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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 42

42. Chapter 42

The first impression Ayane had of Walm had to be the worst. Walm killed the Craist soldiers, disguised as a Ferrius soldier, and let her treat him. Moreover, he set the treatment area in a blaze, burning her childhood friends.

Without showing his inner conflict, Walm explained to the girl.

“I’m Walm, the one who will take on the role of supervisor and escort from today.”

“… I’m Ayane Sugimoto.”

Ayane’s attitude toward Walm was icy. Still, she didn’t reject him outright. Commander Gerard said she had been “persuaded”, but that was hard to believe. Maybe, he had planted magic tools or some kind of insect in her head to make her a little obedient, Walm thought when he heard that.

“I’m Maia, a healing magician. We’ve met once, right?”

The other was a woman from Ferrius who worked as Ayane’s assistant. She introduced herself, but her tone was clearly sarcastic. Walm knew that anything he tried to do now to repair the relationship would be useless.

“Yeah, thank you for the other day… four people, including me, are always watching you two. I don’t plan to interfere when you give treatment, but in an emergency, you must follow my command. Okay?”


At that moment, Walm thought he felt more comfortable on the front lines than where he was now.

The treatment was endless as long as the mana was still there, the healing magician had a saying about it.

The wounds that would have made you want to look away, the lacerations, and even the arm that threatened to decay were healed. Since Walm had killed many people, he could understand the horror of the wounded soldiers who returned to the front in good shape.

Maia’s knowledge and skills as an assistant were also great. Through a simple application of recovery magic, the broken bones could be joined, albeit foreign objects, torn bones and muscles might be left in the body. If she used the recovery magic carelessly, serious after-effects would remain. But, by using water magic and making the proper incision, they were removed in a short time.

Here, Walm was reminded of one of the factors that supported the offensive of the enemy soldiers who attacked the layers.

In the end, the sabotage Walm feared didn’t happen, and the two healing magicians continued their work without rest. The soldiers gave them a thank-you word, even though they knew both were the enemy healing magicians.

Walm was seriously concerned that some of the soldiers might be moved by the kindness of the two and show them more affection than necessary. More than 100 severely wounded soldiers, who might not be able to see tomorrow, were healed to the point that they could even return to the battlefield immediately. Only after seeing the recovery magic would everyone agree that the girl had to be one of the “Three Heroes”.

After some time passed, there was a declaration that the two were out of mana, and thus, the treatment for the day was over. As expected, the color of fatigue in their eyes was deep.

“Today’s work is over. It’s time for a meal. Follow me.”

In a cell-like room, soup made from boiled birds, potatoes, and beans, herring pickled in salt and herbs, vinegar-soaked cabbage, bread, and fruit liquor were lined up.

Although they were all well-preserved foods, they were the best foods Walm knew that could be eaten on the frontline. It was an extraordinary treatment for someone who became a POW.

Walm also knew that sleep and diet were important because healing a person required physical strength and mana.

The two continued to eat in silence. All that was left now, was the fruit liquor.

“Minors shouldn’t drink alcohol, don’t you think so?”

It was a frank question from Walm, but Maia frowned.

“Even though I look like this, I’m 21 years old. Ayane-sama is also an adult, she’s 16 years old. It’s surprising to be “belittled” as too young.”

Ah, my bad habit of thinking with my past life values is coming out…

In this world, once you hit 15 years old, you would be called an adult. You would be counted as a full-fledged person, good or bad, whether you wanted it or not.

“Then, do you both hate alcohol?”

The two answered Walm’s question.

“I have never drunk it.”

Well, if you were a lawful minor in the old world, that would be the case.

“I don’t like it.”

Maia didn’t seem to like alcohol. 

Walm took preserved food and pot out from the magic bag. At first, when he did what he would do from now on, he was confused by the feeling of the tip of his wrist becoming ambiguous, but once he got used to it, he recognized a convenience that couldn’t be explained to others if they had never used it.

“Then, you could have this instead.”

Mana was poured into the shallow pan with cheese on it, and the melted cheese spread inside.

“Don’t hesitate. Instead, I’ll get the fruit liquor. You can enjoy it by spreading it on bread.”

Hesitantly, Ayane spread the melting cheese on the bread and ate it.

“So good.”

Walm felt that Ayane’s face, which had always been tense, was only now loosening somewhat. She had gone to war under the name “Three Heroes,” but deep down she was just a teenage girl.

“I’ll ask His Excellency if he can change the fruit liquor with something else if possible. I can’t promise it’ll happen, but I will make an effort for it. After all, even though you’re a “prisoner of war”, you’ve been doing a good job.”

A work is a work after all

Walm didn’t feel like cutting corners or becoming too intimate with the two, he just wanted to avoid monitoring in a heavy atmosphere all the time. 

After seeing both finished their meal, Walm asked the other soldier to watch as he walked away to take a short break in the next room.

“How about when it’s your break time? After I’ve taken a break, I’ll drink with you. Or do you hate alcohol?”

To Walm’s question, a soldier replied with a serious look.

“Alcohol is life.”

After finishing the night guard duty, the day was over.


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