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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 253

253. Plan for summer vacation

I was drinking sweets and tea served by the maid in the room where I was told to wait. The scary thing was that the sweets and tea served here were so delicious, it was hard to stop.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, it’s really delicious.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Actually, I made it.”

“Eh? Really? Are you the one in charge of cooking here?” 

I asked a female maid who looked a few years older than me.

“No, that couldn’t be. The one in charge of cooking is a real chef. However, the sweets are special sweets that the retired pastry chef taught to me directly. For now, amongst the ones who could make it, I’m the best, so I’m always in charge of it.”

“I see, it’s really delicious. I hard to stop picking it.”

“Young lady also likes it. She always makes a fuss about eating too much of calories.”

Dangerous… I’ve to be careful too.

With that in mind, the door was knocked on when I was enjoying the sweets. The maid responded with natural and quick movements and opened the door.



It was Shino-san who came into the room. We stared at each other silently. Shino-san’s appearance was more beautiful than usual. Her make-up was usually natural make-up, but now she put on a make-up that gave a slightly mature impression.

“! ……!?”



With a strange scream, Shino-san was about to escape from the room, and the maid had caught her neck.

“Young lady, where are you going? The guest is there.”

“W-why Kohaku-kun is here?”

“Because Master has brought him here.”

That’s right. And I don’t even know the reason.

When the maid releases Shino-san, who was lamenting in a low voice “A surprise attack is not fair”

“Then, please call me if you have any needs”

The maid bowed down and left the room. And what was left, only me and Shino-san.

“H-Hello, Kohaku-kun”

“Hello Shino-san”

“G-Grandpa told me to deal with the guest, so…”


“Um… there’s a game of life, want me to bring it out?”

Game of life? Just two of us? Better call it game of hell… I mean, why did you choose that?

“I’ll pass this time, rather I got some really delicious snacks, so let’s eat together.”

“Ah, that one is delicious. I love it too!”

“What about the calories?”

“Wha-! Why do you know that!?”

“The maid told me.”

“Meanie! Why she’s spreading a maiden’s privacy like nothing!?”

Shino-san raised a voice of protest while swelling her cheeks. But it wasn’t really my fault, so there was nothing I could do about it.

“Kohaku-kun is a meanie these days…”

“? Hmm?”

“Always makes me on pins and needles all the time. But, always so kind to othersー”

“I think I’m also kind to Shino-san, too?”


Shino said so and leaned her upper body on the table. Even though she was dressed elegantly, she looked so sloppy. Shino continued her story.

“Kohaku-kun, don’t you ever panic?”

“Of course, I have. A lot of time!”

It happened today! When I met your grandfather! I was so nervous that I couldn’t taste the shaved ice properly! As you may tell it to Housei-san, I won’t tell you the details!

“I-is that so?”


“For example?”

“… You don’t need to know.”

“Eeee, what is it? Tell me, tell me.”

I didn’t reply, and it becomes a little quiet. Then Shino-san opened her mouth.

“Kohaku-kun. It’s summer vacation soon.”

“Right. It was very hot today. It’ll be even hotter soon.”

“That’s right. It’s already summer. The holidays are coming soon.”


I felt some pressure in the words even though Shino-san say it with a sloppy attitude.

“Well, do you have a plan for summer vacation?”

“I have a plan to go to the sea for the time being.”

“God is deadー!”

Shino stood up suddenly. She rushed to my side.

“Why? You supposed to say,’I haven’t decided yet.’… I did my best to invite you, you know!?”

“Ermm… even if you say so…”

I thought you just wanted to ask about my schedule. Rather, it was your grandfather who invited me, you know?

“Yuzuka and Miyabi-san are all sly. It’s not fair! Kohaku-kun, I also want to have a date with you! So mean. I’ll definitely go to the sea with you! No matter what!”

Shino-san, who suddenly whining was seen by the maid, and got scolded.


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