“I’ve prepared for it! Look!”

Shino-san showed a cylinder with sticks inside it.

“As expected of Shino-chan!”


“Oh, can you show me that for a moment?”

Being praised by Minori-san, Shino-san got embarrassed.

I was watching them while drinking the tea. The maid who came to clean the plate and bowl after I had finished eating, put the dessert.

When I thanked her, her face turned red.


When I was thinking about that, I heard a sound.


“Ah, ahaha… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break it, I just wanted to touch it a little.”

When I saw the direction of the sound, there, Minori-san had a broken stick in her hand.


“I’m sorry. I’ll go to the kitchen and get a substitute chopstick.”


“Ah, Miu wants to go to the toilet, let me tag along!”


Shino-san twitched.

And for some reason, Yuzuka-san and Minakatain-san too.

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 54

TN: Brace yourself from this ch till the end of arc 1

54. Chapter 54

It came without warning. 

The alarm bell kept ringing crazily. That meant only one thing, to signal the arrival of the main wave.

“Evacuate!! Go inside!!”

“Don’t push! There’s still some leeway. Don’t go out of the line!”

A soldier who was waiting around the castle gate guided the citizens who moved out of order as if a shepherd dog gathering the sheep.

The troops that were hunting outside also began to withdraw with all their might, crushing the quick monsters with the blocking firepower of the magic soldiers.

Fortunately, each platoon devoted to patrols, reached the gate and there was no omission of workers.

The chains were rolled up, the suspension bridge slowly closed, and the double gates were closed too. The complete blockade of the castle gate was just the beginning.

“Go into position!!”

“Bring the soil for “earth bullet” and stone for throwing up to the ramparts!”

It wasn’t that right to call it a storm. It would be unreasonable to call it a tsunami. A large wave of monsters was rushing to Dandurg Castle.

There were no residents in the surrounding area as they had already rushed to Dandurg Castle. It was easy to imagine of the one late in running had been caught and devoured.

The place where Walm was assigned was the gate tower installed beside the castle gate, and he could see the movement of monsters outside the castle and the movement of soldiers inside the castle.

Magic users, archers, and stone-throwing soldiers were on the ramparts, some were looking from the arrow slit. Even the veteran Highserk soldiers could be seen here and there.

“Wait for instructions and then launch the attack!!!”

The Battalion Commander who managed the ramparts shouted loud enough not to lose to the rushing ground noise.

Several marks around the area indicating the effective range were made beforehand so that even after the monsters started filling up the ground, the sense of distance wouldn’t be disturbed. 

Everyone took a breath and waited for the command.


The sling holding the stone bullet began to rotate with noise, and the moment it reached the maximum rotation speed, the stone was released from the sling. Stones were rushing to monsters in a parabolic motion. Few monsters died as the stones fell down, but for sure blood was shed.


The strings pulled to the limit were released all at once. A rain of arrows poured on the monster. The monsters at the front stopped as the arrows pierced them, but the monsters behind crushed them. The madness didn’t die.

The monsters at the front were fallen every time the arrows were fired, but the next monsters immediately ran over them.


Magic users with the highest firepower on the battlefield began to cast magic. Its destructive power was overwhelming. The side attacked by the concentrated bombardon of magic was greatly scooped out, and many monsters were lying down on the ground.

Still, it didn’t take long for the holes to be restored. Seeing it, the soldiers’ faces were cloudy.


The monsters’ heads were crushed by stones, and corpses were soaring in the sky because of magic. Even after the arrows pierced the chests, the wave didn’t seem to end.

A group of golems, which had been made with earth magic in advance, greeted monsters outside the castle, but it was like a drop of water in the ocean.

“They’re here!!”

When monsters stuck to the wall, they randomly hit the wall, trying to wear it down. Goblins and orcs were the ones that reached first in a large number, but the monster that couldn’t be ignored started to be seen.

“It’s troll!!”

The troll carrying the big tree while scattering saliva, was approaching the wall. It had already been pierced by countless arrows, but it didn’t seem to stop any soon. “Earth Bullet” was prepared in a large amount, as it was the most economic in terms of mana consumption among the four attribute magics and was the easiest to use on the battlefield. The troll’s head was hit and the skull was crushed.

The giant fell to the ground and the soldiers cheered, but the voice was cut off immediately. When a group of orcs carrying the troll’s body reached the wall, they used it as a stepping stone together with the surrounding corpses. Walm didn’t know if they had a sense of companionship. Still, there was no doubt that the dead monsters were only used as a material to gain height.

“Look at the sky, it’s Death Condor!!”

Dozens of flyable monsters were attacking soldiers with a drop. A claw cuts the soldier’s throat, they screamed as they were knocked down from the ramparts to the ground. Some were taken to the sky and dropped when they reached a certain height.

It was clear that the monsters were gaining momentum. Walm realized that the intellect between monsters was that different.

Walm was also informed that there must be a monster that could be called the leader of the great outbreak. 

Even though they’re just a bunch of monsters…

A new flock of death condors was about to land on the ramparts to do their nasty attack. Walm rushed in anticipation of the attack point.

“If you don’t want to die, head down!!”

The mask was trembling happily. The demon fire that embodied his mana was released into the sky. Blue flame swallowed the flock. They tried to escape, but the high heat disturbed the wind, and the swirling hot air was drawn in by the death condors.

The ones that were hit directly were burned to death, and those who escaped immediate death also had their feathers burned down. As the airflow was disturbed, they crashed to the ground with a jarring scream.

Walm looked down from the ramparts without feeling satisfied. A monster grabbed the death condors, and a monster with fangs bit them and piled up the corpses.

This seems to be a good time.

Walm leaned forward and jumped off.


“The Escort Captain has fallen!!”

Sad screams echoed from the soldiers in the ramparts. It was a familiar sight to Walm.

The captured weapons, claws, fangs, and horns were turned to Walm as if they couldn’t wait to pierce his skin. This welcome was the first time in a long time, and Walm naturally released 《Demon Fire》with a smile.

The hot air was late but it then spread without knowing when the blue flame would stop.

A big chorus of screaming had begun. Walm would be reluctant or hesitate if the opponent was a human, but his opponent right now were monsters that didn’t require consideration.

Immediately after Walm learned the skill, he kept using it, and its duration, power, and operability were significantly improved since then.

Blue flame swirled and swallowed the surroundings. All the monsters within 10m had already died, and the monsters within 20m had been burned by the blue fire that continued to rampage. There were even monsters that die of lack of oxygen or from the pressure of the hot air. A confused ogre tried to escape from the blue flame by beating and killing nearby monsters.

Some of the monsters that didn’t know to stop finally show a sign of retreating, albeit slightly.

Walm stopped his skill before his mana ran out and kicked up the wall with wind magic returning to the ramparts.

A wide range of monsters was killed and injured, and the monster in the center was carbonized. The monsters that had forgotten the sight were approaching resumed their advance in searching for a meal. It was as if they had awakened from a bad dream.

“Let me rest for a while”

No one stopped or say cursed Walm for returning to the resting room from the ramparts, instead, he was sent with cheers.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 262

262. The meeting between the three

Yuzuka and Miyabi were bitter after receiving Shino’s smile. No matter how much she said that they must protect boys, there were things that even maidens weren’t good at. Such as paranormal activity.

However, as Shino said, they were in an alliance, and that meant they needed to cooperate with each other. Even if there was a fact that each other would try to outsmart each other in their way to conquer Kohaku.

“Uhh… I understand. Well, since we go together, I’m sure it won’t be that scary.”

“That’s right. I’m not scared if we all go together!”

Agreeing with Miyabi’s words, Yuzuka somehow got excited.

“So, that’s all? If so, I’ll go to my room.”

Shino smiled and denied Miyabi’s question.

“No. Rather, the real talk is from now on.”



Then, wondering what Shino wanted to say, the two tilted their heads. 

Shino saw them and sighed.

“Huff… Did you see the plan properly? I made it with my best, so take a look.”

Shino took out the guidebook and showed it to Yuzuka and Miyabi.

“See here!”

Shino spread the guidebook and pointed to a certain part. The two followed Shino’s fingertips, and read the letters written there. “Recreation (After dinner)”



“What the hell are we going to do?”

Yuzuka still didn’t know what Shino wanted to say, and asked. 

Shino replied with a smile as if she had expected the question.

“King’s game!”

Yuzuka and Miyabi made a face saying “Seriously?” to the words, but then…

“No way…”

The two were terrified when they realized that perhaps they could make an obscene request to Kohaku. 

However, Shino laughed at those two thoughts.

“Ahahaha, no way!”

“Ah, of course, right! Ahaha…”

“Ahaha… haha…”

The three laughed cheerfully at each other. 

After laughing for a while, the three stopped laughing and talked with serious faces.

“…But just a “little skinship”… is okay right…?”

“…Well, if it’s just a little… I guess it’s okay…?”

“Rather, it’ll be strange if not even one request is like that… right…?”

“I mean, the King’s command is absolute, right…?”

“You don’t know what command will come. And that’s the fun… right?”


“That’s right. Also, even if we don’t, the other girls may dare to make a naughty request to Kohaku-kun…”

When Shino heard the words, she nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right. And that’s why…”

Shino sneaked her hand into her luggage, took out the tools she had prepared, and said,

“To some extent, I think we need to get things in place.”

“… I see… You’re right.”

“It can’t be helped. It’s for Kohaku-kun. Yeah, this is necessary…”

With that said, the three laughed with their innocent faces. However, inwardly, they were full of evil spirits.

When Musubi, Shino’s personal maid who had changed into maid clothes, saw the situation, she sighed while thinking, “They’re trying to do something strange again.”



After I was guided to the room, I checked the inside of the room. There was a small refrigerator in the room, which contained mineral water. It was like a hotel room.

……I see, there’re various items here enough for a while. And according to the maid, she would do the laundry as well. It seems there’ll no inconvenience here

After checking the rooms, I sat down on the bed, and lay down as it was. It was soft.

Since it was a long-distance trip by car, along the way, we stopped at the roadside station and eat a specialty dish in the area. It had been a while since that, so I was hungry.

…This is bad, I’ll likely fall asleep if I’m not careful. 

I regained my mind and went out to the balcony to see the scenery for a change.


The ocean view seen from the balcony was beautiful and I finally felt “This is traveling!”.

…But on this trip, I’m the only man…

I thought of the future and concluded, that the possibility of the girl coming to my room could be said as high. It was fair to say that my situation right now was as if I was running on a “normie road” at a high speed.

Well, right now, there’re no real competitors since the other men aren’t that interested in the opposite sex……. But, if I let myself be attacked, it’s like degrading my value as a man, and if Housei-san knows it… there’s a danger that his evaluation of me will drop at once… I feel that the difficulty level is increasing because of that old man……. But other than that, isn’t my situation relatively good?

If I aim to go high, it’s the same in the previous life, I need to make a reasonable effort here too. Huff, the reality isn’t that easy no matter where you are.

…… If I have enough money, maybe I should get some nice real estate. Make full use of personal connections to tell me about good properties, and aim for passive income!

Looking at the sea from my room, I thought so.

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 53

TN : Chapter 3 of the manga came out yesterday in japan, it covered ch 11 – early part of ch 13 of the WN

53. Chapter 53

The castle gate wasn’t closed and the construction was continued.

With the slogan “1mm deeper, 1mm higher” for the empty moat and the embankment, people were working on the defense line. Regardless of whether they were soldiers or militias. Even girls and children who couldn’t tolerate heavy labor would throw the stone and soil away.

Many platoons were killing approaching monsters at the outer edge, and the soldiers were dispersing as it was necessary to kill as many monsters as possible.

A monster with an edible part would be dragged into the castle and used as emergency food. Walm, who had been insensitively killing monsters until now, had finally learned that other than the edible part, some other parts could be used as a material for armor.

In addition to the guard soldiers, the soldiers that successfully fled here were also guarding the gate. Right now, in this place, there were only three distinctions: combatants, workers, and non-workers. Age or gender didn’t matter.

All the Myard people who arrived at Dandurg Castle were lightly covered in dirt and it looked like their fatigue had reached its peak. The family passing in front of Walm had the father carrying luggage and the mother carrying a baby.

When the lines of sight cross, the family bowed to Walm, albeit awkwardly. 

Walm pointed to a corner of the castle.

“Get some food there”

After seeing the smoke of cooking, the family thanked him again and their faces looked relieved. On the other hand, Walm’s face became cloudy. To be honest, he wanted to tell them to ignore the shady castle and warned them to leave the castle immediately.

He understood that it wasn’t a good thing for a soldier to give such command. There was no solid evidence that it would be the best choice after all. No one could say for sure that the soldier could block the outbreak on all three main roads in Myard.

When Walm shifted his gaze, a group of 100 people could be seen. In a situation like this, while there were many sparse refugees, a big group was rare.

After all, a group without good resistance would be equivalent to a feast for the monsters.

He looked carefully at the group and realized that, the one leading the group was fully armed, and many villagers behind also had weapons or farm tools in their hands.

Judging from the blood on the weapons, it seemed that they had pushed out a considerable number of monsters on the way. The intrigued Walm squinted his eyes as he saw someone he had seen before.

“Knight-dono, where are you going?”

The soldier guarding the gate noticed that Walm’s expression had changed.

“There is something I’m curious about. I’ll leave for a while.”

As the group realized a person left the gate and was approaching the group, the tension increased. About four or five steps from the group, Walm realized that it wasn’t just his own misunderstanding.


In the group, there were adventurers and the Myrad soldiers who once threatened the supply route and killed Highserk soldiers.

“Why did you come here?”

The face of the blue-haired adventurer at the front was distorted as if he had bitten a bitter worm. He seemed to have recognized Walm too.

“I know I’m saying something convenient but… I want you to help us.”

The man escaped from the monster to Dandurg Castle, so it was the answer Walm had expected. 

Walm deliberately tapped the surface of the longsword on his waist with his fingers.

“Where is that pride of Myard? I just worried about the possibility of backstabbing from behind. Now that you’re in a bad position, you dare to ask for asylum from us?”

Walm wouldn’t blame the man if he was just a normal Myard soldier or a prisoner of war. The problem was, that not only the man but the other adventurers and the soldiers in front of him had a strong patriotism and attacked the Highserk soldiers from behind before.

Walm didn’t deny those who were motivated by their love of hometown and strong patriotism. He could understand them. But, that was also the reason he couldn’t be convinced that easily when those people suddenly acted the opposite just because they lost their place to the monsters.

“At that time, we still had a chance. The situation is different now. Myard… has lost completely.”

“What a very shallow patriotism.”

There, Walm recalled the environment of the countries. Surrounded by unstable Demon Territory, it was an area where rulers change frequently. 

Especially in the Highserk Empire, which promoted assimilation policy, it was often the case that only the head was replaced and the territory would be incorporated into the Empire. The occasional bounces and uprisings could be suppressed with overwhelming force.

As of now, the government in exile had been established on the peninsula bordered by Lake Celta. But, perhaps many still didn’t know about it.

If the homeland is on the brink of being destroyed, will people change their attitude faster?

“You think it’ll be fine just because you bow your head?”

The close ones didn’t die in the battle with them, but the soldiers with who Walm had exchanged words, albeit a few times, were still killed in action.

“What should I do?”

Hearing that, Walm smiled.

“Could you give me your neck?”

Walm felt the murderous intention swell from the group. He returned it with only a straight face, seeing from one’s end to the other’s end.

“You want to fight again? I’m a knight who keeps the gate. If you can’t give it, go somewhere else. Also, I can’t trust the villagers who pretend to prostrate, and support the soldiers and adventurers who like to attack from behind.”

“We don’t have our homeland to rely on anymore, we’re being chased by monsters, and the castle is full of armed Highserk soldiers. We’re not stupid.”

An adventurer with a bow complained to Walm about their plight, but Walm didn’t shake.

“Is it useless except for the neck?”

A man with a large shield asked Walm if there was an alternative.

“I need to draw the line.”

Walm didn’t answer clearly.

“And that’s by giving Al’s neck…? It won’t happen.”

The woman who was holding the bow came out from the side.

“Shut up girl, I’m talking to him.”

Walm said in a strong tone.

“Amy, stop.”

An adventurer called Al wrinkled his eyebrows and kept silent for a few seconds, but gave up and spat out words.

“…Okay. I’ll give my neck.”

“Al, don’t say stupid things.”

The woman grabbed the man’s shoulder, but the blue-haired adventurer shook it off.

“It’s the only choice.”

“Is my neck not good? Al and Amy are the people valuable to the village. I can’t let them die.”

The man holding a Great Shield, who fought with the Squad Commander Duwei before, said so.

“Stop this joke. Fleck, don’t say that!!”

“He wants mine. You don’t have to die.”

Leaving Walm in dismay, the three began to argue.

“Huff, the other guys? Are you going to stay on the sidelines? I won’t limit the candidate. Anyone’s neck is fine.”

Walm lazily asked, but the people in the group just looked at his face and didn’t say anything.

“Pathetic. Even all the dead Myard soldiers were brave, better than you all.”

Walm provoked, but they moved their gaze from Walm and didn’t answer.

In a sense, Walm felt reassured and satisfied with their human reaction. On the other hand, the drama of the three people continued. 

It’s better to watch a soap opera than this…

It had already developed into a sour dispute.

In truth, Walm wasn’t really willing to take the man’s neck, though he would have cut the neck without hesitation if he had been instructed by a Company or Battalion Commander.

That said, he didn’t want to kill a well-experienced adventurer in an emergency like this and reduce the overall strength that could be used in dealing with the monster. And if he did take the man’s neck, it would only increase the grudges of the people, and he could be seriously stabbed from behind during the battle.

However, he couldn’t say that he didn’t want anything.

“You guys, shut up. Then, line up there… tch, rest assured. I won’t take your neck.”

The three people seemed reluctant to line up side by side.

“Good. Instead, I’ll distribute the pain to all of you.”

“What do you mean?”

Al asked with suspicion about Walm’s suggestion.

“I’ll hit you three until I’m happy. No, I’ll hit you all. Well, don’t worry, I won’t hit until you die.”

Walm made a slight run and punched Al’s face with his fist. The carving was deep, the tall nose bent, and blood blew out.


The blue-haired adventurer stood up silently. Walm grabbed his hair, and kicked the face with his knees, twisting the nose further.

“Yep, it’s flat now.”

The man with the great shield stepped forward himself. 

I like his spirit.

Walm hit the man’s cheek with all his might. Even after a few hits on the face, the man didn’t fall down. The face swelled but Walm kept hitting it. When the chin finally shook a little, the man collapsed to the ground.

The woman with the bow was quiet, standing straight. Walm suddenly squeezed his fist into her flank, not her face. The woman whose liver was struck in pain distorted her face and her body bent.

Hit the woman who endured the hard-hit again and once again. By the third punch, gastric juices came out from the mouth, wetting the ground.

The three continue to stand again silently. After three rounds, the faces of the adventurers swelled as if they were bitten by countless bees.

“The rest of you, line up. I’ll just hit three times.”

The remaining Myrad soldiers clenched their teeth and lined up in a row. 

By the end, the ground was dyed with blood, vomit, and gastric juice.

“There is no second chance. If you betray even once more, I’ll cut the tendons of your limbs and throw them one by one from the wall passage to the ground.

After giving time to chew the words, Walm concluded.

“Alright, enough with the reunion party. Welcome to the Dandurg Castle.”

Walm laughed at the villagers, shaking off the blood on his fist, but sadly he didn’t get a warm cheer nor a cheerful reply.

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