Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 41

41. Chapter 41

After regaining consciousness, Walm was guided to a room in the fortress.

Commander Gerard Berger, this was the third time Walm saw him. Previously he saw him with the battalion, then with his squad, now only Walm alone.

“I’ve been waiting. Sit down.”

“If you insist then please excuse me.”

Walm sat down face-to-face without hesitation.

“First of all, let me thank you. The achievement of burning the camp of the Four-Country Alliance, destroying the chain of command, and taking one of the “Three Heroes” as a prisoner, is comparable to legends, to myths. Now, no one in the Ferrius Front who doesn’t know you.”

To be clear, this was an overestimation. Walm was trapped and slept with the corpses for about a week. He survived only by chance.

“I’m overwhelmed by the compliments from the “War God”. You overestimated me too much ―― My survival was only a coincidence. When the battalion was on the verge of destruction. I couldn’t do anything.”

“The destruction of Liguria’s battalion is a great loss, both publicly and privately. There aren’t enough key personnel left, and there’s no prospect of reconstruction. But, Walm-kun, it is not good to under evaluate what you have done. If you say it’s just an overestimation, it’s the same with me being called a “War God”. Humans would show their true talent only in a deadly situation. And you, have achieved it. You must be given the proper evaluation and reward.”

Gerard Berger told Walm as if he wouldn’t accept refusal.

“Walm-kun’s ferocious efforts have reached the capital with communication magic tools. And the Imperial Diet has decided, that you, will be given the title of “Knight”, although it is just an honorary title.”


Trying to understand Gerard’s words, Walm repeated the word in his mind.

“I’m just the third son of a farmer. A knight is too much… in the first place, is there a knight in our army?”

As the third son of a farmer who owned only a small piece of land, Walm felt that he didn’t deserve such a title. He was confused and didn’t know how to react properly.

Moreover, in this world where the military was still developing, the units and classes of the army were ambiguous and varied from country to country, but Walm had never heard of the rank of “knight” in the army of Highserk.

“It’s no wonder you don’t know. It’s a title used in the era of the old military. Now it’s just an honorary title in our country. Still, the title of knight is useful inside and outside the country.”

If it’s an honorary title, it’s similar to a medal with no real benefit or harm, right?

“And unfortunately, there is no way to decline. After all, those who have earned the title “Knight” in the last few years are all dead. The Imperial Diet wants a living hero. Congratulations, it seems you too have taken the first step towards becoming the “war god”.”

“I-I’m humbled.”

Seeing Gerard smile wholeheartedly, Walm twitched and smiled back.

“Even so, it’s already too late. Well, just talking is boring. Let me give this first.”

When Gerard looked at his servant, the servant took out a heavy box wrapped in cloth. After removing the cloth, the sword he took out of the box was unrefined and plain. It was a sword earnestly made in sought of practicality.

“It’s a sword given to the warrior of the Highserk Empire. You see, despite its look, it’s amazing. It’s a sword made from a mix of magical silver and fire dragonsteel. It’s a gem that can only be given to those with the title “Knight”.”

Gerard pulled out the sword and Walm took a breath. The light vermilion blade was shining even though it was indoors.

“You seem to like it. The sword already belongs to Walm-kun. Try using mana.”

As said, Walm used mana as if he was about to activate 《Strike》, the blade was dyed red. Fascinated by the color, Walm ran his gaze from the tip of the sword to the sword guard.

What if this is used when I activate 《Demon Fire》?

Walm was curious and used 《Demon Fire》.

The blade turned from pale red to blue. The air in the room heated up in the blink of an eye and the air trembled.

“… So fierce”

As Gerard leaked such words, the mask trembled, and Walm returned to his senses.

“I’m sorry. I’m just fascinated by it.”

“I was the one who started this. You don’t have to apologize.”

When Walm turned around, the guards had come into the room, probably because they were waiting at the door and felt the heat.

“It’s just a small ceremony. Sorry.”

The guard complained to Gerard’s words.

“Please do it moderately.”

When Gerard raised his hand, the guards returned to the outside of the room. His attention was taken up by the blade.

“I’ve been allowed to see something good. The sword is a gift from the Empire. But, I’ll give you something personally.”

The next thing Walm was handed over, was a well-used waist bag.

“This is… No way”

“That’s right, it’s a magic bag. Well, even if it’s called a magic bag, it’s something for personal use, so it’s not that big inside. Still, any merchant will spend a lot of money to buy it.”

“Such an expensive thing…”

“I got it when I was young. I’ve been keeping it in nostalgia, but yeah, it’s better to make use of it. Don’t think too much.”

“……Thank you very much”

“Now, it’s okay to keep chatting, but I wonder if there’s anything else to say…”

Walm, uncomfortable with the old general’s words, frowned. He had a bad feeling.

“Oh, that’s right. Walm-kun, you’re now under my direct command.”

“Under the direct command of Your Excellency?”

“The good news is that there is a job that has been bothering me. It’s an important person’s escort and surveillance mission, but you see, there isn’t a suitable person for it.”

Walm’s reason and instincts were screaming “danger”.

“Already, there was an attempt to recapture and also an attempt to assassinate. Of course, all was prevented, but still, a good escort is needed.”

An old general with a good smile on his face, but the meaning behind the smile was unknown. Walm regretted that he had eaten the poisonous bait, but now, it was too late.

“The escort for one of the “Three Heroes” of the Craist Kingdom, Ayane Sugimoto.”

“Hahaha, Your Excellency, are you joking?”

“I’m serious.”

“…I-I apologize for my rudeness. Sure, my ability is useful during the offensive, and I have engaged in transport escort missions, but I think being a personal escort is not suitable for me.”

“Definitely, you have an attractive ability for offense, apart from 《Demon Fire》, you also have a top-class fighting skill. Don’t under evaluate yourself. And don’t be ashamed of your lack of experience. Besides, if Walm-kun is always by her side, Ayane would feel “safe”. “

You want me to escort the person who treated me but was also deceived by me? What a “kind” old man.

“Would you accept it?”

“….. Understood.”

Alas, there was no veto right, even though Walm had been given the title “Knight”. 

Gerard tapped Walm’s shoulder while nodding.


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    1. It’s not a bad move. Even if she hates him, she can’t just paint him as straightforwardly evil in her mind like someone she’s never met. He was brutal but human in his actions back then, showing that he operates by his own principles enough to make her curious about them. Above all, he is a much more direct target of her anger and hate than her abstract one of Highserk itself, if she comes to relate to him it will be difficult to continue to see Highserk as an enemy, and all the ingredients for empathy are present. Two people who were dragged into war but long for peace, but also power to protect at least what is most important to them. Even leaving out their shared origins that the general probably doesn’t know of, the lump of painful contradictions that make up Walm make him most suited to earning her grudging empathy.

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