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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 252

252. The worrisome Shino

“Ah~, what should I do~?”

Shino Toukain was worried while rolling around on the bed in her room. The maid who was paying attention to her sloppy appearance, sighed.

“Shino-sama. Remember, you’re the daughter of Toukain!”

“I know butー”

“What about the other day? Weren’t you laughing at Yuzuka-sama’s failure? What was that?”


That being said, Shino stopped rolling. Sure, she was laughing when she heard about Yuzuka’s failure.

…I mean, anyone would laugh if they were told that. Why did she try to go to the climax on her first date? No matter what, she attacked too much. It can’t be helped if I burst into laughter! But, when I think about it now, more than anything I was relieved.

Amongst us three, the only one who couldn’t do anything, is me. So, if Yuzuka did really well, Kohaku-kun wouldn’t even look at me. I’m sorry for Yuzuka, but I’m really relieved when I heard that the date failed.

“ButーKohaku-kun said that he was disappointed that he couldn’t spend the night with Yuzukaー”

I mean, I went to school full of relief, but then I was welcomed by the words. I was so shocked. At that time, Yuzuka was just about to take a distance so that she could restore the relationship between her and Kohaku-kun. But that words changed it. It was really unexpected. It might be a joke. But the fact that this word came out was nothing but proof that he doesn’t hate Yuzuka.

…… What about me? Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I’m getting the same kind of favor as Yuzuka. But I have to take action. So, the question is how!? Like Yuzuka and Miyabi, Should I invite Kohaku-kun to a date?

…… Surely, he would say ok. But won’t it leave a bad impression on Kohaku-kun? Perhaps he’ll think, “She is saying the same thing as that two. Boーringー“. If that happens, I may refuse to go to school anymore…

“Shino-sama, you look so pathetic now! If you don’t invite him to a date, if you don’t do anything, you won’t get any results. Right? I mean, even if you make a mistake, he won’t hate you that easily. He’s not that narrow-minded, right?”

“That’s not the case! Kohaku-kun is kind and pure, but there’s a bit of a “naughty” side. Anyway, he’s a wonderful boy…”

“Then, stop worrying so much and start taking action!”

“Ummー… That’s right. Alright! I decided!”

The maid smiled when she saw Shino’s appearance. She thought that Shino’s recovery speed was also her charm point.

“I see, so what did you decide?”

“Yeah. It’s been very hot these days, and it’s almost summer vacation. So, I’m going to invite Kohaku-kun to the villa.”

“Ara… but if you only invite him alone, won’t he hesitate?”

“Who knows? But I’ve slept with him under the same roof at that King of Boys, and anyway, I’m planning to invite other classmates, so I think he’ll come.”

It’s summer, so yeah, the sea is a good place. It’s a private beach, so the sea is beautiful and not crowded, and I think it’s fun to have a barbecue on the beach. Besides swimming in the sea, we can also go fishing, and fireworks at night. Maybe I can have a good atmosphere with him alone…

“Let’s invite tomorrow! If he rejects, I’ll think of another way. The worst thing is not to act!”

“Shino-sama is so cool!”

The room was knocked. The maid acted quickly and responded.

“What was it?”

“This is an instruction from Master. Since a guest is coming, Shino-sama should go and meet the person…”

“A guest? Who?”

“That… Master didn’t tell me the details.”

“… Hmm”

Shino went to think. 

Grandpa didn’t tell on purpose to see if I could properly deal with a sudden situation… that must be it.

“I’m going to change my clothes, so take out my clothes.”


The maid picked up and brought the best clothes from the closet. And they exchanged information while changing clothes.

“Did he say anything else?”

“Yes. Master said the guest will join the dinner later.”

“Hmm? Must be a good friend of Grandpa.”

“That’s right. Master rarely invites someone to dinner.”

Grandpa is a difficult person. And he invites the guest to dinner. Must be a well-known old friend, a corporate executive, or a political figure. Either way, must be a lot older than me. Then, I think that the topic will most likely be politics or economy.

Then Shino hid her face as a high school girl up to that point and changed it to the face of a young lady named Shino Toukain.

However, shortly after this, the lady’s face collapsed. In addition, her earlier determination made her stunned to find out that her grandfather was one step faster than her. But at this moment, she still didn’t know that.


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